business ideas for your self employment in 2023

71 business ideas for your self-employment in 2023

Are you looking for the right business idea for your company? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll show you which business ideas can succeed in 2023 and what you can expect when implementing them.

Let’s get started!

1. Open a café

business ideas for your self employment in 2026

This business idea is a real classic. But in order for a café to stand out from the crowd and succeed despite social distancing, it needs to have a USP. So get creative!

2. Become a dog walker

The concept of being a “dog walker” originated in the US, where it’s often done as a part-time job. But if you make it big from the start, you can also work as a full-time dog walker. Especially in cities, dog owners will thankfully use your service.

3. Become a marriage officiant

Make the most beautiful day in the life of two people even more beautiful by making their wedding ceremony an unforgettable highlight.

4. Found a fashion label

Your heart beats for fashion, and you also bring the necessary creativity portion? A career as the founder of your own fashion label is not as far away as you might think.

5. Develop (trend) beverages

Lemonades, spritzers, smoothies – the beverage sector offers young founders a huge playground. There’s definitely room for you and your next hipster drink.

6. Start a farm store

business ideas for your self employment in 2025

Regional and seasonal products directly from the producer – not only hipsters get excited when they imagine this. The concept of the farm store is already really old but is currently celebrating something like its renaissance.

7. Programming apps

An app that offers its users real added value can still be a good source of income today after the big boom in smartphone apps.

The following report shows how easy (or difficult) it is to program your own app:

8. Open a second-hand store

Vintage fashion from second-hand inspires more and more fashion fans. So why not open a second-hand store and offer truly unique collector’s items there? This business idea is guaranteed to work, and not just in Berlin.

9. Start a grocery delivery service

Seniors, workaholics, families… They all belong to the target group of delivery services. These services provide customers with a wide variety of groceries and other everyday products.

10. Open an unpackaged grocery store

business ideas for your self employment in 2024

Would you like to fight the packaging craze and offer a sustainable alternative to the people around you? Then an unpacked store might be the right business idea for you.

11. Open a coworking space

Coworking has become more and more established in the modern working world in recent years and has gained many followers. If you live in an area where coworking is still relatively scarce, it may be worthwhile to open a coworking space yourself.

12. Start an online magazine

You can monetize your online magazine through ad placement, affiliate links, and collaborations (which may grow out of a blog). But beware: there’s more work behind this business idea than you might think.

13. Run a food truck

The trend of street food festivals continues, and even away from these events, food trucks are the new stars among snack stands.

14. Start an e-mobility startup.

The future of transportation is green – maybe you have a brainstorm that will help you get there even sooner.

15. Open an online store

According to Statista figures, more than 263 million American consumers shop online—some 80% of the population—and this number is projected to climb to 291.2 million by 2025. Sounds like a lucrative business field? Absolutely! The online store business idea is more popular than ever.

16. Open delicatessen

business ideas for your self employment in 2023

Are you a friend of good taste and appreciate high-quality products? Then think about opening your own delicatessen.

17. Start a manufactory

Whether it’s chocolate, soap, or jewelry – everything that is handmade is enjoying great popularity right now. So why not start a manufactory and offer customers goods that are different from the usual mass production?

18. Open a record store

Even in times of iTunes, Spotify, and Co., there are still people who appreciate the value of a record. If your heart also beats for the “black gold,” this business idea might be interesting for you.

19. Become a coach

Coaches are currently active in almost all areas of life. Whether it’s a relationship or a job – as a coach (or classical: consultant), you address many different target groups.

20. Start a marketing agency

Are you interested in the different forms of marketing, and have you acquired extensive expertise over time? Your own agency could be your entry into successful self-employment.

21. Stationery Designer

business ideas for your self employment in 2027

Practical notebooks, stylish desk pads, and visually appealing clips – stationery products are popular. You probably won’t be short of customers.

22. Becoming a home stager

A home stager’s job is to furnish an unoccupied property to look as attractive as possible to potential tenants or buyers. When the job is done, you take all the furniture and decorative items back with you.

23. Develop care products

A walk through the drugstore reveals a huge variety of products. If you think your skin, hair, and/or body care product is still missing, find the right formula.

