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Horror Games: Best 25 Titles to Play Right Now

Horror Games: Best 25 Titles to Play Right Now

Picking out the absolute best horror games isn’t a simple task by any means. As aficionados of all things that go bump in the night, a part of us craves that delightful shiver of fear. It might be the nail-biting tension hanging in the air, a disgustingly well-designed adversary, or even the clever gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s sanity meter. These are the various avenues through which we willingly plunge into eerie realms, fully embracing the chilling experiences they offer. Yet, truth be told, with the multitude of options, settling on the ultimate cream of the crop can be quite the tormenting decision.

The most outstanding survival horror games are celebrated for their scarcity of ammunition and the unwavering demand for meticulous inventory handling. On a similar note, Amnesia: Rebirth leaves you utterly defenseless against the abominable creatures that prowl the shadows, evoking a sense of complete vulnerability. Moreover, as the year continues to unfurl, a trove of upcoming horror games awaits their debut, making this moment as good as any to reimmerse ourselves in the existing collection of spine-tingling, heart-pounding thrills. Without further ado, let’s take a gander at a selection of the finest horror games available at this very juncture. Ranging from eerie indie creations to the blockbuster marvels within the Resident Evil universe, these are the experiences that warrant your attention.

Note: Our list is ranked from the best horror game to the best of the best (from 25 to Number 1). Enjoy 🙂

25 Best Horror Games to Play Right Now

The Mortuary Assistant

25 of 25 Best Horror Games

best horror games

Developer: Dark Stone Digital

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Imagine this: it’s that exciting first day at your brand-new job at River Fields Mortuary. You’re going about your business, skillfully preparing the departed souls on your stretcher, when suddenly, at the far end of the seemingly endless corridor leading to the morgue, you spot a chilling woman dressed in white. Her gaze locks onto yours, sending shivers down your spine. In a hushed tone, eerie whispers cascade into your ears, and as you turn back to your worktable, your heart skips a beat – the body you were attending to has vanished without a trace. This eerie encounter is just a glimpse of the numerous unpredictable scenes you’ll encounter in The Mortuary Assistant. This horror game hands you a scalpel and places a dark entity within you, challenging you to wrestle with it before succumbing to its possession.


24 of 25 Best Horror Games

Returnal scary

Platform: PS5

Developer: Housemarque

You might not think of it right away, but Returnal isn’t just your typical scary game. It’s got this mysterious, eerie vibe that runs through everything, like a shiver down your spine. Imagine a world where time loops back on itself, and you’re trapped in this roguelike adventure. It’s like walking through a graveyard of strange, ancient alien structures that H.P. Lovecraft himself could have dreamt up. And those creatures – they’re not your usual monsters; they’re like something from a nightmare, all twisted and wrong.

The real scare here isn’t just about those creatures, though. It’s the constant fear of death, haunting you every 10 minutes. I mean, who wouldn’t be spooked by that? It’s like tiptoeing on the edge of a cliff, trying not to fall. I know, diving into this game might seem like a tall order. You’re basically signing up to battle wave after wave of these otherworldly beings and bosses that seem downright impossible to beat. But let me tell you, there’s something strangely captivating about the whole atmosphere.

As you navigate through this cosmic horror, a story unfolds—a tale that’s equal parts fascinating and disturbing. It’s like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to uncover your place in this twisted world. I get it, it’s not your usual game – it’s a challenge, a mystery, and an experience that’ll keep you on your toes.

Slender: The Eight Pages

23 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platform: Available on: PC

Developer: Parsec Productions

Imagine this: an old but gold game that’s not only free but also a true classic in the world of horror gaming. While you won’t be able to hop online for it anymore, don’t fret – you can easily hunt down a free download and give it a shot. The concept is straightforward: you’re in a spooky forest, and you need to track down eight pages scattered around. The catch? You’ve got to avoid getting caught by the eerie Slender Man.

Each time you snag a page, he inches closer, making it tougher and tougher to dodge him. It might sound simple, but trust me, the way it’s put together is nothing short of masterful. Even with graphics that might resemble a potato more than anything, the sheer terror it evokes is undeniable. It’s the kind of game that gives you goosebumps, even though the visuals might not be cutting-edge.

And here’s a bonus – it’s perfect for challenging your pals. Imagine daring your friends to take on this nerve-wracking adventure and watching how they react. Will they jump out of their seats? Will they let out a scream? It’s a test of nerves, and a chance to see who can handle the spine-chilling suspense. So, go ahead and give it a shot – this game might be old, but it’s still got that heart-pounding magic.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

22 of 25 Best Horror Games

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly scary

Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One (via backwards compatibility)

Developer: Tecmo

Drawing inspiration from the eerie elements found in Japanese horror and folklore, which gained prominence through iconic works like The Ring and Ju-on, the Fatal Frame series has always managed to evoke a sense of unease. The characters find themselves immobilized by fear, armed with nothing but an ancient camera to fend off vengeful spirits seeking to steal their souls. This means that the only way to confront these supernatural adversaries is by directly facing them, a steadily more daunting challenge as the game progresses.

