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Anime VR Games: 26 Titles To Enjoy A Colorful Universe

Anime VR Games: 26 Titles To Enjoy A Colorful Universe

As time marches on, VR games and headsets are gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to technology getting better, headset prices becoming friendlier on the wallet, and an expanding range of games, the future of virtual reality shines brightly. This is especially good news for anime enthusiasts. With a VR headset, anime fans can dive headfirst into their beloved series’ captivating realms, forging a deep connection with their cherished characters. Whether you fancy visual novels, JRPGs, mind-bending puzzles, or anything in between, you’ll discover a delightful assortment of anime VR games tailored to almost every available VR headset.

These anime VR games, whether they’re brand-new creations or polished versions of treasured classics, offer a distinct gaming experience that’s simply unattainable on PCs or consoles. And it’s not just heartwarming series like Spice and Wolf that receive the VR game treatment. Even mega-popular franchises like One Piece deliver games that whisk players away into immersive anime worlds.

Moreover, the finest anime VR games inspired by anime also serve as welcoming portals for newcomers to explore series they may not have encountered before, as exemplified by Zone of the Enders. So, the horizon of VR gaming is indeed an exciting place for anime enthusiasts to explore!

1. *Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!*

anime VR games

Space Channel, a game that originally took off on the Dreamcast, has now been reborn in virtual reality, offering a fresh and exciting gaming adventure. Space Channel 5 VR stands out as a rhythm-based gem in VR games, where dance takes the spotlight as the core interactive element. The game’s striking visual style will transport you to a realm reminiscent of an anime as you groove to the beat.

With a main campaign comprising four levels, Space Channel 5 VR offers around 30 minutes of gameplay. But fret not, as there are other modes to switch things up, ensuring you won’t grow weary of the game too quickly, even though it may tend to be a tad more repetitive compared to some other VR titles. The dance-filled action in Space Channel 5 is an experience you’ll want to personally immerse in to truly grasp its charm.

The good news is that you can enjoy Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! on various platforms, including PCVR headsets, the PSVR, and the Oculus Quest. So, get ready to step into this funky, rhythmic universe!

2. *Sword Reverie* – One of the Best Anime VR Games

anime VR games

Sword Reverie stands out as one of the most distinctive sword-fighting games designed for virtual reality headsets, especially if you’re captivated by its visually striking artistry. Here, you can unleash intricate swordplay while harnessing your weapons to unleash explosive barrages upon foes, a spectacle right out of an anime. The combat experience in Sword Reverie transports you into the heart of an anime sequence.

Once you venture into Sword Reverie’s enchanting realm, it’s a challenge to tear yourself away, as few games can rival its blend of combat finesse and artistry. Sword Reverie is readily accessible for PCVR headsets, beckoning you into a world where swordplay and style converge extraordinarily.

3. *Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing*

anime VR games

In the realm of virtual reality, there are many games to explore, and Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing shines as one of the finest specimens. Here, you step into a world where you can soar through the skies on a broomstick – a sensation that’s especially thrilling in VR, making you genuinely feel like you’re taking to the skies.

If you’ve ever harbored the desire to master the art of broomstick flight, this anime-inspired game is the ultimate choice, and you’re in for a delightful surprise with its racing mechanics. Whether you’re equipped with a PCVR headset, the PSVR, or the Oculus Quest, you can embark on this exhilarating journey, no matter which VR headset you wield. So, prepare for a magical flight of your own! It is one of the best anime VR games for witchcraft fans.

4. *Hatsune Miku VR*

anime VR games

Hatsune Miku holds a big place in the world of anime thanks to her music. But Hatsune Miku VR stands out because it lets you dance with her in virtual reality. If you’re a fan of Hatsune Miku, this game is a must-try. You can enjoy it on PCVR, PSVR, and Oculus Quest headsets.