24. Open a coffee roasting business

Really good coffee is something many people are happy to dig deeper into their pockets for. The business idea is perfect if the beans have also come to the US through fair trade.

25 Selling homemade goods

Even if it sounds more like a hobby than a business at first glance, more and more creative people are succeeding in earning money with their self-made products. This idea is quite promising if you do it professionally right from the start and leave nothing to chance.

26. Start a textile printing business

business ideas for your self employment in 2022

Whether it’s T-shirts for a bachelor party, fan articles for bands or a personalized gift for a loved one – with a textile printing company, you can reach a wide range of target groups.

27 Designing smart clothing

The apparel industry is undergoing an interesting transformation. More and more garments are becoming smart – a particularly interesting feature for athletes and health-conscious people.

28. Become a videographer

In online marketing, a clear trend has been crystallizing for some time: If you want to stand out, you present yourself with the help of videos.

29. Offer online courses

More and more people are becoming enthusiastic about eLearning, i.e., continuing education with the help of digital processes. Take advantage of this development by, for example, developing your own online courses and offering them for a fee.

30. Virtual Pinterest assistant

In the USA, this business idea is already widespread. Be one of the pioneers to spread it in your country and give your customers a hand when they need help using Pinterest.

31. Become a graphic designer

business ideas for your self employment in 2023

As a graphic designer, you can look forward to a varied workday. Your services will be needed in both the print and online sectors.

32. Start a catering company

As the owner of a catering company, you will become self-employed in the name of good taste. Training as a chef is helpful but not mandatory.

33. Become a tour guide

Individualism is a big trend in tourism. Take advantage of it by offering alternative tours in your hometown or another region. The most important quality feature is authenticity.

34. Develop superfood products

Exotic fruits, special seeds, and kernels – the wide range of so-called superfoods can easily be turned into money these days. You “just” have to develop a fancy product and successfully place it on the market.

35. Become an influencer

Admittedly, this is a business idea with which only very few can earn money. But if you already have the necessary basis – for example, a good YouTube channel or many Instagram followers – it is definitely worth thinking about monetizing your activity.

36. Open costume rental

business ideas for your self employment in 2024

Not only, but especially during the carnival season, costume rentals are booming. This business idea requires a good location and a loyal clientele.

37. Develop feminine hygiene products

Organic tampons, menstrual cups that avoid waste, washable panty liners – the feminine hygiene market offers plenty of room for sustainable alternatives. The (female) clientele is ready to get to know new products – and, at best, to protect the environment with them.

38. Developing a game

Whether it’s a classic board game or a digital game for PC and console – if you come up with the idea for the next groundbreaking game, it could well be the cornerstone of your successful self-employment.

39. Designing jewelry

Individual, handmade jewelry is selling extremely well right now. So why not start your own small jewelry label and shake up the industry with your own creations?

40. Start a cooking school

You not only love to cook but also to pass on your knowledge to others? As the owner of a cooking school, you can turn your hobby into a profession.

41. Become a furniture designer

business ideas for your self employment in 2024

Furniture “off the rack” is still bought, but it is also getting more and more competition from individual designers. The target group is there. All that’s missing is your concrete idea.

42. Open a pop-up store

Stationary retail is currently being shaken up by the concept of pop-up stores. These special stores open only for a short time and then move on to another location.

43. Remodel campervans

Search Instagram for the hashtag #vanlife, and you’ll find more than 4 million posts. Traveling with a mobile home is pretty trendy right now – and also provides the ideal breeding ground for various business ideas. How about converting classic vans and pickups into chic motorhomes, for example?

44. Become a software developer

IT experts are desperately sought after everywhere right now. One area that has proven to be particularly lucrative is software development. If you have the right skills, you can turn this into a rewarding business.

45. Become a copywriter

Do you have a good feeling for language and love to write your own texts? As a copywriter, you can work for different clients and earn a living.

46. Open a restaurant

business ideas for your self employment in 2025

To generate attention with a new restaurant today, you need to come up with something special. How about a vegan menu or avoiding as much packaging waste as possible? With concepts like these, you can attract customers to your site.

47. Opening an organic store

Organic is the trump card. So why not open a store where all the products are organic?