Among the array of impressive entries within the franchise, our attention is captivated by the second installment as the prime contender for this list. Titled “Crimson Butterfly,” this game introduces subtle graphical enhancements compared to its predecessor. Moreover, it strikes a delicate balance in terms of difficulty, maintaining a constant undercurrent of threat without escalating into overwhelming frustration.

However, what truly sets this game apart is its narrative. At its core, “Crimson Butterfly” weaves a poignant tale of two sisters navigating the complex realms of loss and guilt. This personal journey adds a profound layer to the intense gameplay, demonstrating that the game encompasses a depth beyond the mere objective of survival.


21 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch 

Developer: Hidden Fields

Mundaun emerges as an oddly eerie gem in the gaming world, exuding vibes reminiscent of The Lighthouse and Midsommar through its uniquely crafted hand-drawn narrative. The spine-chilling first-person experiences, rendered in stark black and white, guide you through the journey of revisiting your Swiss hometown following the passing of your grandfather. As you delve into the depths of this mysterious tale, you’ll unearth the shrouded tendrils of an ancient family curse, sending shivers down your spine.

The Swiss setting, evoking a sense of the 1920s, intertwines with local folklore to create an atmosphere that’s both intriguing and otherworldly. The scratchy, penciled art style only enhances this uncanny feeling, producing a cinematic quality akin to foreign movies, a sensation often associated with Japanese horror games.

Admittedly, there are moments of slight awkwardness, where a handful of puzzles and objectives might lack clarity. Nonetheless, the journey is well worth undertaking, particularly if you’re eager to immerse yourself in a horror gaming experience that draws inspiration from a distinct cultural foundation.

Resident Evil Village

20 of 25 Best Horror Games

best horror games

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC

Developer: Capcom

While Resident Evil Village certainly caught the attention of folks everywhere, especially the unforgettable Lady Dimitrescu, it’s important to note that it doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of the series. Yet, fear not, for there are some standout moments that deserve recognition. The beginning hours of the game, within the halls of Castle Dimitrescu, present a delightful array of Gothic horrors and characters that really hit the mark. However, the true gem lies within House Beneviento, a chapter that solidifies this game’s spot in the annals of history. Picture an incredibly eerie yet gratifying escape room experience, culminating in one of the most jaw-dropping revelations the series has ever witnessed. This segment stands tall as a peak not just for the game, but for the entire series and its genre.

As you venture further into the game, you’ll find the excitement doesn’t wane entirely, but it does take a turn toward action and shooting, which gradually chips away at the fear factor due to its familiarity. The conclusion is a bit of a departure, featuring a somewhat straightforward and less nuanced sequence of shooting to claim victory. Despite this shift, the journey remains an enjoyable one, offering a variety of experiences that cater to different tastes.

Alan Wake

19 of 25 Best Horror Games

Alan Wake scary

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake sets itself apart from the typical horror games out there. It doesn’t rely on excessive gore or cheap jump scares – in fact, it doesn’t aim to be overwhelmingly frightening overall. What truly sets it apart is its ability to create a rich atmosphere and compelling characters that resonate deeply.

Enter Bright Falls, a town inspired by Twin Peaks, nestled in the mountains and concealing a haunting secret. The soothing voice of the nighttime DJ, sharing thoughts over the airwaves, and the snippets of stories on the TV broadcasts contribute to the town feeling alive, almost like a character in its own right. The unfolding narrative resembles an enthralling TV miniseries, complete with episodes that frame each surprising twist and unveiling.

Yet, what truly distinguishes Alan Wake is its sheer enjoyment factor when it comes to gameplay. Excuse the bluntness, but it’s hard to find a horror game as entertaining to play as Alan Wake. The developer, Remedy, is renowned for both their action and storytelling prowess, and this becomes evident here. The controls are smooth and intuitive, bucking the trend of clunky awkwardness often found in the genre. Engaging with groups of enemies presents a satisfying challenge, thanks to meticulously designed encounters and the enjoyable pistol-and-flashlight combat combo that strikes the perfect balance between fun and vulnerability.


18 of 25 Best Horror Games

Carrion scary

Platforms: PS4, PC, Mac, Xbox One and Switch 

Developer: Phobia Game Studio

Carrion may seem like a bundle of amusement, and indeed it is, yet it transforms into an exceptional horror game that flips the roles and allows you to take on the role of the monster. With its pixelated depiction of tentacles and teeth, it genuinely grasps the very heart of an engaging creature-focused story. As you engulf terrified scientists, tearing them apart and leaving behind mere fragments, the game achieves an oddly delightful level of gore. Amidst the crimson chaos, you’ll encounter some satisfying puzzles that require solving, utilizing an ever-growing array of monstrous abilities.


17 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 

Developer: Arkane Austin

While accompanying Morgan Yu on a journey through a space station, the spine-tingling fear that Dead Space evokes might not be matched. Nevertheless, the Mooncrash DLC for Prey offers a glimpse into the game’s untapped potential for horror. What starts as a relatively straightforward encounter with extraterrestrial foes takes a disquieting turn when your objective shifts from self-preservation to the rescue of others. The touch of unpredictability brought by the randomized elements in Mooncrash adds a layer of suspense that keeps you on edge.

