Fallout 76 with a great free expansion. Bethesda shows the Nuka-World theme park and a huge boss

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Bethesda is preparing us for one of the largest free updates in the history of Fallout 76. The company is showing us around the Nuka World amusement park.

The big Nuka-World On Tour update will be released in just a few days. Fallout 76 fans will be able to start playing in the new location on December 6, 2022. Bethesda is already showing us around the extensive, fresh site in video material.

Bethesda presented 3 fresh events that the developers have prepared for us. One of them is the Most Wanted challenge, set in the Wild West setting. The company presents these attractions in 1 minute of the recording. The ride in the “tunnel of love” promises to be interesting as well. We will find an NPC here who will assign us the task of fixing the scene where the robots will get married. It’s also worth taking a look at the 3 minute video, where Bethesda demonstrates the new boss of the region, the huge Titan, which will be the biggest enemy in the game,

The most important, fresh theme in this update is the eponymous theme park, which promoted Nuka-Cola drinks before the nuclear holocaust. More information about the Nuka-World expansion is waiting for you in this news.

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