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39 Best Free VR Games (Updated)

39 Best Free VR Games (Updated)

While virtual reality may not be the latest gaming trend, the hardware is still evolving, with developers pushing their boundaries to create immersive experiences. With a wide range of VR headsets available at various prices, VR has become more accessible. However, it can still be a pricey investment. Building a game library can also increase costs if free options are overlooked. However, there are many excellent free VR games to enjoy. In this guide, we share with you the best free VR games.

Moon Rider

Moon Rider Free VR Games

Beat Saber has become popular due to its captivating rhythm-based gameplay that lets players slice and dice while listening to their favorite music tracks. Furthermore, there is an active modding community continually adding content. However, for an equally fun-free alternative, check out Moon Rider.

Moon Rider is a web program, so there’s no need for downloads – just visit on your Oculus Quest or compatible headset’s web browser and discover over 15,000 songs to play – offering an experience similar to Beat Saber!

Moon Rider, one of the best free VR games, was released in 2020, and you can play it on any device with access to a web browser and various types of headsets. Considered one of the top Beat Saber-like titles available online, it performs exceptionally well as a browser-based title.

Pavlov Shack

Free VR Games

Pavlov Shack is an outstanding virtual reality FPS that delivers thrilling gameplay, co-op, and multiplayer modes in VR. Available for free on Oculus Quest in beta mode and with uncertain future pricing due to its addictive nature, Steam, and PlayStation VR 2 versions offer additional premium content.

Pavlov Shack provides an abundance of weapons, varied levels, and thrilling multiplayer action – striking an excellent balance between arcade-style play and realism. Gunplay is satisfying, while graphics and sound design excel, making this experience truly incredible without breaking the bank! You’re free to enjoy all this fantastic content for free.

Pavlov Shack may still be in beta but can still be downloaded on the Oculus Quest 2 marketplace for free despite not being officially released. So far, it’s received very positive reviews, with 75% of gamers giving it 5 stars out of 5.

The Lab

Free VR Games

When it comes to introducing users to new technology, Valve’s The Lab does the job. It offers 8 minigames set in a virtual reality pocket universe, allowing users to get comfortable with VR. While these games aren’t lengthy or incredibly deep, they are well-crafted and fun in their own way.

If you’re already well-versed in VR, The Lab might not hold much value for you. However, this free package is a great starting point if you’re new to VR.

The Lab premiered on April 5th, 2016, and works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. While it didn’t receive enough reviews for a Metacritic score, it generally received positive feedback, including on Steam.

Adventure Climb VR

Adventure Climb VR, crafted by seasoned mountain climbers, offers a room-scale adventure perfect for VR newcomers. While it’s a brief experience, the sensation of scaling a wall and gazing down into a vast abyss is remarkably immersive. It ranks among the top free VR games, catering to those easing their fear of heights or gamers seeking the thrill of perilous rock climbing sessions.

Cactus Cowboy – Plants At War

Free VR Games

Cactus Cowboy – Plants At War is an immersive VR title developed mostly by one creator, which makes history by being the inaugural free game available for PSVR 2. While it did not garner as much buzz as other launch titles such as Horizon Call of the Mountain or VR updates for Resident Evil Village and Gran Turismo 7, Cactus Cowboy remains a valuable addition to any VR collection – since PC users already have it as well! Additionally, owning a PS5 isn’t required in order to experience it!

Plants At War is an unconventional military FPS experience with charming visuals and humorous touches – its protagonists are army cacti and giant bugs! It is a single-player game featuring charming visuals, humorous moments, and solid gameplay, though its modest development team may have created something worthwhile.

Cactus Cowboy: Plants At War, one of the best free VR games, premiered for PC and PSVR 2 on May 3rd and February 23rd, respectively. Compatible with various VR platforms – Oculus/Meta Quest 1& 2, Valve Index, Meta Quest Pro, etc. – this title boasts a “Very Positive” rating on Steam with almost five stars from users.