Yet, even the core version of Prey possesses its own eerie charm. Beyond its status as a remarkable game replete with concealed corners waiting to be explored, Prey, much like Arkane’s other creations, presents a unique freedom of approach. Amidst its setting, numerous narratives recount chilling mishaps, desperate attempts to escape, and eerie run-ins with extraterrestrial entities.

For those who crave a touch more action while reveling in masterfully woven environmental narratives, this is yet another game that deserves your attention and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Little Nightmares 2

16 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Developer: Tarsier Studios

Little Nightmare 2 exudes an eerie charm that’s both unsettling and strangely captivating. The sequel takes the unsettling world of the original children’s tale and cranks up the unease to astonishing new heights. As you venture forth, an uncanny sense of peculiarity seeps into your consciousness. From the unsettlingly jittering mannequins to the hauntingly faceless wanderers – their countenances seemingly eroded by the TV’s persistent static gaze – the game presents a myriad of unsettling elements that will assuredly send shivers down your spine. You’ll find yourself perturbed and lost in unsettling thoughts long after you’ve put the controller down. Occasionally, frustration might arise – the controls never quite meet the demands placed upon them, and a handful of trial-and-error scenarios are destined to be stumbled upon. Persevere, however, and you’ll embark on a journey through what could easily be one of the most emotionally harrowing experiences found within the realm of gaming.

Until Dawn

15 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platform: PS4

Developer: Supermassive Games

For almost forty years, teen slasher themes have lingered in our entertainment landscape, with a notable NES misstep in the form of Friday the 13th. Games, for the most part, have hesitated to brave this chilling territory – until a beacon emerged: Until Dawn (cue the pun), a 2015 survival-horror gem. In this game, a group of adventurous teenagers embarks on a mountain cabin retreat, only to confront a malevolent force determined to snuff them out. But hold onto your seats, because the dread is real: fumbling through Until Dawn’s horror logic can lead characters to grisly demises, and it seizes every chance to jolt you out of your wits.

Now, while the majority of titles on this roster earn their spot primarily due to their ability to induce fear, Until Dawn earns its place for reasons beyond the scares. It’s not just a horror game; it’s an homage to the horror tradition itself, richly soaked in its essence. Skillfully, it employs familiar horror elements. Hints and nods to the slasher genre abound, and even if you foresee the outrageous twists from a mile away, they’re still a joy to behold. In the midst of screams, you’ll find yourself laughing heartily – or even more so. Few horror games master the art of delivering spine-tingling amusement quite like this one.


14 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platform: PC

Developer: Acid Wizard Studio

Summing up Darkwood might involve labeling it a top-down survival game, yet its essence stretches beyond mere survival mechanics aimed at preserving your character’s existence. Rather, it’s a captivating journey that beckons you to plunge deeper into its eerie woodland domain, inviting chills to cascade down your spine with each unsettling discovery. Safety finds its abode within your humble hut, compelling you to tend to it, an ironic twist that necessitates venturing out into the unknown.

While traversing the haunting woods, you might stumble upon makeshift tools of defense, but wisdom often dictates allocating precious inventory space to more strategic uses. Your beam of light, a constant companion marking the edges of your visibility, becomes a tool of frantic exploration, sweeping to and fro in a bid to not overlook any lurking secrets. Darkwood serves as a testament, proving that even a top-down perspective can orchestrate an experience that ripples with nerve-rattling tension.


13 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platform: PS4

Developer: FromSoftware

The Dark Souls series by From Software, which clearly inspired this game, isn’t your typical horror experience. These games are action-RPGs at heart, centered around carefully managing your character’s stats and honing your skills. Despite this, they manage to evoke a sense of fear that’s more potent than many games designed solely to frighten you. You’ll encounter moments of tension, unease, and unexpected surprises just as frequently as you’ll find valuable items and opportunities to level up.

Out of all these games, Bloodborne shines the brightest. Its expansive and enigmatic narrative delves into eldritch horrors, unfolding within a nightmarishly twisted version of Victorian Europe. Walking along cobblestone streets that wind around eerie spires, you’ll catch snippets of hushed conversations from behind firmly shut doors. As you journey, you’ll grapple with questions about your identity and the nature of “The Hunt” you find yourself entangled in.

Bloodborne excels as a Lovecraftian horror experience within the realm of gaming. Its secrets beckon you, motivating you to unearth its hidden mysteries with the same fervor that drives you to master its unforgiving combat mechanics.


12 of 25 Best Horror Games

Devotion scary

Platform: PC

Developer: Red Candle Games

While Red Candle Games’ initial release of Devotion faced its fair share of challenges, the game itself is a true gem when it comes to weaving a tale through its surroundings. It’s not your typical horror experience where you fend off enemies or brace for sudden scares. Instead, it’s a gradual, unsettling sensation that grows as you uncover more about the fate of the people who once lived in the house you’re exploring.

Devotion is a master at conveying its narrative through the environment. The fear it invokes doesn’t rely on flashy combat or unexpected jolts, but rather on a steadily intensifying sense of unease. The more you learn about the history of the house’s inhabitants, the more the feeling of dread tightens its grip.