5. *Pokemon VR*

anime VR games

Pokemon VR, found on SideQuest, may be petite, but it packs a punch. You can venture into an expansive world teeming with Pokemon in this delightful game. Catching and battling these creatures is all part of the fun.

For every Pokemon enthusiast, the dream of immersing themselves in the Pokemon universe is now a tangible reality, thanks to Pokemon VR. Despite its modest size, it offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. You can access Pokemon VR through SideQuest.

6. *VR Chat*

anime VR games

VR Chat offers a diverse blend of experiences. It’s not just a game; it’s a playground filled with mini-games and chat rooms for socializing. In some ways, it shares similarities with Roblox, where you can enjoy various mini-games, but the added social dimension in this VR realm makes it a grander adventure.

While anime isn’t the central theme of VR Chat, the option to create your avatar has led to many players adopting anime-inspired characters. That’s why some fans affectionately label it as an anime-themed game at times. VR Chat is accessible on PCVR and Oculus Quest, and the best part is it’s absolutely free to enjoy. Even without a VR headset, you can still dive into the world of VR Chat on your PC.

7. *Spice & Wolf VR One & Two*

anime VR games

Amidst the multitude of VR games with anime aesthetics or themes, Spice & Wolf One and Two stand apart. Unlike traditional action-adventure games, these two gems are rooted in actual anime and offer an interactive game experience.

There are two distinct journeys to embark upon. The first weaves a thrilling adventure for the two main characters, while the second offers a more tranquil experience as you witness their peaceful life in a cozy home.

What’s more, you not only dive into the animated VR world but also have the chance to catch glimpses of the Spice & Wolf Anime with Holo and Lawrence. If you’re seeking a delightful, non-combat experience, Spice & Wolf Two is a splendid choice, while the first game offers its own unique adventure. You can savor Spice & Wolf Two on PCVR, PSVR, and Oculus Quest platforms.

8. *Sairento VR*

anime VR games

While Sairento VR may not be officially labeled an anime game, it’s a realm that embraces elements cherished by anime enthusiasts, particularly in its combat style. The combat here is a high-speed, ninja-inspired dance that heavily relies on intricate moves, yet it’s a breeze to grasp, letting you plunge right into the excitement.

In Sairento, you wield both swords and firearms, offering a rich variety of weaponry. Whether you’re up for a campaign adventure or just want to tinker with the mechanics, there are non-story missions for your amusement. You can experience Sairento VR on various major VR headsets, such as PCVR, PSVR, and Oculus Quest, making it accessible to a broad audience.

9. *VR Tennis Online*

anime VR games

VR Tennis Online invites you to dive into a world of Oculus Rift gaming, perfect for sports enthusiasts and lovers of anime charm. With a cast of eight characters, each boasting their distinctive looks, the game oozes anime-inspired aesthetics, making it a must-try for anime fans.

In virtual reality, anime-themed sports games are a rare sight, making VR Tennis Online a unique gem. If you enjoy sports and anime, this game is your winning serve. And when it comes to gameplay, virtual tennis matches are a smashing good time, especially when you’re up for thrilling online competitions.

10. *Tokyo Chronos*

anime VR games

Picture yourself in the heart of Tokyo, and that’s where the captivating tale of Tokyo Chronos unfolds. You step into the shoes of a group of lively anime characters, embarking on a thrilling quest to unveil the enigma that surrounds them – a true delight for fans of anime’s distinct artistic charm.

What sets Tokyo Chronos apart is the exciting inclusion of choices within the core storyline, elevating its replay value beyond many other VR games. This narrative adventure awaits you on the PSVR, PCVR headsets, and the Oculus Quest, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of players.

11. *Airtone*

anime VR games

Airtone grooves in harmony with games like Beat Saber, but here, you groove alongside Neon, following the rhythm by tapping on the dancing objects to advance through the levels. The upbeat tunes in Airtone will keep your spirits high, making it a perfect choice for those who relish lively melodies.