Hyper Dash

Free VR Games

Hyper Dash was previously priced at around $20 but made a notable change when it transitioned to free-to-play at the end of 2022, becoming one of the leading multiplayer VR games. While Steam player base activity is somewhat subpar and single-player content primarily comprises offline matches against bots, Hyper Dash quickly rose up the ranks as a top multiplayer game.

Hyper Dash is a 5v5 arena FPS that focuses heavily on fast movement, enabling players to swiftly zip around the map at breakneck speeds. Its agile gameplay creates an enjoyable VR experience.

Hyper Dash first launched for beta test on February 25th, 2021, and went free-to-play on December 22nd, 2022. Compatible with Quest, Oculus Rift, Cosmos Elite Cosmos Valve Index, Vive Pro, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Hyper Dash has earned an impressive 4.5-star rating on the Oculus store from nearly 2000 user votes despite not receiving formal reviews.

SCP: Labrat

Free VR Games

SCP: Labrat is inspired by the 2012 game SCP – Containment Breach, casting players as test subjects imprisoned within an underground research facility and challenging them to escape before all is revealed! Experience all its suspense as you try your hardest to escape this frightening place!

Labrat is now complete, having made its debut into early access in late 2022. Perfect for horror enthusiasts seeking a short yet satisfying VR experience. For those familiar with 2012’s Labrat title, you’ll also gain something from experiencing it again from another angle.

SCP: Labrat officially launched on December 25th, 2022, for HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus Rift headsets. Though lacking critical reviews on Steam, Labrat has received positive responses overall; recent reviews reflect more mixed feelings.


For a dose of VR competition, give Blaston a shot. In this game, it’s just you and one opponent facing off by firing slow-motion bullets at each other. Your challenge: Hit your rival while deftly avoiding their incoming shots.

Horizon Beyond

Free VR Games

Free-to-play VR games often serve as an introduction to this relatively new technology. Horizon Beyond serves as a great gateway into virtual reality technology and, even after several years of existence, continues to explore this uncharted territory, making virtual reality more accessible.

Horizon Beyond provides a thrilling VR experience, placing players aboard a ship to explore cloud-covered landscapes. It demonstrates VR’s power to transport people effortlessly into new worlds.

Horizon Beyond was recently released for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index devices and offers an entertaining 20-minute adventure game experience that may or may not draw repeat players back in. While not making much of an impression with critics on Metacritic, Horizon Beyond has found great popularity among Steam users.

Mission: ISS

Free VR Games

Space travel remains costly and risky, yet virtual reality offers a peek into this experience from within the comfort of one’s home.

Mission: ISS, one of the best free VR games in Space, strives to recreate an immersive space experience and is successful at doing just that, thanks to NASA’s involvement with the Oculus project and close replicating real space travel conditions. Though Mission: ISS may sometimes cause motion sickness, you should be mindful of such risk before embarking on your virtual space adventure.

Mission: ISS premiered for Gear VR and Go on November 20th, 2017, and currently holds a four-star rating in the Oculus Store. While not receiving much critical acclaim on Metacritic, its success can be judged by this impressive statistic:

Republique VR

Free VR Games

Republique by Camouflaj first made its debut in 2013 as an episodic stealth game and quickly established itself within its genre, yet not reinventing it. This free VR game was then made available to both PS VR and PC users to offer them an unforgettable stealth experience in virtual reality.

Republique VR and its non-VR counterpart are now free-to-play and offer satisfying gameplay. Instead of controlling the protagonist directly, players act as overseers assisting the main character by hacking doors and solving puzzles – something many may find appealing about its gameplay experience – though it may not appeal to everyone, its engaging storyline keeps players engrossed without overstaying its welcome.

Republique VR has been available since March 10th, 2022, and you can play it on PlayStation VR, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. While its VR version lacks an average score on Metacritic, its standard PS4 release possesses a respectable 72 score, while 72% of Steam reviews for Republique VR are positive.

Digital Combat Simulator World VR

DCS World is a premier flight simulator in the VR realm today. The thrill of sitting in a cockpit, surrounded by numerous controls within reach, is truly exhilarating. From the cozy confines of your couch, you can unleash missiles, drop bombs, execute evasive maneuvers, and much more.

