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Best VR Games for Kids

Best VR Games for Kids

Young people today can hang out in online chat rooms, dive into their favorite games, and even explore the world, all from the cozy comfort of their homes. Cool, right? And get this: even though the idea of virtual reality has been around for ages, companies like Oculus and Meta have given it a fresh, modern twist that’s made it super popular. It’s like a big, immersive video game! There’s this study that says VR is so exciting that it can be tricky for kids to figure out what’s real and what’s virtual. Imagine that! In this guide, you get to learn more about the best VR games for kids and much more. 🌟

VR Game – An Introduction

what is VR Gaming

There’s this cool tech called virtual reality, where you put on special goggles and other gadgets to step into a 3-D world. Most VR setups even have a nifty handheld controller so you can get in on the action. It’s like you’re really there!

With VR, you can feel like you’re inside the game, kind of like having your own lifelike character or “avatar.” And the best part? It’s super responsive to your movements, making the gaming experience totally intense and personal.

But, you know, some folks – parents and experts – worry about how VR might affect kids. It’s all part of the conversation about this exciting tech.

What Are The 10 Best VR Games For Kids?

1. *Astro Bot Rescue Mission*

best VR games for kids

Astro Bot Rescue Mission isn’t just fun; it’s a blast for everyone, young and old, playing with PSVR. Many say it’s the ultimate PSVR game ever! The top VR games aren’t weighed down by tech; they soar with it.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is an awesome platformer by itself, but it’s like a turbo boost when you dive into virtual reality. It sparks your creativity, especially for kids, who can get lost in its world for hours.

2. *Beat Saber*

best VR games for kids

Beat Saber, the rhythm VR game, has you grooving to the music, matching patterns on the screen to the beat of each song. With different skill levels, parents can be content watching their kids play while getting some exercise.

We all enjoy dancing to music, and Beat Saber lets kids do it in the immersive world of PSVR. While it’s unclear if a sequel is coming, they keep the tunes fresh with regular updates.

3. *Moss*

best VR games for kids

In each new generation, some kids stumble upon The Lord of the Rings and get swept into the magical world of the main book trilogy and its movie adaptations. Moss, a PSVR game, aims to embrace that same enchanting fantasy and introduces an endearing little mouse for kids to befriend.

As children dive into Moss, they’ll grow close to Quill, the charming mouse leading the adventure. Quill even uses sign language, which not only adds to the fun but also teaches kids that communication can take many different forms.

4. *Paper Beast*

best VR games for kids

The greatest gift of virtual reality for kids is setting their imagination free. Enter Paper Beast, a PSVR game that excels at this. It’s a colorful, artistic sandbox revealing a stunning and inspiring world.

In this unique game, players can just be absorbed by the amazing possibilities of the technology. Paper Beast is a must-see if you have imaginative kids eager to wander and explore.

5. *Carnival Games VR*

best VR games for kids

Carnival Games VR brings back the old-school fun of the original 2007 Nintendo Wii game. Nobody thought we’d see it again, but it fits like a glove in the world of virtual reality.

While it might not nail real-life physics like NVIDIA Funhouse does, it’s got a charm all its own. Plus, it’s a perfect pick for the younger crowd, offering a bunch of games that’ll keep kids entertained. And if you can’t make it to the arcade, it’s the next best thing for a game of Skee Ball.

6. *GNOG*

best VR games for kids

GNOG is like a trippy puzzle journey into a world filled with toys and hidden wonders. It’s a serene and peaceful game that’s all about hands-on fun – every “head” acts just like a real toy with tons of cool moving parts.

Originally, GNOG wasn’t made for VR, but it was a game-changer when it landed on PSVR. Its neon-bright colors set it apart from the puzzle pack, and it’s a surefire way to give a young one an unforgettable experience.

7. *Squishies*

best VR games for kids

Squishies is a classic 3D puzzle game that made its way into VR in 2018. The graphics are simply charming and full of life, and the puzzles it throws at you strike that sweet spot between being not too easy and not too tough.

It’s an ideal game for curious kids or those who enjoy playful, colorful games. If the little ones are new to it, though, you might need to offer a helping hand. It can get a bit challenging as they progress, but the journey of figuring it out together is worth it.

8. *Tilt Brush*

best VR games for kids

Tilt Brush isn’t really a game, but it’s a must-try for folks of all ages, whether you’re a kid or a grown-up. Essentially, it’s a 3D art studio, but those who’ve dabbled in it know it’s much more than that.

You can really make it your own with various brushes, effects, and painting techniques. The 3D canvas isn’t just a flat space; it’s got depth, and you can layer brush strokes in different planes. It’s a fantastic choice for any young artist.

9. *Fantastic Contraption*

best VR games for kids

Fantastic Contraption stands out as an educational gem in the world of PSVR games, but don’t be fooled; it’s a bundle of fun. In this game, your mission is to craft contraptions that can tackle tricky challenges using only a handful of resources.

It’s like a puzzle to crack and a physics playground in one. It’ll tease your brain and let you unwind while you build away. While it might not suit every taste, it’s a real treat for those young builders who thrive on tinkering with objects and creating in the real world.