Setting itself apart from the rhythm game crowd, Airtone comes with a captivating story mode, weaving a tale around Neon, your anime-inspired companion. It’s a splendid entry into the world of VR rhythm games, tailor-made for anime enthusiasts. Get your groove on with Airtone, available on the PSVR and PCVR headsets.

12. *One Piece: Grand Cruise*

anime VR games

In the vast realm of anime, One Piece reigns as a titan, captivating the hearts of many. Unsurprisingly, numerous video games have drawn inspiration from this epic series, infusing their gameplay and tales with its essence. One Piece tells the swashbuckling saga of Luffy, a spirited pirate on a grand voyage to claim the title of the Pirate King.

Venturing into One Piece: Grand Cruise, you’ll have the thrilling chance to rub shoulders with Luffy and his trusty crewmates. While aboard the Thousand Sunny, you’ll take up arms to protect it from looming dangers. Though it’s a relatively short escapade, One Piece: Grand Cruise offers a splendid introduction to the world of VR for die-hard fans of the series. Dive into this virtual adventure exclusively on the PSVR. It is one of the best anime VR games for pirates fans.

 13. *DEEMO – Reborn*

anime VR games

DEEMO -Reborn- is like a fresh take on Rayark’s original creation, and it’s a VR adventure rhythm game with a uniquely gloomy art style. In this game, you take charge of a young girl trapped inside a vast house, and the only way to escape is by playing the piano, which unravels the story.

As you master each new musical track alongside your enigmatic companion, a tree at the heart of the house gradually blossoms. With over 60 songs waiting to be unlocked and played, some of them offering more significant challenges, DEEMO -Reborn- offers a relaxing experience with an optional dose of difficulty for those who seek it.

DEEMO -Reborn- is a peculiar gem, an Early Access title promising growth and potential.

14. *Zenith: The Last City*

anime VR games

Unleash your inner Sword Art Online hero vibes in Zenith: The Last City. This VR MMO unfolds a vast world for you to explore, offering a plethora of captivating activities to keep you engaged and fully absorbed.

With action-packed quests, distinctive combat experiences, the option to own your own piece of the virtual world, the chance to befriend and collect animals, and various ways to stir up some chaos – like wielding magic – Zenith: Last City comes with a treasure trove of options. Whether you’re adventuring solo or with buddies, thrilling experiences await at every turn.

15. *Samurai Slaughter House*

anime VR games

Explore your sword-spinning prowess with Samurai Slaughter House by Tab Games. This VR game offers you the chance to step into the shoes of the ultimate warrior in a mesmerizing world inspired by ancient Edo. The game’s design encourages you to roam freely, with a touch of the Metroidvania approach that seamlessly weaves into the breathtaking landscapes.

But beware, for in this samurai sandbox, wandering ronin, cunning bandits, and sinister demonic legions lurk, eager to test your skills in battle. Fear not, though, as vendors offer valuable gear, loyal companions stand by your side in combat, and various razor-sharp weapons await your mastery, enabling you to engage your foes up close and personal.

For those who revel in the allure of stylish VR sword games, Samurai Slaughter House is a must-add to your gaming repertoire.

16. *Laid-Back Camp-Virtual-Fumoto*

anime VR games

Step into the tranquility of the Laid-Back Camp series once more, where your outdoor companion takes a charming twist with the introduction of Nadeshiko, a delightful pink-haired friend.

In this brief adventure game, you’ll encounter a variety of distinctive scenarios as you explore the great outdoors. The experience is akin to the duration of a typical anime episode, making it ideal for a short, soothing gaming session. With exceptional voice acting throughout, you’ll find yourself immersed in this anime-inspired adventure game in no time.

17. *Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner*

anime VR games

Rediscover a beloved cult classic with a fresh viewpoint in Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner. Konami’s enduring gem invites you to step into the cockpit of the godlike mech JEHUTY, providing a whole new level of immersion.

