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10 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To (Denied) Using Ozempic

10 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To (Denied) Using Ozempic

It seems like Ozempic has become the latest craze in Hollywood for shedding pounds, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any celebs openly talking about it. Originally, this medication—a semiglutide injection with the brand name—was only for those managing diabetes. That was until the Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to another semiglutide product, Wegovy, as a remedy for chronic obesity.

Lately, it’s almost as if every A-lister is under suspicion of using Ozempic, especially when they show off a sudden weight loss. The buzz even reached the glitzy 95th Annual Academy Awards, where host Jimmy Kimmel quipped, “Everybody looks so great. When I look around this room, I can’t help but wonder, ‘Is Ozempic right for me?'”

As the public calls for honesty regarding the use of image-enhancing tools like Photoshop, filters, and cosmetic procedures, there’s a growing expectation for stars to be upfront about their weight loss methods. Despite the hush-hush nature surrounding Ozempic among most in the limelight, a handful are outright rejecting claims they’ve used it, and a select few are openly acknowledging their experience with it.

Here’s a rundown of every celebrity who’s either confirmed, denied, or just chatted about their encounter with Ozempic.

Amy Schumer

Celebrities using ozempic
Amy Schumer (Credit: Getty)

On a recent stint on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Amy Schumer didn’t hold back her thoughts about stars not being truthful regarding their use of Ozempic. She opened up, sharing that she had given the drug a shot about a year ago but ended up feeling too ill to even enjoy time with her son. Schumer mentioned how tough it was to engage in a simple game of catch with her little boy because the medication made her feel so sick despite being thinner.

She didn’t point fingers at anyone in particular, but she did express frustration towards those who aren’t honest about their weight loss methods. Schumer called out the common excuses, saying, “Everyone has been lying saying, ‘Oh smaller portions,'” and urged them to just be honest, exclaiming, “Like shut the f— up. You are on Ozempic or one of those things, or you got work done. Just stop.”

Schumer emphasized the importance of transparency, noting how she was upfront about undergoing liposuction by telling people, “When I got lipo, I said I got lipo.”

Julia Fox

Celebrities using ozempic
Julia Fox in L.A. in March 2023. (Credit: Getty)

Julia Fox has spoken out about rumors suggesting she’s been using a certain weight loss medication. Chatting with ET, Fox was clear that she’s never taken Ozempic. “All these people are coming for me saying that I take the weight loss things… people are saying that I’m taking Ozempic or whatever it’s called,” she explained. “I’m not, and I’ve never had.”

She went on to say, “I would never do that. Some diabetics need it.” Although Fox has been open about having liposuction and trying Botox before, she’s currently not looking to change her appearance.

In a conversation with ELLE US back in February 2022, Fox accepted her body’s natural changes. “I’m, like, saggy—like, things are not sitting the way they used to,” she said, “But it’s like. I am not gonna do a damn thing about it.”

Chelsea Handler

Celebrities using ozempic
Chelsea handler. (Credit: Getty)

Chelsea Handler recently shared a surprising mishap – she took a weight loss medication unintentionally. During her “Call Her Daddy” podcast chat, Handler mentioned that she unknowingly used Ozempic, unaware of its purpose. “I had no clue I was taking it,” she remarked, noting that her doctor, who focuses on anti-aging treatments, prescribes it quite liberally. Upon realizing Ozempic is actually meant for individuals with diabetes, Handler immediately discontinued its use. “I’ve stopped using it now. It’s just not responsible,” she declared. “Sure, I may be a bit reckless with medications, but I draw the line at taking something intended for diabetes. I gave it a go, but it’s definitely not for me – it doesn’t feel right.”

Kyle Richards

Celebrities using ozempic
Kyle Richards. (Credit: Getty)

As soon as Kyle Richards, from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” posted a bikini photo on Instagram, rumors started flying that she might be using Ozempic. Richards quickly set the record straight with a response on Page Six’s Instagram, firmly stating, “I am NOT on Ozempic. Never was.” She didn’t stop there; when another Instagram user suggested she was taking the weight loss drug, Richards clarified: “Ozempic has never been something I’ve tried, and this isn’t the result of plastic surgery. Yes, I had breast reduction surgery back in May. I’m open about my procedures. However, if attributing it to plastic surgery makes you happier, then go ahead, sister.”