Visual storytelling is where Devotion truly shines. It may not be the most dynamically interactive game, yet it excels in making the space around you an integral part of the horror. In this aspect, it stands shoulder to shoulder with timeless classics like Amnesia. Devotion teaches us how to use space effectively to create a truly chilling experience that lingers long after you’ve put down the controller.

Resident Evil 4

11 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror game

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Developer: Capcom Production Studio

Imagine the series that laid the foundation for modern survival horror, but its visionary director Shinji Mikami wasn’t content with stopping there. In Resident Evil 4, he decided to sprinkle in a dash of innovation, introducing the world to modern third-person shooting just for the thrill of it. The exploits of Leon Kennedy in the realm of gunplay have earned legendary status, thanks to the tactile combat that injects an element of nervous excitement into every situation.

Yet, you might wonder, how does this catapult it into the realm of the top 10 horror games? Isn’t it just an action-packed adventure masquerading as a Resident Evil title?

Well, try explaining that to someone taking their maiden steps into the Ganado-infested village. The pure strain of stress that surges through you as the parasite-ridden locals rush towards you, led by a chainsaw-wielding maniac with a sack over his head, etches itself into the annals of gaming’s most hair-raising moments. And guess what? That pulse-pounding sensation doesn’t vanish; it echoes back at you time and again. Whether it’s the showdowns with iconic bosses, the skirmishes across rooftops teetering on the brink of collapse, or the spine-tingling encounters in the places you’d least expect, Resident Evil 4 thrives on ensnaring you in its web of horror. It challenges you to fight your way out when the odds seem stacked against you, ensuring that you’re always caught off-guard and pushed to your limits.

Amnesia: Rebirth

10 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Developer: Frictional Games

Amnesia: Rebirth takes the groundwork laid by its predecessors—exploring themes of memory loss, pursuing elusive monsters, and the weaving of otherworldly enchantment—and crafts a captivating, interactive horror narrative. Playing through this game is like delving into the pages of a compelling book; you step into the shoes of Tasi, a French explorer stranded in a desert of darkness.

The familiar mechanics return, such as the notion of sanity slipping away, eroded by the shadows or the chilling gaze of creatures lurking nearby. However, this time, these elements are seamlessly woven into a more coherent and immersive story. Amidst the spine-tingling puzzles and the menacing presence of grotesque monsters, it’s the narrative that acts as the glue, holding it all together. As Tasi embarks on her journey, there’s an irresistible allure to accompany her, to witness the twists and turns that await on her path.

Whether you’ve been a devoted follower of the Amnesia series or are new to it all, there’s an undeniable sensation of being drawn in—a page-turning eagerness to unearth what comes next. The encounters with the monstrous entities can leave you reeling, caught between horror and tension. However, it’s the spaces between these heart-pounding moments that truly shine, where the story unfurls, expands, and captivates with its unexpected directions. It’s within these intervals that the true essence of Amnesia: Rebirth shines brightest, captivating your imagination and immersing you in an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Dead Space (2023)

9 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: Xbox Series X, PS5, PC

Developer: Motive Studio

Finally, after much anticipation, the 2008 classic is reborn in the form of Dead Space’s long-awaited remake. As you don the spacefaring shoes of Isaac Clarke, you step onto a derelict spaceship with your team, drawn into a web of eerie occurrences. With the shadow of dread looming ever closer, you find yourself pursued relentlessly by grotesque beings known as necromorphs, their grisly presence turning the game into a visceral dance of survival.

This horror-laden game, drenched in gore, has garnered acclaim for a multitude of reasons. Its visuals are nothing short of spectacular, painting a chilling tableau of fear in the vast expanse of space. The symphony of sound design further heightens the tension, making every creak, whisper, and eerie resonance feel like a tangible presence. And then there’s the infamous Impossible Mode, a challenging test of nerves and skill that comes with a catch: the unforgiving concept of permadeath.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the Dead Space universe, this remake promises to be a standout horror experience in recent memory. Just remember, when faced with the necromorph menace, targeting the head might not be the smartest strategy. It’s a reminder that in the chilling corridors of Dead Space, survival demands a different kind of ingenuity and precision.


8 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Frictional Games

SOMA isn’t without its flaws, stumbling notably through a less-than-refined stealth segment. However, what truly sets it apart is a narrative so disturbingly unsettling that it claims a spot among the most disconcerting stories on this roster. To delve into the details would spoil the experience, but suffice it to say that SOMA delves into the realms of consciousness, toying with the terrifying notion of what defines one’s identity.

While you’re not traversing the corroded, desolate corridors of the underwater facility called PATHOS II, you’re navigating through the intricate maze of profound metaphysical concepts that are guaranteed to haunt your thoughts. This is a realm where shattered machinery houses glitching remnants of human awareness, and sinister growths seep through the environment, mutating it into something profoundly dreadful the more you delve into its depths.

Drawing parallels to Bioshock isn’t out of place due to the shared themes of human ambition gone awry and science spiraling into darkness. However, SOMA cranks up the discomfort and ethical quandaries to a whole new level. The aquatic and biotechnological motifs might spark a comparison, yet SOMA stands in a league of its own—a territory that is decidedly more distressing and morally jarring.