The gameplay remains faithful to the original, allowing you to relive the entire story from this exciting new perspective. It’s a dream come true for die-hard fans longing for deeper immersion. But be prepared for motion sickness as you zip around in your mech at full throttle, especially in the more turbulent later stages.

18. *Tale Of Onogoro*

anime VR games

The Tale of Onogoro transports players into a breathtaking virtual realm where they’ll encounter a mesmerizing blend of brain-teasing puzzles and thrilling action-adventure challenges. The game’s narrative kicks off in a heartbeat as you eavesdrop on the intense exchange between Haru, a devoted shrine maiden and your trusty guide, and the menacing Masatake, the game’s central villain. In a flash, Haru beckons you to her otherworldly sanctuary, the enchanting Onogoro Island, a floating paradise, and implores you to aid in her liberation.

As you progress through the game, you and Haru must collaborate to conquer a myriad of ingenious environmental puzzles, wielding the Celestial Weapon, an extraordinary pair of guns that empower you to manipulate the world around you. You’ll also confront colossal, monstrous entities known as Kami, employing the same tactics and strategies honed during your puzzle-solving adventures. Dive into this captivating experience on your Oculus Quest or Quest 2, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the mystical Tale of Onogoro. This is one of our favorite anime VR games.

19. *ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos*

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos marks the thrilling continuation of Tokyo Chronos, and here’s the exciting part – you don’t need to have played the first to dive into this adventure. Our story unfolds 300 years ahead, where a relentless extraterrestrial race, the Meteoras, compels humanity to seek refuge in the subterranean haven of Augmented Tokyo.

Humanity’s last line of defense stands tall with the alien threat looming: Prometheus, a resolute military organization equipped with colossal mechanical titans known as Makhia. Step into the shoes of Chloe, a dedicated Prometheus member, as you journey through this gripping narrative.

Ready to join the battle? ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos awaits your presence on Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus Rift platforms.

20. *Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate*

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

Created by the talented minds behind Tokyo Chronos and Altdeus: Beyond Chronos, two top-notch VR games, Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate made its debut in September 2022. This virtual realm is woven into the vast “Chronos Universe,” yet it doesn’t continue the story of its predecessors.

In this high-tech underwater haven called Astrum Close, people consider it a utopia. Here, technology delves into their dreams, preventing any sinister thoughts that might drive them to commit crimes. The crime rate here is nearly zero, and that’s where players join the journey of Special Supervisor Hal as he delves into a mysterious murder. What makes this case truly exceptional is the victim’s identity – the very founder of Astrum Close.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate’s first episode is already available, with the second episode scheduled for release in Winter 2022 and the third in Spring 2023. Dive into this immersive experience on your Oculus Quest 2 and explore a world where dreams and crime intersect.

21. *Project LUX*

Project LUX

Imagine a world in Project LUX, a futuristic place where folks have unlocked the secret to digitizing their minds, storing them in a “cyberbrain.” These brainy gadgets serve various purposes, even helping in legal matters, as jurors can peek into one’s memories to recount events.

Now, picture yourself in a courtroom, not as a spectator, but as the accused. You stand trial for the murder of a girl named Lux, a government-employed artist who shaped the link between “cyberbrains” and emotions. Project LUX unfolds in five exciting episodes, offering different outcomes based on your choices. It’s compatible with either the HTC Vive or the Valve Index, letting you dive into this immersive world of choices and consequences.

22. *Chupa Chupa VR* – One of the Most Popular Anime VR Games in Japan

Chupa Chupa VR

When you hear the word “Chupa,” your thoughts might jump to those Spanish lollipops, Chupa Chups, known worldwide, even in Japan. But this game isn’t about candy; it’s all about the meaning of “Chupa,” which translates to “lick.”

