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Ana Rejuvenated: Feeling 20 Years Younger Thanks to BHRT

Ana Rejuvenated: Feeling 20 Years Younger Thanks to BHRT

What encouraged you to enroll in Dr. Lara’s program?

When I reached out to my family doctor about the intense symptoms I was experiencing with menopause (it had been roughly two months since I started going through it), she suggested I see Dr. Lara. She spoke very highly of Dr. Lara’s Age Management – BHRT Program and thought it would be a great fit for me.

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Just a month after my last period, I began to experience menopausal symptoms. Despite not changing my eating habits, I noticed weight gain, along with hot flashes, a foggy mind, sleepless nights, irritability, lifeless hair, and a general sense of not being at my best.

Feeling overwhelmed, I reached out to my family doctor for help. She directed me to Dr. Lara, knowing he offered an age management program. My relatives had spoken positively about Dr. Lara’s expertise in weight management, so I felt reassured in seeking his help.

The moment I phoned Dr. Lara’s clinic, I was on the verge of tears due to my discomfort. The person who took my call was incredibly understanding and kind. They managed to schedule an immediate appointment with Connie. Connie informed me that I would undergo a comprehensive physical checkup, including blood tests.

After examining my blood test results, Dr. Lara sat down with me to discuss them. He pointed out that my estrogen and progesterone levels were at zero, and I also had low testosterone, melatonin, and TSH levels. It was no surprise that I had been feeling so unwell!

Before I met Dr. Lara, the concept of Bioidentical hormones was new to me. I had heard some negative things about store-bought hormone treatments, so I steered clear of them. Dr. Lara took the time to educate me on Bioidentical hormones and emphasized his approach of adjusting hormone levels to their proper balance without overdoing it. Within just a week of starting the Bioidentical hormones, I felt rejuvenated—there was an incredible turnaround in how I felt!

It’s been over three years since I became one of Dr. Lara’s patients. Throughout this time, I’ve always found him to be attentive, compassionate, considerate, cautious, and meticulous. I also do my part by keeping up with blood tests every three months, as he recommends, and making sure to have regular check-ins with him to review my blood work results. I also focus on maintaining a nutritious diet and staying active. Connie has been another source of support; she’s always there to help and shows genuine concern. The whole team at Dr. Lara’s office is fantastic!

I shared with Dr. Lara my history of Thyroid Cancer and the removal of my thyroid eight years before I started the BHRT program. He carefully monitors my thyroid hormone levels, and thankfully, I haven’t experienced any negative side effects like weight gain.

How has your lifestyle improved after becoming a healthier you?

My quality of life has taken a huge leap forward – it’s like I’ve turned back the clock by 20 years, and my mental clarity is so much better! Now, I can focus easily, the mental haze is gone, I’ve shed 8 pounds, I’m sleeping soundly, and the hot flashes are a thing of the past. Plus, my hair has regained its shine, and all in all, my life has gotten twice as good!

What would you say to someone thinking about Dr. Lara’s BHRT?

I’ve recommended Dr. Lara’s BHRT program to my friends, assuring them of its safety and his expertise as a knowledgeable M.D. I’ve shared with them the significant improvement in my well-being and how much my life has improved. Before seeing Dr. Lara, I struggled without understanding the cause, which was frightening. Thankfully, Dr. Lara shed light on how critical hormone levels are and their impact when they’re too low. I’m incredibly thankful for Dr. Lara and his wonderful team; I can’t imagine where I’d be without their support! Additionally, Dr. Lara provides high-quality supplements that have been beneficial to my health, including Pre/Probiotics, Vitamin B-12, and Collagen, among others.

How do you feel now?

I’m feeling absolutely fantastic these days. My hormone levels have been restored to where they should be. I cherish every night of 7-8 hours of sound sleep, waking up feeling revitalized, with a clear mind, eager to start the day. My immune system is stronger, and my health overall is better—I can’t even recall when I last caught a cold! My friends have taken note of my skin’s improvement and say I look younger, full of energy, and refreshed! My marriage has also benefited; I’m much more content, experiencing a sense of inner calm, and my health—mentally, physically, and spiritually—has seen a tremendous boost!

Ana Rejuvenated Feeling 20 Years Younger Thanks to BHRT

I feel absolutely wonderful now. My hormones have been brought back up to normal levels.

Ana Rejuvenated Feeling 20 Years Younger Thanks to BHRT

I felt much better – like a new person within a week of taking the Bioidentical hormones. It was a night and day difference!

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