The newly introduced ‘safe mode’ grants an avenue for experiencing the story alone, devoid of gameplay challenges. Finishing it beckons a challenge: can you face the night with the narrative’s unsettling tendrils still clinging to your thoughts?


7 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Developer: Red Barrels

Outlast takes you on a first-person journey into a place that no sane person would willingly venture into – an abandoned asylum nestled in the mountains, miles away from any help. I mean, who on earth would actually do that, right? The whole setup is like something straight out of a horror story. But what makes it even more chilling is the way it plays out, almost like a game version of those found footage movies. And here’s the twist: you have a video camera equipped with night vision to help you see in the dark. The eerie green glow of the camera’s view feels uncannily real, almost like you’re right there.

Picture this: you’re exploring this creepy place, and every creak and wheeze around you makes you jump. Shadows dance in the distance, and you’re there with your trusty viewfinder, trying to make out what’s lurking in the darkness. You can’t help but cower behind a table, heart racing. The fear factor is already through the roof, and the gritty, pixelated visuals only add to the spine-tingling atmosphere.

What’s even more fun is playing this game with friends. You’ll find yourselves screaming in terror at different points, united by the sheer fright that Outlast delivers. It’s like a shared experience of fear and excitement that binds you together.

Silent Hill 2

6 of 25 Best Horror Games

Silent Hill 2 scary

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4 (via backwards compatibility)

Developer: Team Silent

The Silent Hill franchise stands as a chilling testament to some of the most bone-chilling adversaries and situations in the world of gaming. Yet, when we talk about enduring horror, nothing quite matches up to the eerie resonance of Silent Hill 2. This classic from the realm of PlayStation 2 incarnates our deepest apprehensions into corporeal forms, laying bare the truth that our imagination harbors the most profound malevolence.

Amongst the iconic nurses and the enigmatic Pyramid Head, it’s the labyrinth of Silent Hill 2 that truly awakens our latent terrors. Our main character, James Sunderland, is confronted not merely by external monstrosities, but more so by the demons that lurk within himself. The desolate expanse of Silent Hill becomes a canvas for these inner struggles to paint their unsettling portraits.

James’ return to Silent Hill is spurred by a letter that appears to be from his deceased wife. Yet, his journey through the town unravels as a series of bitter reminders, each echoing his torment and guilt over her demise. The town’s every nook and cranny is a breeding ground for fresh horrors, and yet, James must find the strength to confront his own fears, driven by the desire to unravel the enigma before him. However, the truth that lies ahead is not one that he – or you – will find comforting.

Silent Hill 2 doesn’t merely present a horror game to be played; it crafts a narrative that deserves to be absorbed, dissected, and reacted to with awe. With each layer peeled back, the intensity of the dread only deepens, taking you on a journey where the horror is rivaled only by the profundity of the story being told.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

5 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, PC 

Developer: Skydance Interactive

This horror game is nearly the best of the best, hands down. The only reason it’s not at the very top is because it’s designed for VR, which unfortunately means not everyone can dive into its scares. Yet, if you manage to snag a VR headset, consider this game a must-play for horror enthusiasts. It takes the source material and transforms it into an interactive masterpiece, giving you the power to swing axes and thrust screwdrivers into zombie skulls, all while cautiously treading through decaying homes, each corner brimming with terror.

This game absolutely captures the essence of the zombie horror fantasy. It’s as if the creators pinpointed exactly what makes these nightmares tick and then brought them to life on screen. And here’s the kicker: it’s not just about mindless action. There’s a semi-open world waiting for you to explore, a network of hubs and locations to uncover. Picture yourself scavenging for resources, avoiding enemies, and seeking allies who can make a difference.

Now, here’s the best part: you don’t need to be a die-hard fan of the comics or TV show to enjoy it. This game stands on its own, utilizing the zombie theme to craft an experience that anyone can dive into. So, whether you’re a devoted fan or simply a horror enthusiast looking for a spine-chilling adventure, this game is calling your name. Just make sure you’ve got that VR headset ready to roll.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

4 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch

Developer: Capcom

It’s almost hard to believe that more than two decades after its initial release on the PS1, the timeless classic, Resident Evil 2, has once again found its place on the list of best horror games. However, what we’re discussing here is the remarkable Resident Evil 2 Remake. This version of the game is not just a simple remaster; it’s a complete reimagining that pays homage to the past while paving the way for the franchise’s future.

The astonishing achievement of the remake lies in its ability to seamlessly blend elements of the old and the new. It masterfully captures the essence of Leon and Claire’s original struggle to survive the horrors of a city overrun by zombies—Raccoon City. All those iconic monsters, memorable moments, and captivating story twists that have stayed with you are faithfully recreated.

Yet, here’s the twist—it’s also been meticulously designed to cater to modern horror preferences. The game gracefully combines a visually captivating level of immersive gore with precise and satisfying gunplay. The ingeniously crafted puzzles keep your mind engaged, and the meticulously designed levels are nothing short of breathtaking.