10. *Infinite Minigolf*

best VR games for kids

Infinite Minigolf is a special treat for PSVR users, blending creativity and minigolf into one delightful package. You get to spend half your time crafting custom courses to share with fellow gamers and the other half enjoying a round of golf on those courses.

This game is like an endless playground of possibilities. Plus, you can tee off against players near and far in the multiplayer modes. Sure, there might be a little learning curve, but it’s the perfect recipe for a cozy night of minigolf in the comfort of your home.

11. *Job Simulator*

best VR games for kids

Even though kids might be too young to think about working, Job Simulator offers a child-friendly adventure that won’t overwhelm them like a real job. You’ll find hardly any grown-up stuff in this game except for the grown-up tasks and ideas.

In Job Simulator, you can explore various job roles, from working in a cubicle to being a convenience store clerk. It doesn’t have much of a story, and there aren’t many consequences for your actions. It’s a great space for kids to have some goofy fun in a “real” work setting.

12. *NVIDIA VR Funhouse*

best VR games for kids

NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse stands out as one of the most true-to-life VR games you can play today. Even though it’s NVIDIA’s first venture into gaming, the Lightspeed Studios team made the most of their graphics and game engine know-how.

As the name implies, it’s a traditional circus funhouse with archery, shooting games, basketball, whack-a-mole, and more. It’s super kid-friendly and definitely worth a go if you enjoy mini-games and some good old-fashioned fun.

13. *Angry Birds VR*

best VR games for kids

Just a few years back, it seemed like everyone was hooked on playing Angry Birds on their phones. The game’s craze has quieted down a bit lately, but the VR version has breathed new life into the series.

If you’re not familiar, Angry Birds has you launching birds with unique powers to knock down buildings and take out pesky green piggies. In the VR version, the game remains true to its roots but gets a major graphic upgrade and offers fresh approaches to solving the levels.

14. *Fruit Ninja VR*

Fruit Ninja VR Review

Fruit Ninja VR takes the classic mobile favorite and gives it a whole new dimension in Virtual Reality. In Fruit Ninja, the aim is to slice flying fruits, racking up combos and unlocking cool abilities. Is it simple? Yes. Is it addictive? Definitely.

In the VR edition, fruits come at you in 3D from every direction. It can get quite wild, but that’s what makes it so thrilling, especially when a kid manages to score big in a spectacular way.

15. *Candy Kingdom VR*

best VR games for kids

Thanks to virtual reality, Candy Kingdom VR has transformed the on-rail shooter into a delightful experience for kids. It feels more like a delightful Disney ride or a playful carnival game rather than violent. This game bursts with vivid colors and surprisingly offers a good challenge. Unlike the popular zombie shooters, the sweet candy world won’t be keeping you up with nightmares.

16. *Pierhead Arcade VR*

best VR games for kids

In Pierhead Arcade, you’ll find all those classic games that have gobbled up your quarters over the years. Plus, you can score virtual prize coupons to exchange at the prize counter. You can almost smell the tempting corn dogs. When you’re on vacation, a trip to the old arcade is a must-do experience.

17. *Garden of the Sea VR*

best VR games for kids

In the wonderful world of Garden of the Sea, they’ve got you covered when it comes to comfort. You can move smoothly, teleport at will, and even do snap-turning. However, for those who rely on vignettes to ward off motion sickness, well, they’re out of luck here.

Garden of the Sea caters to all your playing preferences. You can sit down, stand up, or even go big with room-scale adventures. What’s the name of the game, you ask? Farming, exploring, and building your heart out. It’s the essence of the Garden of the Sea experience.

Think of it as a virtual Animal Crossing, but simpler. Your journey kicks off on a charming island, where you’ll learn the ropes of farming and crafting. And it’s not just about getting your hands dirty. You’re on a mission to gather all the bits and bobs for your trusty boat so you can embark on thrilling adventures. So, dive in and get ready for the voyage of a lifetime!

18. *National Geographic Explore VR*

best VR games for kids

Your sole mission in National Geographic Explore VR? Capturing incredible photos for the legendary National Geographic magazine. How, you ask? You’ll journey to Antarctica for an exhilarating expedition and then travel to Machu Picchu to conquer the ancient Inca citadel.

In this VR game, you get to explore not one but two of the world’s most iconic locations! It’s a visual adventure like no other.

19. *Oculus First Contact*

best VR games for kids

First Contact stands as an authentic Oculus adventure tailor-made for your Oculus Quest. In this captivating experience, you’ll get the chance to craft your own wonders and immerse yourself completely—revel in the sensation of touching, grasping, or even flinging your creations, just like they’re right there before you.

And guess what? You can bring a buddy along to share in the fun and explore your handcrafted marvels together.

20. *Molecule Builder*

best VR games for kids

Take your pick from three different levels and dive right into the world of atoms coming together in molecules. You’ll have the chance to connect these tiny building blocks, see if your molecules can stand strong, figure out their shape, and even unravel the secrets of their intermolecular bonds.

This interactive molecule builder makes exploring chemistry a blast and lets you put your knowledge to the test in an enjoyable way.