Echo VR

Free VR Games

Echo VR quickly became one of the best free VR games. Originally known as Echo Arena, its scope has since expanded to encompass Echo Combat, but only Echo Arena is free.

Still, it is well worth downloading: in this game, you and your teammates float around a zero-gravity arena with the goal of tossing a frisbee into an opponent’s goal – an action-packed VR experience! The unique movement system of this game makes it accessible yet challenging – ideal for Oculus systems only!

Echo VR was introduced on May 5th, 2020, and can be found on Oculus Quest.

As it’s a game that promotes physical activity, some players have noted improvements in hand-eye coordination and weight loss. Furthermore, its captivating setting and graphics immerse you in sci-fi worlds, adding extra fun.

Fly Dangerous

Free VR Games

Fly Dangerous by Stargoat Games offers players an exhilarating space racing experience during its early access phase. As its name implies, it’s more arcade-style racing than a flight simulator – making it perfect for quick gaming sessions where you can zoom through rings while having loads of fun!

This game is both free and a work in progress, offering a limited array of activities but boasting an online leaderboard and free-roam mode to keep players coming back for more. While ideal flight stick control may work best for this title, the game also supports keyboard/mouse controls, gamepad support, steering wheels, and steering wheels as viable controls for spaceship navigation.

Fly Dangerous, one of the most popular free VR games, was made available for early access on May 24th, 2022, on Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift devices.

At present, this space racer does not yet have any critic reviews as it remains in the early access phase. On Steam, however, its reception has been mostly positive, suggesting players have had a generally enjoyable experience, the main complaints being control issues on some devices and lack of content.

Temple Run VR

Free VR Games

Temple Run VR first emerged as an early virtual reality (VR) gem in the mid-2010s to demonstrate this new technology. While its visuals may no longer hold up to today’s standards, its core gameplay has proven immensely enjoyable over time.

Temple Run VR, for those familiar with its mobile counterpart, is an endless runner that takes you into maze-like ruins reminiscent of Indiana Jones adventures. Its simplicity is its strength; additionally, the VR perspective adds a layer of tension not present in mobile versions of this game.

Temple Run VR launched on April 30th, 2015, and can be played both with Gear VR and Oculus Go headsets. Unfortunately, reports of loading issues have arisen over time. It originally made its debut on April 30th 2015.

Expectedly, there is no Metacritic page for this title; however, it has a respectable 4-star rating on the Oculus Store with over 14,000 user reviews.

Epic Roller Coasters

If you’ve ever felt the thrill of those first-person roller coaster videos on YouTube, you’re in for a treat with Epic Roller Coasters. This game takes things to a whole new level, offering you the chance to ride coasters that defy gravity and do things that would never pass a real-world safety inspection.

Dagon: By H. P. Lovecraft

Free VR Games

Dagon by H. P. Lovecraft stands out among Steam’s free horror games as an unforgettable Lovecraftian experience that is both short and satisfying for his followers.

Though initially lacking virtual reality (VR), Dagon eventually added this feature, creating even greater scares than before. However, it should be noted that Dagon prioritizes visually immersing players into Lovecraft’s world over providing complex interactions.

Dagon by H. P. Lovecraft made its premiere on September 24th 2021, and VR support was added approximately two months later. You can experience Dagon on Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality platforms.

Dagon was designed by Bit Golem and has received widespread acclaim due to its accurate depiction of Lovecraft’s spirit. No matter your Lovecraft expertise level or interest in his works, Dagon provides a thrilling gaming experience worth experiencing!

War Thunder

VR games free

War Thunder launched as an open beta in 2013 and remains active today on Steam, offering three battle styles from arcade to war simulation and satisfying various preferences. It excels in all these aspects.

Virtual reality support was later implemented, further enriching the gaming experience. While War Thunder can still be played without VR support, adding this option adds another level of immersion. It turns War Thunder into an exhilarating flight or tank simulator experience.

