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Best 33 Free Horror Games (2024)

Best 33 Free Horror Games (2024)

Gamers looking to get thoroughly scared won’t have to break the bank to do so, thanks to this assortment of the best free horror games.

Spooky vibes aren’t just for Halloween – they can be found year-round. While revisiting classics like Resident Evil is timeless, those seeking a fresh scare can uncover a plethora of brief, eerie adventures without spending a dime.

Innovation in horror isn’t exclusive to big studios; small teams with limited resources have crafted some of the most frightening games lately. These could be hidden treasures, internet sensations, or old favorites waiting to be rediscovered.

Indie horror is shaping the future of chilling video games as numerous creators share their twisted tales independently. This means there’s a wealth of free horror games available now that easily surpass the offerings of even the biggest gaming companies.

1. SCP – Containment Breach – The Best of All Free Horror Game

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Joonas Rikkonen

You’re familiar with those individual SCP files and well aware that encountering them face-to-face is a situation you’d rather avoid. However, during an outbreak in SCP – Containment Breach, you find yourself trapped deep within the SCP Foundation’s research facility.

At every turn, something is terrifying, something out to harm, mutilate, consume, or infect you. Can you navigate the facility and elude the once-contained, horrifying creatures?

SCP comes in two versions, with the latest one upgrading the visuals to show you in vivid detail what will bring peril your way. SCP-173, SCP-106, and SCP-096 are among the monsters formerly confined within the foundation’s facility. Survive their threats, and you just might emerge unscathed on the surface. This is definitely the best of the best horror games for free.

Find SCP on the official site

2. Slender: The Eight Pages

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Parsec Productions

Almost anyone intrigued by horror games, or those with a casual knowledge of online trends around 2012, is likely familiar with the internet sensation Slender: The Eight Pages. This game dominated the scene at the time, thrusting its main monster, Slenderman, into the limelight of pop culture for a brief moment.

Beyond the memes, streaming sessions, and less-than-successful Hollywood adaptations, there lies a skillfully crafted little horror game. Its premise is straightforward: players navigate eerie woods, seeking eight scattered notes before Slenderman catches them. Despite the simplicity, the game excels at instilling a feeling of being observed; there’s a perpetual sense that he lurks just out of sight.

Find Slender on IndieDB

3. Doki Doki Literature Club!

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Team Salvato

In the mysterious world of Doki Doki Literature Club, appearances can be deceiving. Persuaded by a friend to join, you attempt to forge connections with fellow members, only to sense that something is amiss. What begins as an innocent visual novel centered around the club takes a bizarre turn when the true nature of its members is revealed.

The unsettling elements in Doki Doki Literature Club range from subtle to downright eerie, causing the club and your relationships to unravel. As the game corrupts, the line blurs between the experience and your computer acting up, leaving you uncertain about what’s real.

This clever horror game, available for free, skillfully evokes discomfort and unease, perhaps even fostering a hint of distrust towards those closest to you.

Find Doki Doki on Steam

4. Lurking

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Justin Ng Guo Xiong

Crank up the volume, plug in those headphones, and brace yourself for a haunting adventure that’s bound to leave an impression. Lurking, a game driven by sound, plunges you into darkness, guiding your exploration through audio pulses. Each pulse you emit reveals the world in white outlines, offering just a fleeting glimpse of your surroundings.

Adding complexity are shadowy adversaries attuned to every sound you create. Navigating the abyss of an asylum teeming with escaped, lethal patients demands caution; any unnecessary noise could bring them closer. Surviving demands patience and a mindful approach, making only the essential sounds for progress.

Lurking also transforms sounds captured by your microphone, so it’s wise to play in a hushed environment to avoid alerting the lurking entities in the dark.

Find Lurking on Gamejolt

5. The Last Door

free horror games

Publisher: Phoenix Online Publishing

Developer: The Game Kitchen

Few games rely solely on visual appeal for their impact. The Last Door exemplifies this by offering a captivating journey through a chilling pixelated world, creating an immersive experience without the need for high-end graphics.

Embark on a quest in the midst of death’s presence, striving to thwart the emergence of an ancient evil. Navigate through a world filled with macabre horrors, solving puzzles, interacting with peculiar characters, and evading the encroaching darkness that engulfs Victorian England in this episodic horror mystery.