This version of Resident Evil 2 isn’t just a game; it’s a necessary experience. Just as the original game was an absolute must-play in its time, the remake retains that essential quality in the present day.

Alien: Isolation

3 of 25 Best Horror Games

Alien: Isolation scary

Platforms: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Developer: Creative Assembly

The Alien franchise has served as a wellspring of inspiration for countless games. They draw from its rich elements like James Cameron’s formidable space marines, Ellen Ripley’s unyielding resilience, and the eerie potency of silence woven into its soundtrack. Amidst this tapestry of influences, a standout emerges: Alien: Isolation, arguably the most triumphant gaming endeavor within the series.

Alien: Isolation masterfully seizes the heart-stopping dread cultivated by the lone Xenomorph in the original film and magnifies it across the expanse of a captivating game. The gameplay is a taut survival experience that sustains a relentless pulse of tension for hours on end.

In this game, you step into the shoes of Amanda, Ripley’s daughter, embarking on a quest within a forsaken space station to uncover her mother’s whereabouts. What awaits her, however, is the very same monstrosity her mother confronted. The palpable anticipation is unceasing as the cinematic AI governing the Alien adversary keeps you in a state of perpetual vigilance. It’s a test of nerves, as you find yourself holding your breath in moments of near-detection or releasing a piercing scream of terror when your attempts to find refuge falter.

The game’s ability to sustain this atmosphere is a feat in itself, but its true brilliance lies in its skillful resurrection of the Xenomorph. This iconic creature, once bordering on the realm of cliché due to its pervasive presence, is rejuvenated into a source of genuine terror once more. Alien: Isolation ingeniously accomplishes what seemed improbable. It breaths life anew into a cinematic monster that had seemingly lost its bite through overexposure.

Layers of Fear

2 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Developer: Bloober Team

Most games might get your heart racing or even make you let out a scream, yet only a handful manage to cast doubt upon your very existence. Enter Layers of Fear: a game that starts off feeling oddly familiar as you step into a chilling, eerie, and hauntingly empty mansion. The tale takes on a Gothic tone, gradually unraveling while you take on the role of an artist without a name, who’s returned to their home. But things swiftly take a turn—madness grips the artist, and this insanity twists reality itself through the artist’s unreliable perspective. Suddenly, doors vanish into thin air, and hallways contort just out of the corner of your eye.

The game undergoes its own metamorphosis to mirror the artist’s descent into madness. In just a few hours of gameplay, you’ll find yourself doubting the very fabric of reality. Was that desk always on that side of the room? Are you absolutely certain?

To add to the unsettling atmosphere, the protagonist’s affliction is revealed—an obsession-fueled artwork crafted from rather unsettling materials. Combine this with the game’s already eerie setting, and you’re faced with one of the most exceptional horror gaming experiences in history.

Resident Evil 7

#1 of 25 Best Horror Games

horror games

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Developer: Capcom

It might’ve turned into a disaster—a clunky, awkward update to a beloved series that left fans yearning for the over-the-top chaos of Resident Evil 6. However, Resident Evil 7 emerges as a true triumph, skillfully drawing inspiration from the finest horror films of the past two decades. It effortlessly weaves these modern influences into a familiar yet revitalized version of the series. The heart of the narrative is exceptional, weaving mysteries with an artistic touch, and the tormentors, known as the Bakers, are masterfully subversive.

Shifting the perspective to a first-person view not only opens up virtual reality possibilities but also intensifies the horror, making it uncomfortably intimate. The experience is arduous yet utterly gripping, set in an environment that will remain etched in your memory long after you’ve ventured through it. Yet, perhaps the most ingenious aspect lies in how it retains the essence of Resident Evil. The safe rooms provide that same unsettling sanctuary, ammunition remains painfully scarce, and the boss battles balance fear with the satisfaction of targeting exposed, oozing weaknesses. It’s a tightly woven, intelligent horror game that far surpasses the expectations of most fans.

While it might not hold the crown for the absolute scariest or most subtle game on this list, it undeniably shines as a brilliant and spine-chilling rebirth.

Are Horror Games Healthy?

Determining whether scary games are good for you isn’t straightforward. It all depends on how you react to them. Here’s the deal: horror games can actually bring some positive stuff into the picture.

Picture this: while you’re spooked, these games can sneakily boost your skills for fixing problems and thinking critically. Not only that, they make you a pro at planning for the future. And guess what? Those sneaky suspenseful and surprising elements in horror games? They’re like magnets that keep you glued and give you a real good time.

But hey, don’t ignore the other side of the coin. There are some not-so-happy things tied to horror games, like the fear, being jumpy, and getting anxious. That’s where it’s on you, dear player, to figure out how you feel. Play smart, keep tabs on your own reactions, and make sure you’re diving into these games with a pinch of responsibility.

Disclaimer: The information I share in this article, is for informational purposes only. It is in now a recommendation to play or to avoid Horror games. Please ask a health professional if you have any doubts.

Why Do I Enjoy Horror Games?

I absolutely love diving into horror games for a bunch of cool reasons. To kick it off, these games dish out a mega dose of thrill and suspense. It’s like riding a rollercoaster of uncertainty, not knowing what’s gonna pop up next – and I’m right in the heart of the action.