War Thunder was officially released for PC virtual reality support on December 21st, 2016, supporting headsets such as Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

War Thunder was originally reviewed with an impressive Metascore of 81; however, most reviews may no longer reflect its current state. Although its VR mode may be considered optional rather than essential, many still consider it worth their time.

Google Earth VR

VR games free

This virtual reality experience isn’t your standard game but for those wanting to see our planet up close. Not just Google Earth in 3D; rather, it offers an adventure of exploration!

Imagine visiting Paris by teleportation and witnessing it all with incredible clarity. Perhaps even soar through the skies like Superman. However, this option may not suit those afraid of heights or susceptible to motion sickness.

Google Earth VR premiered on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices on November 16th, 2016, for maximum enjoyment.

Some may argue that Google Maps VR is more of a special feature than an actual game, yet players still enjoy using it immensely. Many enjoy discovering cool and unusual sights through this virtual reality experience while being fully immersed in their environment versus looking through a screen.

Gorilla Tag

Kerestell Smith, an independent developer, created something remarkable with Gorilla Tag. This VR game skyrocketed in popularity, attracting over five million players just last year.

In Gorilla Tag, one of the most popular free VR games for younger players, you and your fellow players transform into gorillas, engaging in thrilling games of tag. You can also dive into the intense “Infection” mode. If you want to experience the free-to-play version, the Oculus Rift is your ticket to dive into the action.

Cartoon Network Journeys VR

VR games free

Cartoon Network Games presents a colorful journey through various unique worlds in this free project. While these places aren’t tied to Cartoon Network’s existing properties, each level is brimming with imagination and charm.

Cartoon Network Journeys VR offers limited interactivity primarily geared toward kids, which might not keep adults engaged for the long haul. Nevertheless, it boasts a collection of enjoyable minigames and puzzles for a quick gaming session.

Released on October 1st, 2019, you can experience Cartoon Network Journeys VR on Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

Although this free-to-play VR game slipped under the radar of critics and didn’t secure a Metacritic User Score, it has found a warm reception among players on Steam.

VR Chat

VR games free

VRChat has emerged as the go-to app for VR social interaction, and its popularity continues to grow. The only limit here is your imagination, as VRChat offers immense creative freedom. Extensive mod support allows you to transform into almost any fictional character and explore countless virtual landscapes.

It’s not just about minigames; the real charm lies in the vibrant community. VRChat’s community embodies the essence of the internet itself, offering a mix of both good and quirky experiences, ensuring constant entertainment.

Launched on January 16th, 2014, VRChat is available for the Oculus Quest.

It’s important to note that VRChat isn’t just a game; it’s more of an interactive experience. Your enjoyment here depends on factors beyond the minigames. It’s designed to connect people online, similar to social simulations like Second Life. Consequently, those seeking traditional gaming might find it less engaging. At the same time, those looking for lively chats and connections can get fully engrossed in the experience.

The Red Stare

VR games free

The Red Stare exudes a unique style. Step into the shoes of a 1950s spy hunting secret communist agents, all from the comfort of a single room. Your mission: observe your neighbors across the street, gather clues, and pinpoint the communist spy.

If you enjoy deduction games or are fascinated by this era, The Red Stare is a treat. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime – just a quick download away.

Launched on July 31st, 2017, The Red Stare is accessible on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index.

Fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Rear Window” (1954) will notice a similar perspective and point of view in this game. While voyeurism may seem odd, diving into this photographic experience to aid your country feels quite justified when national defense is at stake.


The rise of battle royales in regular gaming made it inevitable for them to become popular in VR. Hibow, one of the most popular free VR games, takes the excitement of using a bow and arrow in virtual reality and places it at the heart of the game.

A Shopping Trip To Eklan Tor

best free VR games

While most free VR games offer brief escapes to unique worlds, they aren’t typically designed for extended gameplay like non-VR titles such as Apex Legends. They serve as short getaways, letting you explore distant realms from the comfort of your home.

“A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor” exemplifies VR’s capacity to deliver short yet delightful experiences. It unfolds in the charming town of Eklan Tor, tasking players with a quick search for a couple of items. It’s a game that can be completed in minutes but leaves a lasting impression.