Remi Bader

Celebrities using ozempic
Remi Bader at New York Fashion Week 2023. (Credit: Getty)

In a candid moment on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, TikTok star and model Remi Bader opened up about her experience with Ozempic, which she started after her doctor’s recommendation. Bader cautioned listeners that when she ceased using the medication, she ended up regaining twice the weight she had lost.

Bader shared her story: “A doctor told me it was definitely because I used Ozempic. It tricked me into feeling less hungry for a good while. I shed some pounds. But I didn’t want to rely on it forever. I figured the hunger would come roaring back as soon as I stopped. And it did; my binge eating escalated. So, in a way, I felt let down by Ozempic.”

She also advised others against using Ozempic unnecessarily, pointing out, “When you take it without needing it, you’re actually causing shortages for those who really do need it.”

Elon Musk

Celebrities using ozempic
Elon Musk admits to taking the drug. (Credit: Getty)

When questioned about how he maintains a fit body, Elon Musk openly shared that his approach includes a form of Ozempic. The head of Twitter and Tesla replied to a tweet inquiring about his fitness secret with a simple tweet: “Fasting. And Wegovy.”

Khloe Kardashian

Celebrities using ozempic
Khloe Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala. (Credit: Getty)

Khloe Kardashian found herself responding to speculation that she was taking Ozempic following comments on her sculpted figure in a Sorbet Magazine photoshoot. She promptly addressed the chatter on her Instagram, saying: “I’ve been dedicated to my workouts for years. I wake up at 6am five days a week to exercise. Let’s put an end to these guesses. It seems even with the new year, unkindness persists.”

Golnesa ‘G.G.’ Gharachedaghi

Celebrities using ozempic
Golnesa ‘G.G.’ Gharachedaghi. (Credit: Getty)

Golnesa GG Gharachedaghi from “Shahs Of Sunset” opened up about using a weight loss medication in an Instagram video. She shared her struggle, saying, “Last year, I had to take many steroid injections for my health, and it made me gain quite a bit of weight. Shedding those extra pounds has been incredibly tough.”

In a candid revelation, she added, “I’m doing what others are doing but not talking about. Yes, I’m on those weight loss injections, honey, okay? I believe in being transparent about what’s real and what’s not.”

While she didn’t specifically confirm using Ozempic in the video, Gharachedaghi later mentioned in the comments that she was on semaglutide, the generic version of the drug.

Mindy Kaling

Celebrities using ozempic
Mindy Kaling. (Credit: Getty)

As Mindy Kaling’s physique underwent noticeable changes, there was widespread speculation that Ozempic might be the cause. Yet, in a 2023 conversation with PEOPLE magazine, Kaling revealed that her transformation was all down to regular exercise.

Kaling explained, “I put a lot of time and effort into staying healthy. I’m either running or hiking 20 miles every week, plus lifting weights. It’s a significant part of my life. You’ll mostly find me in activewear, so I can squeeze in a workout whenever possible.”

She added, “I realize my body’s changes have caught people’s attention, and while it’s kind of them to notice, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, I try to just ignore it.”

Roxy Jacenko

Celebrities using ozempic
(Image: Instagram)

Roxy Jacenko, a P.R. and media figure from Sydney, has candidly shared her ordeal with Ozempic in an interview with the Saturday Telegraph. After gaining 15 kilograms due to Tamoxifen, a medication used for breast cancer hormone therapy, she decided to give Ozempic a try. It’s crucial to mention that in Australia, Ozempic and semaglutide are not sanctioned for weight loss purposes.

Jacenko wasn’t prescribed the drug by her initial doctor but managed to obtain it from another. Despite the drug’s limited availability in Australia, she invested heavily to have it shipped to Sydney for her personal use.

She confessed to taking four times the recommended dose of Ozempic, mistakenly believing it would accelerate her weight loss. This decision, however, resulted in a hospital visit where she experienced severe vomiting and shaking.

“Why am I being open about this? Because I believe in owning up to my actions. And if my story can serve as a cautionary tale to others considering using it, then that’s a positive outcome. The consequences simply aren’t worth it,” she expressed.

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