What’s more, I’m totally into the vibe and tension these games bring. They serve up chilling tunes, dark visuals, and moments that have me holding my breath, just like I’m living in a real spooky flick.

But here’s the kicker: horror games are like my personal fear playground. Each game packs its own unique set of scares, giving me a chance to stare down different kinds of fear. It’s like a safe and super creative way to deal with my spooky side.

And let’s not forget the fun of hanging out with fellow horror game fanatics! Playing these games with friends, talking about the latest scares, debating over game news, or swapping secrets – it’s all a blast. Plus, it keeps me super connected to the gaming universe.

In the end, I’m all about horror games because they whip up an experience like no other. It’s a memory maker that’s stuck in my brain, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Why Are Horror Games So Addicting?

Horror games draw people in for various reasons. First, they immerse players in unsettling experiences that keep them coming back. The suspense and fear in horror games hold players’ attention and drive their desire to explore further.

The intense tension in these games adds to the excitement. Overcoming tough challenges brings a real sense of achievement and danger, making horror games especially thrilling.

Moreover, these games often feature intricate puzzles, world-building, and enigmatic stories. Players take on the role of investigators, piecing together the mysteries rather than being handed all the answers. This journey to uncover secrets and unfold the narrative is deeply satisfying.

And let’s not forget the captivating atmosphere that many horror games offer. The clever use of sound and lighting enhances the experience, creating a unique and engaging setting that sets horror games apart from the rest.

When you put all these aspects together, it’s easy to see why horror games can become quite addictive.

What Do Horror Games Do to Your Brain?

Horror games wield substantial influence over the human mind. The rush of adrenaline and fear they spark sets off the brain’s natural hormone production, including cortisol, causing both physical and psychological responses.

These reactions differ from person to person but might involve escalated anxiety, a quicker heartbeat, shivers, and unsettling dreams. In some cases, playing horror games could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or even a phobia.

However, on the flip side, horror games offer a controlled and secure avenue to confront fears, while imparting practical coping mechanisms. By engaging with such games, individuals can learn to recognize and manage their emotions within a secure setting.

This process deepens their comprehension of their own feelings and reactions, thus bolstering their capacity to tackle real-world fear and anxiety. Furthermore, accomplishing these games imparts a sense of achievement, fostering the confidence to face challenges head-on.

In essence, horror games present a distinct and invigorating approach to interacting with the world, blending entertainment with education.

What Are the Psychological Effects of Horror Games?

Many studies have looked into how horror games might affect our minds. They discovered that while playing these games can have some good effects, there are also possible bad effects for certain players.

When people play horror games, they can start feeling tense, scared, and anxious. These strong emotions might change how they think and feel. Also, after playing, they might have bad dreams, remember scenes from the game, or have thoughts about it when they don’t want to.

Horror games could make someone spend more time alone. People who play these games might distance themselves from friends and family, which can make their relationships not as good.

For folks who already have mental health issues, horror games can be especially tough. People who feel anxious or sad might end up feeling even more alone. They might also have more bad dreams or unwanted memories because of the game.

What’s more, the effects of playing horror games might stick around after the game is turned off. The strong feelings someone has while playing could affect how they feel in their everyday life. This might make them feel down, less motivated, and even have trouble sleeping.

To avoid these effects, it’s a good idea to play games sensibly. Take breaks often, don’t play too much, and learn about the game and how it could impact your feelings. This way, you can stay in control of how these games affect you.

What Is the Scariest Game to Ever Exist?

Deciding which game is the scariest is really up to personal taste. Games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil are known to give some of the most terrifying feelings due to their spooky atmosphere and use of things that mess with your mind, like fear of the unknown and feeling trapped in tight spaces.

Other games like Outlast and Amnesia: The Dark Descent are also loved because they make you really scared. Then there’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, which people like for its unique way of scaring you, even if it doesn’t have fancy graphics.

Survival horror games get you with surprise monsters and sudden scares that make you jump. This makes playing them a super intense experience. No matter which game gets the prize for scariest, one thing’s sure—it’s going to give you shocks, surprises, and a kind of horror that feels just like a nightmare.

How Does Horror Help with Mental Health?

Horror holds a unique power when it comes to dealing with mental health concerns. It’s like a tool that can help us manage our own issues and spread awareness about mental health. It’s a way for us to express our fears, deal with past pain, and get stronger.

Fear is something we all know, and horror lets us explore that feeling. It’s like a safe place where we can look at our fears, understand what sets us off, and find ways to beat them. This can give us a boost and help us tackle any scary situations that come our way.

Horror can also start conversations about mental health. By talking about what characters in scary movies go through, we can understand emotional struggles better. We might feel less alone in our own battles and get a better grip on our feelings.

Horror flicks also shine a light on mental health problems, like feeling stressed after a trauma or struggling with sadness and anxiety. They show the tough stuff people deal with, and that makes it easier to talk about these things and treat them as normal topics.

And let’s not forget how horror can make us grow. In most spooky tales, the main character faces problems and beats them to find a solution. This can help us become tougher and feel like we can control our own lives, even when things are tough.