This VR gem premiered on September 18th, 2020; it is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Although it lacks official reviews, it enjoys high praise from the Steam community. With its simplicity and entertainment value, it’s a true delight.

Spellbound Spire

best free VR games

Created as a student project, Spellbound Spire is a brief puzzle game unfolding in a magical tower. As corruption creeps through the tower, players wield special gloves to mend things before it’s too late. While gravity-based puzzles rarely become overly difficult, they offer engaging, satisfying challenges to conquer.

This free VR game primarily serves as a tech demo for an innovative movement system, and it does so impressively. Additionally, the tower itself provides an enjoyable environment to explore.

Spellbound Spire premiered on June 23rd, 2020; it is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

Given its origins, it’s no surprise that this release lacks a Metacritic score. However, on Steam, it boasts an impressive 92% positive rating, reflecting its appeal among players.

Shattered Lights

best free VR games

Horror Games and VR make a chilling combination, and Shattered Lights beautifully exemplifies this eerie marriage. Team Morbid’s creation employs non-euclidean geometry to immerse players fully, relying on physical movement. Be prepared for a spacious play area requirement before diving into this spine-tingling experience.

In essence, Shattered Lights is a straightforward horror game. Armed only with a flashlight, players explore an abandoned medical facility, accompanied by stunning visuals that intensify the gameplay.

Shattered Lights premiered on June 11th, 2019, and supports Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Rift DK2.

Although it lacks Metacritic reviews, Shattered Lights boasts an impressive 89% average rating on Steam. With over 350 reviews on Valve’s platform, it stands as a well-received free VR game.

République VR

This is no ordinary stealth game. Instead of stepping into the protagonist’s shoes, you assume their invisible companion’s role, guiding them through tasks like opening doors and solving puzzles. While it may sound unusual, don’t let that deter you—the storyline is captivating, and the gameplay remains thoroughly engaging.

Gun Raiders

best free VR games

Gun Raiders follows the tradition of multiplayer FPS games yet manages the basics well. While this might not seem like an impressive recommendation, Gun Raiders stands out among its peers as being available free-to-play and thus becoming quite valuable to users.

Gun Raiders stands out from its competition by offering smooth controls, various modes to add some variety, an impressive arsenal of weapons, and an immersive visual style. Additionally, regular updates and patches ensure an ever-more satisfying gaming experience.

Gun Raiders debuted on October 7th, 2021, and is currently in beta, offering support for Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and Oculus Touch devices.

Gun Raiders has been well-received among players and has amassed an enthusiastic fanbase. Gaming communities can make or break games; so far, Gun Raiders is succeeding at keeping its audience interested and involved.

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay

best free VR games

Before The Last Jedi hit theaters, Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay made its debut and provided a delightful but brief experience where players repaired Astromech droids – including BB-8! Droid Repair Bay may not offer extensive gameplay depth and length as is typically the case with virtual reality tie-ins. Still, its charm remains undiminished, creating an immersive Star Wars atmosphere.

This game is perfect for anyone interested in immersing themselves in Star Wars lore – fans or not – looking to experience that galaxy far, far away!

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay premiered on December 6th, 2017, and you can play it using Valve Index or HTC Vive virtual reality headsets.

Although it did not garner professional reviews upon release, Steam users have given it a “Very Positive” rating, indicating they enjoyed their experience with it.

Desert Bus VR

best free VR games

Desert Bus, a game of legendary notoriety, embodies monotony. Initially featured in Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors minigame collection, it dares players to endure an 8-hour drive down an uneventful straight road. The sole task: steering the bus straight, demanding unwavering attention. The Sega CD original was likely meant as a humorous stunt, not anticipating many players to finish it. Yet, Desert Bus stands as a significant release, a reaction to media criticism of video games.

Since 2007, LoadingReadyRun has hosted Desert Bus for Hope. In this charity event, players conquer the game, raising millions over the years.

Desert Bus VR, one of the best free VR games, revives the classic with some tweaks, allowing players to glance around the bus, although there isn’t much to see. While not a “great” game in the conventional sense, it’s undeniably unique and unforgettable. Is there a compelling reason to spend 8 hours driving across the United States from home? Probably not.

