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10 Best Modern Pixel Art Games Ranked

10 Best Modern Pixel Art Games Ranked

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in pixel art games, and the experts at Metacritic have recognized them as the finest releases in this genre. In the past, pixel games were the norm simply because technology had its limitations. However, times have changed, and modern video game graphics are approaching lifelike realism. Nevertheless, pixel games continue to thrive and have transformed into a beloved art form. Developers now choose to create them not out of necessity, but for the sheer artistic value they offer.

Pixel games have become closely associated with indie games, as independent developers embrace this style in their creations. These games encompass a wide range of genres, including puzzle platformers, dungeon crawlers, and RPGs. If you’re looking for the top-notch examples of pixel games, a reputable source like Metacritic is an excellent place to start exploring.

Death Road to Canada (2016) – Rated 79.6

Modern Pixel Art Games

In Death Road to Canada, players find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, taking charge of a car carrying four individuals. Their sole objective is to navigate through the unending swarms of undead and somehow survive. The game’s design prioritizes replayability by introducing randomized gameplay elements, such as varying locations, each time a new game is initiated.

Within the game, players encounter diverse characters, known as apocalypse survivors, whom they can interact with and control. These characters possess unique personality traits that contribute to the overall humorous ambiance of the game. Unlike other zombie-themed video games, Death Road to Canada does not aim to instill fear in players, but rather embraces a comedic approach.

By infusing humor into the gameplay, Death Road to Canada presents a distinct perspective on the zombie genre, offering an entertaining experience that sets it apart from other titles.

Terraria (2011) – Rated 81.3

Modern Pixel Art Games

Terraria draws significant inspiration from Minecraft, seamlessly incorporating the beloved sandbox elements like mining and crafting into its own two-dimensional universe. The game places a strong emphasis on granting players the freedom to explore, as there is an abundance of resources to mine, caves to excavate, and homes to construct.

At first glance, Terraria may appear to be just another indie adventure side-scroller, but its gameplay possesses surprising depth, surpassing its deceptively simple visuals. Engaging in multiplayer mode with friends further enhances the enjoyment, offering a fantastic way to amplify the fun and excitement within the game.

Hyper Light Drifter (2016) – Rated 82

Modern Pixel Art Games

Hyper Light Drifter captivates players with its exquisite embrace of minimalist aesthetics. Dialogue is entirely absent from the game, with all information conveyed through powerful imagery and predominantly visual storytelling. The immersive experience is further enhanced by the exceptional soundtrack, creating a world that deeply resonates with players, although it may not cater to everyone’s preferences.

The combat mechanics in Hyper Light Drifter are fluid and swift, complemented by the vibrant hand-drawn minimalist graphics. This artistic approach evokes a sense of nostalgia and retro charm, making the game appealing to individuals of all ages, irrespective of their connection to the past. Hyper Light Drifter’s allure lies in its ability to captivate players with its unique blend of minimalist beauty and engaging gameplay.

Enter The Gungeon (2016) – Rated 84.5

Modern Pixel Art Games

The bullet hell genre lives up to its name, delivering intense and fast-paced gameplay that leaves players with little respite. Enter The Gungeon, one of the standout roguelite games available on Steam, embodies this description perfectly.

While the word “gun” may not be in the title, firearms play a central role throughout the game. As a “Gungeoneer,” the player navigates the treacherous depths of the “Gungeon,” engaging in relentless battles against hordes of “Gundead” and formidable bosses. Their ultimate objective is to reach the coveted prize at the journey’s end—a powerful firearm capable of erasing one’s past.

Enter The Gungeon encapsulates the essence of the bullet hell genre, offering an exhilarating experience filled with non-stop action, strategic gunplay, and a quest for the ultimate weapon. It stands among the finest roguelite games on the Steam platform, captivating players with its challenging gameplay and gun-focused mechanics.

Owlboy (2016) – Rated 86.5

Modern Pixel Art Games

Indie games are often known for their modest scope, but their creation is by no means a simple task, as exemplified by Owlboy, a game that underwent nearly a decade of development.

Debuting in 2016, Owlboy weaves a captivating narrative following the journey of Otis, a humanoid owl, as he embarks on a quest to vanquish the pirates who have laid siege to his hometown—an enchanting flying city nestled high in the clouds. The game’s art style brims with vitality, while its story bristles with adventure. Drawing inspiration from bygone eras, particularly the timeless classics of Nintendo, Owlboy pays homage to the gaming gems of the past while offering a fresh and immersive experience.

