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Chilla’s Art: 15 Best Horror Games by This Genius Developer

Chilla’s Art: 15 Best Horror Games by This Genius Developer

Chilla’s Art games bring players into a mix of unsettling feelings like fear and nervousness. The scary vibe they create is like the spooky mood in the old Silent Hill games. It makes you start to doubt the motives of all the characters you meet who aren’t controlled by other players. Among all the new indie horror games that look like they’re from the PS1 era, Chilla’s Art games are a standout. These games really grab your attention, making you determined to stay away from buying and selling stuff.

Have you ever felt that common fear of the dark? Chilla’s Art feels it too, but they focus on the fear that’s hidden in the dark, whether it’s something supernatural or just really mean human behavior. In the world of indie horror games, Chilla’s Art is really good. They do a great job of slowly building up a spooky atmosphere and using well-timed scary surprises that don’t get used too much. The old PS1-style looks of the textures and characters make the strange and uncomfortable talks in the games even scarier.

These games are all about the darkness inside people and the leftover anger that becomes something spooky and really mean. Do you think you’re brave? If you’re up for it, here are the 15 best games from Chilla’s Art. You can find these games on Steam.

Best 15 Chilla’s Art Games for Horror Genre Fans

Chilla’s Art game #1: *The Closing Shift*

Chilla’s Art games

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Step into the eerie world of The Closing Shift, where you become a female worker doing the late-night job at Chilla’s Coffee. In this part of Chilla’s Art, the spooky suspense builds up slowly and keeps you on edge. While you do your work, you start feeling uneasy, like a lingering cold feeling, and it’s as if someone’s watching you from the shadows. Talking to customers is a big part of the game, making sure you take their orders right. You also have to do simple but important things like cleaning tables, throwing out trash, and sweeping the floors. But as you wait for the scary part to happen, don’t get too comfy in your night shift role because there’s something nearby, waiting.

There’s always been someone close, hiding at the edge of your vision. Did you notice him? Maybe you saw him while you were busy cleaning tables, throwing away trash, or going to work. Maybe you checked the security cameras to make sure you didn’t miss his creepy figure. Don’t worry, he’ll show himself to you soon enough. Get ready for what’s bound to happen.

#2: *The Convenience Store*

Chilla’s Art games

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Chilla’s Art is back with another captivating game. Here, you step into the shoes of a female night shift worker in The Convenience Store. The gameplay is like its previous game, mostly about walking around. You have tasks like checking old stock, throwing away trash, and helping the odd customers on this strange journey. The way these characters move and talk is weird and might give you chills. At first, you might think the tension is about a thief or a possible robbery. But the motion sensor doors just keep opening and closing, showing nothing inside. Night after night, open, close. When you look out, there’s nothing to see—probably just a problem with the wires.

Something changes in the feel of the game, different from The Closing Shift. This time, there’s an angry presence around, fueled by strong dislike. Weird VHS tapes show up, adding a retro touch. Should you watch them? You can’t help but feel curious, and you put the tape in the player to see what’s on the screen. A strange itch grows, pulling you to this invisible power, inviting you to sit and see what happens.

This game has two different endings, making it even more interesting. Can you handle the whole night shift and uncover their secrets?

Chilla’s Art game #3: *The Bathhouse*

The Bathhouse game

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Imagine the idea of moving to a bathhouse for free, but with a small twist: you have to work there. Chilla’s Art is back with their new scary game, The Bathhouse, released on October 1st, 2022. This one feels even darker than the ones before, but all Chilla’s Art games make you feel nervous and like someone’s watching you. The people you meet in the game are like mysterious shapes, even when it’s daytime. Their faces stay in the shadows, so you can’t really see their expressions. Because of that, all the talks feel weirdly similar. When they talk, it’s strange and kinda spooky, with their blank faces and odd things they say, making it all seem like a dream.

Your job is to help the people who come to the bathhouse and make sure it’s clean. There’s talk about some kind of offering that hangs in the air, like there might be a religious thing happening, but it’s not clear. When you stand in front of the bathhouse mirrors, you’ll hear wet footsteps coming from behind. Maybe you’ll think about taking a bath since it doesn’t cost anything. But I can’t promise you’ll be alone in those dark waters.

Get ready for a game that has two different endings, and each one has its own spooky results.