Released on November 27th, 2017, Desert Bus VR is compatible with SteamVR or Oculus VR.

Metacritic lacks an official rating, but users have given it an 8.4 User Score. On Steam, it enjoys an 88% positive rating.

The Playroom VR

If you’re eager to dive into the enchantment of VR, look no further than The Playroom. It’s an exclusive minigame collection for PlayStation that lets you use your PS4 controller for all sorts of adventures. Even better, it supports multiplayer, making it a perfect way for friends and family to join in on the fun together.

Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift has made waves as an early-access VR eSport game. Players armed with grapple hooks, gliders, and jet packs will find themselves immersed in breathtaking arenas where they can swing or soar through the skies. Vertical Shift provides both PvP and PvE modes, including engaging options like Freeze Tag and Infection, for an engaging gameplay experience.

This VR experience unfolds quickly and offers a steep learning curve; however, single-player content allows newcomers to familiarize themselves with movement mechanics before diving into multiplayer action.

Corrupted Media Productions remains active and made an update available in September 2022.

Vertical Shift made its Early Access debut on December 24th, 2021. It can be found across Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift platforms.

As Vertical Shift is still under development, no reviews are yet available on Steam. However, it already boasts an outstanding “Very Positive” rating, demonstrating how quickly players have responded to its potential.

Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl

Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl

Google Spotlight Stories is an innovative VR storytelling initiative. The goal is to showcase its potential. One standout creation from this initiative is Pearl, an emotional tale about a father and daughter traveling cross-country together in their car.

Pearl isn’t your typical VR game or interactive experience – rather, it’s more like watching a film! As soon as you slip on your headset, you become part of this story’s silent audience and follow its characters throughout their adventure.

Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl premiered on October 19th, 2017, for use with Valve Index, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift headsets. Although no official reviews have been written about Pearl yet, Steam users have given the virtual reality experience an extremely positive reception rating; with an approximate running time of under ten minutes, Pearl offers an engaging yet short experience.

Rec Room

Rec Room

If you’re seeking a more relaxed and curated social VR experience, Rec Room might be your best choice. Unlike the chaos of VR Chat, this game has a community focused on gameplay, offering a more calming VR adventure.

While it may not offer as many options for self-expression, Rec Room compensates with high-quality games to enjoy with others. You’re likely to make new friends during your time playing this game.

Rec Room was launched on June 1st, 2016, and it’s accessible on Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. Although it caters to gamers who prefer activity over idle chatting, there have been complaints about community toxicity, including false reports and strict moderation. However, the Rec Room can still be a great time if you connect with courteous players who know how to maintain a positive environment online.


Created by Resolution Games, ULTIMECHS immerses you and fellow players in the pilot seats of towering mechs, challenging you to a unique game. Your mission: use rocket fists to propel a ball into the enemy’s goal. Picture Rocket League, but with colossal robots. It’s a recipe for all the exciting and absurd moments you could hope for. This one of the coolest free VR games to play this year.

Dead And Buried (Oculus Go)

Dead And Buried (Oculus Go)

Dead and Buried offers two versions: Rift and Go. The Rift edition costs $19.99 but becomes free with activation of Oculus Touch; in comparison, Oculus Go’s free edition stands out as one of its top games for their now discontinued budget VR system.

This FPS simplifies some aspects of its main game, like team-based robberies, while still featuring several modes and gameplay experiences that offer solid, enjoyable experiences, even if not groundbreaking. Players primarily face waves of zombies for an engaging yet relaxing gameplay experience that delivers quality but not groundbreaking results.

Dead and Buried was first released for Oculus Go on May 4th, 2017, without receiving Metacritic reviews; nevertheless, its Oculus Store edition has received widespread acclaim.

Cards & Tankards

Cards & Tankards

Although VR tabletop games are currently limited, their arrival is likely to change, with major titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic the Gathering making their mark in 2023. Meanwhile, those in search of a free VR card game should explore the Cards & Tankards 2023 release, which features an attractive presentation and accessible system yet provides enough depth to engage seasoned players.