When we connect with these characters and their struggles, it makes us understand our own issues better. We feel strong enough to act and handle tough times in our life.

So, in a nutshell, horror has a big role in dealing with mental health. It’s not just about letting out feelings, but also finding the spark to grow and change.

How Horror Games Scare Us?

Horror games have a knack for giving us chills because they know how to build suspense and make us feel super anxious. They use eerie sounds and creepy sights to make us feel uneasy and really scared. This combo is like a one-two punch that brings out all the fear and panic.

They’re pros at using sudden scares, weird sounds, and spooky visuals to make us shiver and stay on the edge of our seats. Plus, they play with our minds using tricks that mess with our expectations, which makes the horror even scarier.

Sometimes, they throw in things that we don’t see coming, like a super mean enemy that never gives up, a constant feeling of fear that never leaves, or sudden crazy things that shock us big time.

Horror games can also use things from real life that freak us out, like monsters, ghosts, or aliens, to make us feel even more scared. All these tricks come together to create an atmosphere that’s all about making us feel terrified. That’s why horror games are seriously spine-chilling experiences.

What Is Scientifically the Scariest Game?

When it comes to science stuff, the spookiest game is the one that really messes with your feelings by making you super anxious and tense. This can happen because of creepy sounds, scary stuff you see, or a story that gets you all worked up.

Our brains play a big role in how we feel when we play games, like how we react to what we see and hear. Think about it, in scary games, there’s this feeling of waiting for something bad to happen, and it makes your heart race and gives you a big burst of energy. It’s like a rollercoaster of excitement. Plus, there’s that scary feeling when you’re exploring the game and trying to finish tasks.

And don’t forget, there’s also the fear of getting attacked by monsters or weird creatures you don’t know. Imagine that!

So, the game that’s the most frightening is the one that mixes all these things together to make you super excited and terrified. Games like Outlast, Until Dawn, and Alan Wake are awesome examples of games that really know how to make you feel all these crazy emotions and keep you on the edge of your seat.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Scary Games?

Playing spooky games brings some good stuff to the table. One biggie is that it can help manage stress. When you dive into horror games, you get super alert, which gives your brain a break from everyday worries.

That means a little stress relief. Plus, these games can show you what makes you scared and anxious, and nudge you to face those fears head-on.

Also, these games are like a brain workout. They boost problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and how fast you react. And get this: some studies say that playing scary games can actually be good for your mental health. They let you let out bottled-up feelings in a safe and creative way. Especially the scaredy-cat and independent feelings.

Is It Healthy to Like Horror?

Being into scary stuff is usually cool, just don’t go overboard or use it instead of solving real-life problems. Like any type of movies, horror flicks offer a break from everyday stress and can even help you deal with it in a safe way.

Studies say watching horror films can make you more empathetic and keep you sharp and focused. These movies really get your feelings and senses going, more than other types.

Some scientists even say horror films are like a shot that helps you build up resistance. They let you face your own fears and worries in a controlled but exciting setup.

Remember, it’s all about how you’re feeling mentally and emotionally. If spooky movies are freaking you out too much, don’t hesitate to ask for support.

As long as you keep a good balance and take care of yourself, there’s no reason why horror movies can’t be a regular and healthy part of your life.

Can You Get Addicted to Horror?

Sure thing! It’s totally possible to get hooked on horror, just like anything else you can’t get enough of. Think about it like this: if you start spending a crazy amount of time on horror movies or shows, or you’re always wrapped up in feeling scared and uneasy, that’s a sign.

People who are all about horror might start looking for even scarier stuff, like going to spooky places or doing super intense haunted experiences. But here’s the kicker: this kind of addiction can mess with your mental health. You might end up feeling super anxious, scared, and even have trouble sleeping and bad dreams.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, that sounds like me,” or if you’re noticing someone you know going down this path, don’t hesitate to get some help. Talk to a mental health pro who can help figure out what’s behind the addiction and how to move toward a better place.

Why Do People with Trauma Enjoy Horror?

Figuring out exactly why folks with trauma dig horror is a puzzle due to how complex our minds are. But there are some ideas floating around that try to make sense of it.

One thought is that people with tough pasts might be drawn to horror as a way to deal with their own pain. It could be comforting to see fictional characters facing similar struggles, and when those characters conquer their fears, it can give a sense of control.

Another idea is that horror acts like a sort of “practice therapy.” By watching scary stuff, someone with trauma might confront their fears in a safer space where things aren’t as serious as real life.

And get this, horror might be an escape hatch too. For folks with trauma, diving into these stories can give a break from worries and let them focus on something else. It’s like fear takes over and gives a little burst of happiness.

Lastly, getting into horror could be a way to bond with others. Think about it: watching a spooky movie with a bunch of folks or swapping ghost tales creates a connection.

Bottom line, why people with trauma like horror is still a bit of a mystery, but these theories offer some insight into the puzzle.

A Reminder: The information I share in this article, is for informational purposes only. It is in now a recommendation to play or to avoid Horror games. Please ask a health professional if you have any doubts.

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