Stardew Valley (2016) – Rated 87.8

Modern Pixel Art Games

Stardew Valley is not merely a farming simulator game; it encompasses a wide array of activities beyond tending crops. It provides an ideal virtual sanctuary for players seeking a serene and relaxing gaming experience while engaging in various household chores around their farmhouse. The game commences with players inheriting a solitary plot of land from their grandfather, which can be expanded upon and developed throughout their journey.

Immersing oneself in Stardew Valley offers an abundance of enjoyable experiences. The game boasts a vast range of activities, so numerous in fact, that some players may never stumble upon all of them. From cultivating crops to raising livestock, fishing, mining, engaging with the local community, and even delving into mysterious caves, there is an ever-expanding tapestry of delightful tasks to discover and embrace within Stardew Valley.

Shovel Knight (2014) – Rated 88.25

Modern Pixel Art Games

Shovel Knight is a remarkable game that not only captures the aesthetic of a ’90s 8-bit platformer but also delivers an authentic retro gaming experience. Players embark on an exhilarating journey alongside the eponymous hero, Shovel Knight, who embarks on a valiant quest to rescue his loyal companion, Shield Knight. Armed with a trusty shovel, players wield this unconventional weapon while also having the opportunity to unlock and utilize various other items throughout the game.

In 2019, Shovel Knight was reintroduced to the gaming community as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, an expanded edition that goes beyond the base game. This definitive version includes three additional campaigns centered around other valiant knights and even introduces multiplayer functionality. With its retro charm, Shovel Knight stands as a testament to the enduring relevance of classic gaming aesthetics within the indie game landscape. It exemplifies how the nostalgic appeal of retro gaming remains vibrant and compelling in the modern gaming world.

Dead Cells (2018) – Rated 89

Modern Pixel Art Games

Dead Cells, released in 2018, stands out among the crowd of beloved Metroidvania-style games that have emerged in recent times. It holds a prominent position in the realm of gaming and is worth experiencing, especially if you find yourself eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated Metroid Dread. The game’s combat mechanics are incredibly smooth and seamless, contributing to an immersive gameplay experience that will test your skills and keep you hooked.

Navigating through a series of dynamically generated dungeon levels, players engage in thrilling encounters with adversaries while simultaneously acquiring new skills and abilities in this action-packed platformer. The combination of the game’s challenging nature and the permanent death system adds an extra layer of intensity, making it all the more addictive.

Immerse yourself in Dead Cells, a Metroidvania gem that guarantees hours of exhilarating gameplay as you traverse its procedurally generated environments, confront enemies, and unlock new abilities along the way.

Celeste (2018) – Rated 91.25

Modern Pixel Art Games

In Celeste, players embark on an extraordinary mountain-climbing adventure alongside the courageous protagonist, Madeline. However, the path to the summit is far from straightforward, presenting a captivating storyline filled with intricate layers. As Madeline confronts her inner struggles with anxiety, depression, and even her darker alter ego known as Badeline, the journey becomes a therapeutic odyssey.

This exceptional platformer showcases the classic elements of precise jumps and wall bouncing, engaging players in an array of challenging puzzles scattered throughout the game. Celeste’s difficulty level sets it apart as one of the most demanding platformers of all time. However, it’s important to note that the game’s formidable challenges should not deter anyone from experiencing its captivating gameplay.

Celeste offers a unique and immersive experience as Madeline’s personal and emotional voyage intertwines with the physical challenges of scaling the mountain. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure that delves deep into the complexities of the human spirit.

Undertale (2015) – Rated 92.3

Modern Pixel Art Games

Undertale, with its minimalist visual style, stands in stark contrast to the flashy AAA games of the modern era. Surprisingly, this approach has resonated deeply with players, revealing that graphics are not the sole determinant of a game’s appeal. Transported into a world teeming with monsters, players must navigate through puzzles and engage in battles to ensure their survival.

What sets Undertale apart is its exceptional combat system, offering an alternative to traditional fighting. Players have the option to befriend enemies instead of engaging in combat, resulting in a narrative that evolves in numerous compelling ways. The game’s captivating gameplay mechanics, coupled with a remarkable soundtrack, eccentric lore, and unforgettable characters, unite to create an extraordinary experience that retro RPG enthusiasts will undoubtedly cherish.

Undertale presents a refreshing take on the RPG genre, emphasizing the importance of player choice and the profound impact it can have on the unfolding story. Its stripped-down visuals belie a rich and engaging world that beckons players to uncover its secrets. Prepare to be enthralled as Undertale delivers a nostalgic RPG experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional game design.

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