Welcome to Chupa Chupa VR, a sneaky game where you, the player, aim to slyly lick as many things in your classroom as possible without getting caught by your classmates. You earn points based on your object choices, your technique, and how craftily you avoid being busted. There’s even a ranking system to fuel some friendly competition. Chupa Chupa VR may seem peculiar, yet it’s oddly addictive. It’s compatible with Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus Rift – making it available to curious gamers on various platforms.

23. *Timeless Paradox VR*

Timeless Paradox VR

Step into a world of wonder with Timeless Paradox VR, an enchanting JRPG action adventure that entrusts the world’s destiny to you. Your journey unfolds within the Time Palace, where you cross paths with the enigmatic Leilia, a girl shrouded in mystery.

Guided by Leilia and the Time Palace, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey back in time to stand by the side of the valiant Champion Estel. She, alas, met with unexpected defeat in her quest to vanquish a formidable dragon.

Shouldering the role of her steadfast companion, you’ll unravel the intricate tapestry of events that led to this pivotal moment. The pivotal decision rests in your hands – will you challenge destiny itself and alter the annals of history?

Immerse yourself in the world of Timeless Paradox VR, and the adventure awaits on Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and HTC Vive.

24. *Alice Mystery Garden*

Alice Mystery Garden VR

Alice Mystery Garden invites players to embark on a whimsical journey inspired by the enchanting world of Alice in Wonderland. In this delightful action-puzzle game, you are not just a bystander but have the power to guide Alice through her adventures and influence her surroundings with a top-down view.

This magical game unfolds across 17 unique stages, each accessible through special looking-glass gates. To open these gateways, you must seek and gather all the scattered-looking glass pieces, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

Moreover, the game offers a fascinating twist. Players can switch to Alice’s perspective, revealing hidden secrets and uncharted territories waiting to be explored. It’s a simple yet endearing experience that can be enjoyed on various VR platforms, including the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift. Venture into Alice’s Mystery Garden and lose yourself in a captivating Wonderland adventure!

25. *Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand*

Food Girls - Bubbles' Drink Stand VR

Introducing Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand, a delightful creation by Simon Creative, the minds behind the visual novel game Food Girls. This charming game serves as a spinoff, centering around one of the main game’s beloved characters, Bubbles.

As you step into the shoes of “Mr. Consultant,” your mission is to lend a hand to Bubbles in her bustling bubble tea shop. The catch? The shop is running low on supplies, leaving you no choice but to source the ingredients directly from Bubbles herself.

Embodying the essence of bubble tea, Bubbles herself holds the key components needed for these delectable drinks. For example, her uniform tie transforms into green tea! With these unique ingredients, you must swiftly and accurately fulfill customer orders, striving to meet their expectations.

Though the game is still in its Early Access stage, the available content promises an entertaining experience. Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand is compatible with popular VR platforms like the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Dive into this whimsical world and immerse yourself in the world of bubble tea with Bubbles!

26. *Innocent Forest: The Bird Of Light*

Innocent Forest: The Bird Of Light VR

“Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light” is an enchanting and immersive VR adventure that offers a captivating blend of visual novel storytelling and interactive exploration. In this fantastical world, players step into the shoes of Kei, a young boy embarking on a transformative journey through the enigmatic Forest of Lost Memories. This forest serves as a sanctuary where individuals seek solace from memories that have weighed heavily on their hearts.

As Kei explores the mystical forest, he encounters the beguiling and mysterious girl named Luclei. Luclei is a caretaker of the forest and its winged inhabitants. These birds play a crucial role in unlocking the secrets of forgotten memories. The Forest of Lost Memories and its winged residents offer a unique and immersive narrative experience that is designed to work with HTC Vive and the Valve Index, allowing players to be fully immersed in the magical world.

Players can expect to uncover the secrets hidden within this captivating world, solve puzzles, interact with the environment, and make choices that influence the story’s direction. The combination of VR technology and an engaging narrative makes “Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light” a must-try for those seeking a blend of storytelling and interactive exploration in a virtual realm.

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