#4: *Stigmatized Property*

Chilla’s Art games

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Step into the quiet eeriness of Stigmatized Property, a short yet captivating game by Chilla’s Art. This game happens in a small place. You play as someone who’s just moved into a cheap apartment, but there’s no one there to welcome you, which feels strange. While you get used to your new place, you find something surprising—a diary, but its last seven pages are ripped out. Inside the apartment, there’s a weird hole in the wall that lets you see into the next room. What secrets are hidden in this mysterious place?

You start a mission to find and put together the seven missing pages, scattered around the apartment building. You want to know what happened to the person who lived here before you, and hope that whatever happened to them won’t happen to you. The main lesson in this spooky story is that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Be careful when you think about renting a cheap place, maybe choosing a trusted spot like Holiday Inn is a better idea.

This game has two different endings that each show their own chilling surprises.

Chilla’s Art game #5: *The Radio Station*

The Radio Station game

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Meet our main character, Masaki Onikawa, who’s dealing with the sad loss of his brother. His brother died in a weird way at the station where he had a radio show. Go along with Masaki as he tries really hard to find out what happened to his brother. The station is a tight, in-between place that’s still around because of the old radio shows. Your job: find and get all seven of these important recordings. Get into the place, follow clues, and solve tricky puzzles while you do it.

The Radio Station is all covered up with secrets, making you into a detective who’s gathering proof. Just remember, the station is still a place where a crime happened, and Masaki might be in danger too. Be really careful as you move through this dangerous spot.

Get ready for a game with three different endings. Each one will really test you. Can you stay strong and watch the end of the tape?

#6: *Inunaki Tunnel*

Chilla’s Art games

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If you’re a fan of those creepy found footage horror stories, Inunaki Tunnel is a game just for you. It takes inspiration from a really scary thing that happened in 1988 and the creepy stuff that came after it. This game puts you in a tunnel that’s been off-limits to everyone because of the awful murders that happened there. The tunnel is a silent reminder of what happened, frozen in time. Chilla’s Art made Inunaki Tunnel, a game that happens on October 27th, 2005. You become Keiji Fujio, who’s exploring the tunnel and making notes about it.

Inunaki Tunnel makes you feel like you’re in a really intense place, kind of like how the game Outlast feels. As you walk in the pitch-black tunnel, your only light comes from your camcorder. The tunnel is full of old cars, plants that have grown too much, and papers lying around. The weak light only lets you see a little bit in front of you, making you feel closed in and like you’re losing your sense of direction. Even though the tunnel’s tight, it seems to go on forever. Eventually, you find a bigger space that’s not part of the tunnel system. Like in other Chilla’s Art games, there’s more stuff to explore and puzzles to solve.

What’s really cool about the game is how the sounds are made. They’re simple but they make you feel a lot. The sound of your footsteps and the zooming noise of your camcorder makes you feel like you’re really there. The place itself feels different, like it’s not part of the regular world—it’s like you’re all alone in a place that’s really isolated. Get ready for a game that has two different endings. Both will stay with you for a long time.

Chilla’s Art game #7: *The Ghost Train*

Chilla’s Art games

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Get ready for The Ghost Train, a game that takes its idea from a cool Japanese story about Kisaragi Station. This made-up station is said to be between the world of the living and the afterlife. The game brings you to a place where it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a dream. You play as Kensuke Tanaka, who often wakes up and realizes he missed his stop. The game mixes solving puzzles with doing tasks like finding things and helping people, just like how the story goes—kind of like Satoshi Kon’s movie, Perfect Blue, which feels really dreamy.

The station is a weird space—a waiting room that’s not really here or there. You’re all alone, sort of like being isolated in the Backrooms. While days go by and you talk to the people on the night train, you start feeling more and more alone. The people you know start disappearing, leaving you stuck in a quiet station that feels just as empty as you. Be careful to get off at the right stop, or you might stay in this strange place forever.

This game has two endings, and each one has its own big things to reveal and deal with.

#8: *Yuki Onna*

Chilla’s Art

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Yuki Onna is a really tough horror game. It’s like walking on a tightrope because you only have one life to play with. If you slip up and lose that life, well, back to square one!

The story of the game is about a little boy named Jin. He’s just a kid, but he disappears along with two girls. The police are on their toes, searching high and low. And then, things take a spooky turn. You get three pictures of these missing kids, and there’s a message written there that chills your bones. It says, “Come by yourself, or those kids will be turned into ice sculptures.”

Feeling trapped and with your heart in your throat, you make a choice. You decide to take on this heart-stopping rescue mission. You’re heading to an old inn, way up in the icy mountains. The challenge ahead is like staring down a dragon, but you’re willing to give it everything you’ve got.

