Fitbit Blaze VS Charge HR 2 : A Detailed Comparison

Are you looking for an in-depth comparison between Fitbit Blaze VS Charge HR 2?

Worry not because, this article will help you to figure out the differences and what you should be noting down. & Finally based on your goal, you will know which model should you choose. Let's start.

You already know Fitbit is another brand that causing quite a stir in the world of fitness smartwatches. Their innovation and high-end design showcased in two of their heart rate wrist monitors are unlike anything they have offered in the past.

The two fitness smartwatches are truly exceptional and they will surely elevate your way and level of exercise and workout.

But which one is the better? Blaze or Charge 2? Read on and decide for yourself.

Comprehensive Match-Up: Fitbit Blaze VS Fitbit Charge 2

We are putting Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 head to head, to find out how they match up and what they can really offer. By the end of this article, you will know which heart rate monitor is right for you and your lifestyle.

What do Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge HR 2 Have in Common?

Both fitness watches from Fitbit look different physically, yet they share some features that are identical making the choice between the two difficult. Here is a rundown of the features they have in common

1) Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge provide users with Pure Pulse technology that allows monitoringof heart rate day and night. While Fitbit Blaze’s is a bit advanced, both work according to their purpose.

2) Automatically track several exercise routines like walking, cardio, biking, etc., with Smart Track. This feature is ideal for anyone who desires real-time stats that are more accurate than other brands.

3) Find out step statics and receive notifications when you get incoming calls. The only difference is Fitbit Blaze has an added choice of turning it off, so there are no interruptions when you’re working out.

4) Both Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge do not have integrated GPS. However, they can be synced with your smartphone’s GPS. The only downside is having to carry around your phone while running.

Difference between Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge HR 2

Now that we're aware of how similar both fitness watches are, its time to find out how different they are from each other.

Fitbit Blaze’s carries Fitbit’s signature elastomer band plus a slim, octagon-shaped frame, and a rectangular colored touchscreen display. You can choose from different colors from the bands or you may pick leather for that more formal look.

Charge 2, on the other hand, has fewer colors for the band to choose from. While both are adjustable and can fit perfectly on the wrist, Blaze gets the edge for its color screen and multiple bands.

Features like FitStar app that has multiple coaching modes is showcased in Fitbit’s Blaze. This app provides you an array of exercises to choose from. Exercise has never been approachable and accessible.

Paired with enhanced Pure Pulse and idle alert, it really helps when you need that extra boost to lose weight.

Alternatively, Fitbit’s Charge 2 incorporates sleep and heart monitoring for more accurate data gathering when exercising. Yet, it comes short on the extra motivating features of the built-in FitStar app to make you move.

One interesting feature of Fitbit Charge 2 is its Guided Breathing sessions. This feature uses your heart rate to instruct you on proper breathing as you do your workout.

It is essentially helpful so you will know when to inhale and exhale – allowing for that more relaxed and easy to recover workout.

The Verdict

With features almost similar to one another, it can be hard to go wrong with either choice. Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 are both loaded with basic tracking features and some more to boost.

Blaze is aesthetically appealing – with the different colors of bands to choose from. You can use it even on your inactive days. It doesn’t mean that it is just physically attractive, it is also feature-packed.

But, it comes in a heftier price tag than Charge 2. Which, generally takes heart rate monitoring on a more serious level. Charge 2 provides more assistance in Cardio Fitness Score.

Therefore, if you care more about fitness features than smart ones, Charge 2 is what you should pick.


Going over the details of these two fitness watches, the main thing you will notice is how different they look.

Features omitted, the design is their main difference. Blaze beats Charge 2 in terms of looking more sophisticated.

But, getting a colorful and sleek looking fitness watch with fewer fitness features beats the purpose of getting one in the first place.

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