21. *Cloudlands VR Minigolf*

best VR games for kids

Step into a world of enchanting minigolf set on a lush course that floats high above the clouds. You’ve got options: go solo, challenge your pals nearby, or connect online to craft, swap, and conquer holes dreamt up by fellow players.

This game is the perfect excuse to get up, get moving, and enjoy some light physical activity while having a great time.

22. *Human Anatomy Puzzle*

Human Anatomy Puzzle vr

Delve into this outstanding game that melds intricate 3D puzzles with a deep dive into human anatomy, all built on meticulously crafted models of bones, organs, and muscles.

With three distinct levels to pick from, it ensures that students are both tested and comfortable, finding that perfect balance in their learning experience.

23. *Prisms Math*

Prisms Math

Enhance your math abilities by tackling meaningful everyday challenges, picturing and engaging with models, and merging virtual reality encounters with theoretical ideas like charts, equations, and tables.

This method is a terrific approach to introducing hands-on, question-focused, and visual education into the schoolroom.

24. *Anne Frank House VR*

Anne Frank House VR

During World War II, Anne Frank resided in the concealed hideaway known as the “Secret Annex” alongside her family and fellow fugitives, evading the clutches of the Nazi regime. She chronicled her life in a diary, and this VR experience grants you a unique glimpse into her world, fostering a deeper comprehension of her ordeal.

Having delved into Anne Frank’s compelling narrative, the opportunity to visualize the actual location is nothing short of astonishing.

25. *Apollo 11 Quest*

Apollo 11 Quest vr

Step back in time and immerse yourself in one of the most audacious and incredible moments in history. Discover the awe-inspiring Apollo 11 mission as seen through the eyes of the people who were there. This amazing VR game brings together authentic audio and video, transporting us back to NASA’s earliest days.

The original game enjoyed great popularity, but this fresh version takes it to a whole new level. It’s packed with brand-new animations, assets, lighting, and much more, all aimed at truly bringing this historic event to life.

Pros & Cons of Virtual Reality Games for Kids

Kids VR Games: Pros

Discover the exciting potential of VR technology for your child’s future:

  • Making VR Accessible: Now, it’s easier than ever for parents to introduce their children to the world of virtual reality. It’s become more user-friendly and affordable, removing many barriers.
  • Bringing Learning to Life: Virtual reality (VR) opens up new ways to teach complex concepts. Kids can explore space or journey around the globe virtually, thanks to immersive experiences created by companies like National Geographic.
  • Fostering Creativity: VR games are not just fun but also highly engaging. They can inspire creativity and imagination in kids, especially adolescents, and tweens, making learning a thrilling adventure.

Kids VR Games: Cons 

Let’s explore important factors for parents when introducing VR to their families:

  • Privacy and Personal Experience: Unlike past gaming, VR is more personal, as it’s an individual activity without screen sharing.
  • Addiction Alert: Be aware that virtual reality can be physically and mentally addictive, so monitoring usage is crucial.
  • Realistic Sensations: VR aims to replicate real-life experiences, which can make tense or violent situations seem very lifelike.
  • Eye Strain and Fatigue: Kids of all ages using VR might experience eye strain and tiredness, so balance is key.

Are VR Games for Kids Safe?

is VR Gaming Safe

Virtual reality has so many cool uses! It can help kids be nicer, get excited about learning, and understand how others feel. When kids put on those VR goggles and play with stuff in there, it feels just like real life. But, we gotta be careful and use some good old common sense when kids use it.

Any Long-Term Effects of VR Games on Kids?

Any Long-Term Effects of VR Gaming

We’re not sure about the long-term effects just yet. Studies say these tech things can mess with how kids’ brains grow, especially the front part. But, parents, don’t go crazy! Be smart when your kids play with VR. Let them do it for a little while, not hours. Most VR stuff is meant for quick fun, like five to ten minutes.

Final Thoughts on the best VR games for kids

In the VR world, there are many grown-up games, but don’t worry, there are kid-friendly ones too. It’s like a new way to play, and it’s not just fun; it’s also a smart way to learn.

With the PSVR 2 on the horizon, remember that the original PSVR has cool games for everyone. Kids are like little explorers with big imaginations, and VR games can take them on amazing adventures. PSVR games might not always pop up, but there are still awesome ones for parents to look out for.

FAQs about the best VR games for kids

Are there VR games suitable for kids?

Yes! There’s a fantastic selection of kid-friendly VR games, like Candy Kingdom VR and Job Simulator VR.

Can a 7-year-old enjoy VR gaming?

Indeed, VR gaming is typically recommended for kids aged 7 and up.

Is VR safe for 8-year-olds?

Yes, VR is generally safe for 8-year-olds, although age recommendations may vary by game.

What advantages do VR games offer to kids?

VR gaming can help kids grasp complex concepts more engaging and immersively.

Which VR games are perfect for young players?

For youngsters, titles like Fruit Ninja VR and Oculus VR stand out as some of the top choices.

Are there VR games designed specifically for kids on Oculus?

Yes, Oculus offers a variety of kid-friendly VR games for young adventurers.

Don’t forget to check our best VR Games guide. Also, make sure you take a look at these great Retro VR games.

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