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Danny Trejo advertises a Polish game. “Machete” praises Evil West

Danny Trejo advertises a Polish game. “Machete” praises Evil West

Flying Wild Hog’s new Evil West commercial not only reminds us of one of the most iconic stars of cinema but also drives a huge pin into today’s gaming industry. If you’re fed up with loot boxes, season passes, and login rewards, and you have fond memories of Danny Trejo’s roles, then this ad is sure to hit your spot.

Danny Trejo is an actor who is remembered primarily by the role of Machete in Robert Rodriguez’s series of films, but slightly older fans of the cinema certainly also associate him with the cult “Desperado,” where he played alongside, among others, Antonio Banderas, as well as the series of family films “Little Agents.”

Today, Danny Trejo is primarily an entrepreneur, but as you can see in the material below, he does not shy away from smaller roles, including advertising. Especially that the atmosphere of the Wild West and “let go of the reins” in the old-school climate of ruthless fun, filled with action, fit it perfectly.

Evil West is being developed by the Flying Wild Hog studio in Warsaw, which is known primarily from the refreshed Shadow Warrior series. Evil West is a third-person shooter whose gameplay style resembles arcade console productions from the times of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, of course, with the most modern mechanics and graphics.

In Evil West, we will not find any random boxes, daily quests, rewards, or season passes. This is a game from start to finish designed for uncompromising action and fun, where you should not count on luck or the wealth of the wallet.

Evil West launches on November 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

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