Cards & Tankards recreates the social experience of playing card games at a local store and is best experienced through virtual reality (VR). However, non-VR users may still participate in gameplay against AI opponents for practice purposes.

Cards & Tankards premiered on May 25th, 2023, for compatibility with Quest, Quest 2 Meta Quest Pro, and SteamVR systems. Although it does not yet boast a Metacritic score, Cards & Tankards has received positive feedback on both Steam and the Oculus Store.

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic

Surgeon Simulator is a delightfully morbid game, and Meet the Medic takes it up a notch. While just a demo for the HTC Vive, Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic offers a light-hearted and enjoyable way to pass a few minutes, especially for Team Fortress 2 fans.

Most top free VR games aim to showcase the technology’s potential, and this demo does just that. It might not become a long-lasting favorite, but Meet the Medic guarantees a good laugh.

Released on April 5th, 2016, Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic is compatible with the Valve Index and HTC Vive. Although it lacks a Metacritic score, the Steam community has warmly received it. Despite its silliness, the game boasts intuitive controls, making it a worthwhile download. This is one of the most popular free VR games for horror fans.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR

For those who crave horror or enjoyed Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, there’s a survival shooter you shouldn’t miss. Propagation VR is relentlessly eerie, oozing with a sinister atmosphere, and it throws players into the midst of horrifying adversaries, from zombies to mutant monstrosities.

Armed only with a pistol, a shotgun, and their bare fists, players must utilize every tool to survive. Once it starts, this game delivers relentless action that keeps players on edge until the credits roll.

Propagation VR, available on Windows Mixed Reality, was unleashed on September 25th, 2020. Many gamers liken it to a Resident Evil title, praising its setting and enemy design. VR intensifies the terror as enemies surround you, making it a perfect fit for horror. Propagation is one of the rare free projects that showcases VR’s potential in the horror genre.

DCS World Steam Edition

DCS World Steam Edition

The best VR games excel at packing vast experiences into tight spaces, often requiring players to stay in one spot. Few games embody this concept as brilliantly as flight simulators.

In this game, you take command of an aircraft in all its glory. The controls may be intricate, but they empower players to perform incredible feats—dropping bombs, launching missiles, and outmaneuvering foes, among other actions. And if that weren’t enough, there’s mod support to expand your experience.

DCS World Steam Edition, available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, first took flight on March 18th, 2013. Despite its age, adding VR capabilities catapulted this flight simulator back into the spotlight. The genre naturally lends itself to VR controls, with many players proclaiming it as their most exhilarating VR experience due to its refined controls and immersive qualities.

PS VR2 Demos

PS VR2 Demos

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 hit the market on February 22nd, 2023, and it had a bit of a mixed start in terms of reviews and sales. While the technology itself is solid, the hardware hasn’t really convinced everyone that it’s a must-have addition to their PS5 setup, possibly due to a somewhat average launch game lineup.

However, there are some standout titles like Moss, Gran Turismo 7, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Thumper, and Resident Evil Village, which offer great virtual reality experiences and should keep PS VR2 owners entertained.

It’s worth noting that the system currently only has one free-to-play game, Cactus Cowboy – Plants At War. But for those hesitant about investing in premium titles, Sony offers a few demos and trials to help you decide.

11 PS VR2 games with free trials

Here are some PS VR2 games with free trials or demos:

  • C-Smash VRS
  • Cosmonious High
  • Drums Rock
  • Horizon: Call of the Mountain
  • Puzzling Places
  • Resident Evil Village VR
  • Ragnarock
  • Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge
  • Song in the Smoke: Rekindled
  • Travel the Words

While many of these samples are brief, they typically offer sufficient exposure for potential customers to gauge their interest. For example, Resident Evil Village is not just one of the top VR games but also exceptionally intense. Experiencing it firsthand is key to truly understanding its fear factor.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain’s trial is also valuable as it showcases the gameplay loop, which can be divisive due to its simplicity.

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