Chilla’s Art game #9: *Okaeri*

Chilla’s Art

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“Okaeri” is a kind of game where you go for a walk, created by Chilla’s Art. It’s like taking a stroll in a story that gives you the shivers. The story is about a girl and her mom who just moved into a new house.

When the clock strikes 6 PM, the girl is looking forward to a cozy welcome from her mom. But what she finds is a bunch of strange and surprising stuff unfolding right before her eyes. It’s like a twist in a movie you didn’t see coming.

#10: *The Caregiver*

Chilla’s Art

[Play This Chilla’s Art Game on Steam]

Just like the name hints, “The Caregiver” is a game that’s all about giving you chills. It’s a mix of adventure and horror, made by Chilla’s Art. The story revolves around a caregiver, someone who looks after others.

Even though the game’s visuals are like what you’d see on an old PlayStation 1, it’s surprising how it’s able to make you feel uneasy. It’s like a mysterious feeling creeping up on you while you play.

Chilla’s Art game #11: *The Night Way Home*

Chilla’s Art

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Imagine a place centered around a train station – that’s where “The Night Way Home” unfolds. It’s a game that puts you in a story, and this one is about a girl named Rina. She finds out about a bunch of girls who have gone missing.

As Rina heads home, things get strange real fast. She steps into a world that’s creepy and unfamiliar. And if that wasn’t enough, she bumps into a seriously scary creature that’s after her soul.

Now, with this spooky thing on her tail, Rina has to figure out how to get back home. The big question is: can she do it safely? That’s where you come in – you’re the one who decides.

This game is a bit different from the usual Chilla’s Art games. Those are usually on the shorter side, but not this one. To see it through to the end, you’ll need about 3 to 4 hours. So settle in for a little while and enjoy the mystery!

#12: *Missing Children*

Chilla’s Art

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“Missing Children” is a Chilla’s Art game that’s all about horror and adventure, where you step into the shoes of Sato, a detective with a reputation. The police send Sato to dig deep into a case that’s puzzling everyone.

Three young students from junior high – Mizuki, Kanae, and Akiko – have vanished into thin air. Now, here’s the twist: their online talks suggest that they might be on the run. Something’s got them spooked enough to leave their homes behind.

And guess what? It’s up to you to track down these girls. You’re the one on the hunt, trying to figure out what pushed them to take off like this. It’s like a puzzle that you’re piecing together as you go.

Chilla’s Art game #13: *Hanako*

Chilla’s Art games

[Play This Chilla’s Art Game on Steam]

“Hanako” is a game that takes you on a wild ride. It’s like walking in the shoes of three 5th graders. They break the rules and sneak into the school after dark. Why? They want to do this thing called the “Hanako” ritual.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Out of the blue, Hanako shows up. And this isn’t just any Hanako – she’s on the hunt, trying to nab their souls. It’s like a race against time and a touch of spookiness.

Guess what? You’re going to be one of those brave students. Your job? Find the others while staying out of Hanako’s clutches. It’s like a game of hide and seek, but with a twist that’ll give you goosebumps.

#14: *The Karaoke*

The Karaoke

[Play This Chilla’s Art Game on Steam]

Chilla’s Art has released The Karaoke as a horror game recently. It follows two high school girls as they find themselves confronting an archetypical creepy gym coach on their karaoke night. The game features Japanese with English subtitles; all 6 endings will be covered here. The coach had committed sexual acts on more than 10 high school girls, becoming a serial rapist and ephebophile. He recorded them undress while recording two endings in which Moeka is captured and attempted to be raped by him.

In both endings, Moeka travels to a karaoke place to capture Mira in order to either rape and/or kill her in order to eliminate her as a witness. One ending implies this is driving Moeka toward suicide while two others see him chase after Mira after she discovers his camera or folder, trying to capture her when she discovers one or both; finally in one ending he rapes Mira offscreen; this proves successful because there was ample proof of his crimes displayed throughout film history with no competition he easily passed examination.”

Chilla’s Art game #15: *Night Delivery*

Night Delivery

[Play This Chilla’s Art Game on Steam]

Night Delivery from Chilla’s Art is perhaps their most baffling game yet, following a courier as they deliver items to an apartment complex; one room seems mysterious though and so the player must work to uncover all its mysteries before making deliveries.

Final Thoughts on Chilla’s Art Games

So, those were 15 of the best Chilla’s Art games for horror fans. Are you brave enough to play any of them?”

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