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Chilla’s Art to release new horror game The Karaoke on February 3

Chilla’s Art to release new horror game The Karaoke on February 3

Chilla’s Art, a talented indie game developer hailing from Japan, has just dropped some spine-tingling news. Their highly anticipated horror game, The Karaoke, is all set to hit Steam’s digital shelves on February 3rd.

Step into the eerie world of The Karaoke, a psychological horror game that unfolds within the walls of a 24-hour karaoke joint nestled in Japan. Our game’s leading character? A lone high school girl, mustering up the courage to enter the parlor and belt out some tunes. Now, I’m not holding all the story cards, but it’s a safe bet that she’s going to find herself tangled in some spine-chilling shenanigans within those karaoke parlor walls.

Peeking at the sneak-peek screenshots showcased on the Steam store page, we’re treated to a glimpse inside the dimly lit parlor, as well as the town’s night-time scenery with no soul in sight. It’s like a ghost town, if you ask me.

Oh, but hold on tight, because the trailer down below gives us even more thrills. We’re talking night rides on a bike through town, karaoke sessions that probably don’t end with applause, and hey, there’s even a rhythm mini-game thrown into the mix for some musical fun. Watch closely and you’ll spot Moeka, a character who seems to be in quite a pickle by the time the trailer wraps up. My guess? She’s got a hefty role to play in this suspenseful story.

Here’s the extra scoop – the game’s Steam page boasts about a nifty VHS graphical filter that dials up the immersion factor. You want it on? You got it. Fancy turning it off? Well, that’s just a click away. Oh, and to keep you on your toes, The Karaoke isn’t just one story, it’s got six different endings waiting to send shivers down your spine.

The Karaoke chilla's art game

Now, let’s give a nod to the creative minds behind Chilla’s Art. Imagine a dynamic duo of game-making brothers crafting horror wonders. They’re the ones responsible for spine-chilling titles like The Convenience Store, The Closing Shift, and Stigmatized Property. These games have been taking the streaming world by storm, and as a result, Chilla’s Art is on the up-and-up.

The Karaoke chilla's art game

If all this is enough to pique your curiosity and raise the hairs on your neck, you won’t have to wait much longer. You can dive into The Karaoke’s haunting universe right here on Steam. Get ready to hit those high notes – and maybe scream a little too.

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