48. Open a yoga studio

The yoga boom continues and ensures that the associated studios shoot out of the ground like mushrooms. So, if you, too, want a career in this field, now is the best time to do it.

49. Building Tiny Houses

The Tiny House is the new real estate trend par excellence. The tiny houses are not only space-saving and inexpensive but often mobile as well, allowing for a whole new lifestyle.

50. Vacation homes for rent

It sounds almost too good to be true. But you can build a solid business by renting out several vacation homes. Use tools such as various online platforms.

51. Develop spreads

business ideas for your self employment in 2026

Fruity-fresh jams, vegan vegetable spreads, peanut butter without peanuts – the spread segment offers a lot of freedom and space for your creativity. You can shake up the food scene with the right product (or an entire product line).

52. Start an urban beekeeping business

Bees in the city are no longer a rarity. The ecologically sensible use of urban habitats is a big topic right now. Closely related to this: Urban beekeepers, who can command lucrative prices for their honey.

53. Developing a sustainable product

Hardly any other aspect is shaping the startup scene right now as much as sustainability. If you manage to develop a product that rightly deserves this title, then you have very good prospects of success.

54. Opening a travel agency

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but travel agencies are still popular with vacationers. If you can put a fresh spin on the classic business idea, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

55. Start an upcycling business

Take an old material and some manual skills, garnish the whole thing with an extra portion of creativity – and the upcycling product is ready. This business idea is not only sustainable and individual but also pretty cool.

56. Offer night care for children

business ideas for your self employment in 2027

When daycare centers and schools close, some parents don’t know what to do with their children. Help single parents, shift workers, and others by providing overnight care for their children.

57 Becoming a social media manager

As a social media manager, you’re an expert when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Co. More and more companies are handing these channels over to an external professional.

58. Designing accessories

Headbands, handbags, hats – it’s often the little things that make an outfit complete. But not only that, but accessories are also the ideal basis for a smart business idea.

59. Rent out storage space

When a person travels for a long time, they often need a place to store their belongings. Offer a solution to this problem by renting out storage rooms and garages.

60. Open a mobile store for seniors

Society is getting older and older – a fact that gives room for completely new business ideas. As the owner of a senior mobile store, you can provide retirees in rural areas and retirement homes with generation-specific products.

61. Open a dog salon

business ideas for your self employment in 2021

Even dogs have a right to a good haircut. If you like our four-legged friends and are also skilled with scissors, this could be your ticket to self-employment.

62. Open bookstore

Books will probably never lose their fascination. So it can still be worth opening a traditional bookstore, even in the age of Amazon and Co.

63. Become a blogger

You won’t be able to earn money as a blogger from one day to the next. To turn this into a business idea, you should have already done some preliminary work.

64. Make soaps

Whether just for hands, the whole body, or maybe even the hair – solid soaps inspire many people right now and are therefore ideal as a business idea.

65. Founding a tidying-up service

Can’t stand it when things are messy? Then start your own tidying service and get rid of the chaos that reigns at your customers’ homes.

66. Become a cuddly toy doctor

business ideas for your self employment in 2021

Severed limbs, missing eyes, dirty fur – many cuddly toys look pretty battered over the years. As a cuddly toy doctor, you can give them a fresh look with a few targeted actions and make their owners happy.

70. Open a beauty salon

Give your customers peace and relaxation – in your beauty salon. It will soon stand out from other offers if you give it an individual touch.

68. Open a DIY photo studio

Do you think photo boxes are the highlight of every party? How about an entire studio where the customer is not only the model but also the photographer? Remote shutter releases make it possible.

69. Program configurator

Customized products – be they furniture, clothing, or jewelry – make customers’ hearts beat faster. Offer your target group exactly what they want with the help of an online configurator.

70. Start a moving company

business ideas for your self employment in 2022

Hardly anyone likes moving – after all, it’s a sweaty activity. But the chances of success are all the greater for you as a budding mover.

71. Bonus tip

Be creative! Look around your local community to see what business ideas have been successfully implemented, or ask friends and acquaintances if they have any tips for you.


Finding the right business idea is not always easy. However, it is possible with dedication and creative thinking. Never give up and pursue your business idea.


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