You might feel disappointed if you rush to Steam expecting The Last Door to be free. However, fear not, for I speak the truth. The initial season is available on various Flash-based platforms, such as Kongregate. While playing on your preferred device may be more convenient, the browser version remains a viable and enjoyable option, requiring little to fully appreciate the game.

Play The Last Door on Kongregate

6. No More Room in Hell

free horror games

Publisher: Lever Games

Developer: No More Room in Hell Team

In zombie tales, a few lines resonate as strongly as this one: “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” Uttered by Ken Foree in both renditions of Dawn of the Dead, it serves as a fitting moniker for the zombie adventure crafted by the No More Room in Hell Team.

Forged from the framework of Half-Life 2, No More Room in Hell thrusts players into a world overrun by the undead. Survival extends beyond mere evasion of the outstretched arms of the wandering corpses; it hinges on collaborative efforts in this zombified cooperative venture. Armed with an array of weapons, from chainsaws to more conventional choices, players battle through swarms of the undead.

Diverging from typical zombie game norms, a bite in No More Room in Hell spells certain doom. As the virus courses through your veins, you face a crucial decision: disclose your plight to teammates and embrace your fate, or conceal the truth, potentially becoming a future threat to them.

The beauty of No More Room in Hell lies in its gripping gameplay and its price tag – it’s entirely free to play. This makes it a must-experience for enthusiasts of zombies, teamwork, and the allure of cost-free entertainment.

Find No More Room In Hell on Steam

7. Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Lag Studios

Remember that moment in Dead Space 2 when a cartoon sun cutout gave Isaac a jump scare? Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion is much like that, but it spreads the fun across a short yet thrilling love letter to horror gaming. Picture this: a charming mansion with a thousand rooms filled with terror. Cute cardboard cutouts pop up unexpectedly, making even the bravest player feel a bit foolish for getting spooked.

But don’t be fooled; it’s not a game for scaredy-cats. This isn’t a stroll in the park. Spooky’s mansion is designed to trick players into a false sense of security. The heart-stopping jump scares might seem harmless, but they lead to a much more sinister climax. You won’t be left unsatisfied if you dare to explore all 1,000 rooms of terror. It’s an experience that promises thrills for those bold enough to face it.

Find Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion on Steam

8. Cry of Fear

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Team Psykskallar

Cry of Fear stands tall in the world of Half-Life mods, a classic horror experience on PC that every gamer should give a shot. Drawing inspiration from the Silent Hill series, it tells the tale of a protagonist unraveling, blurring the lines between reality and illusion, creating intense suspense.

Unlike some horror games, Cry of Fear significantly emphasizes combat. However, players shouldn’t be fooled into a false sense of safety just because they’re armed. The game introduces nightmarish enemies that make every encounter a truly terrifying experience, whether you’re well-equipped or not.

Find Cry of Fear on Steam

9. Ultimate Custom Night

free horror games

Developer & Publisher: Scott Cawthon

Tired of the same old routine in Five Nights at Freddy’s games? Ever wished you could control the animatronics running wild in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria? Look no further—Ultimate Custom Night hands you the reins in a horror mashup to rival Super Smash Bros, at least in the spooky world.

With over 50 animatronics from the series at your disposal, Ultimate Custom Night lets you be the mastermind. Customize and place them as you see fit, creating your very own nightmare realm. Set the difficulty, pick your opponents, and prepare to face all the challenges from the series, including juggling heaters, A/C, power generators, and laser traps.

True to its name, Ultimate Custom Night delivers the pinnacle Five Nights at Freddy’s experience, especially for those who’ve conquered the main games and hunger for a substantial challenge. It’s a frightening playground for horror fans.

Find Ultimate Custom Night on Steam

10. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: Blue Wizard Digital

Imagine Jason Voorhees in an unexpected setting—that’s what you get in this horror puzzle adventure. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle seamlessly integrates everyone’s favorite campground killer into a twisted, gory puzzler that echoes the macabre charm of the beloved film series.

Embark on a journey guiding Voorhees through over 100 puzzles, each a chapter in the serial killer’s dramatic saga. Play as different versions of the menacing figure in iconic locations such as the classic Camp Crystal Lake and the space-bound Grendel from Jason X. With a limited number of moves, you are responsible for maneuvering Voorhees toward his next unsuspecting victim.

This gruesome puzzler stays true to the essence of the horror franchise, offering unique kills that even Mrs. Voorhees would find commendable. It’s a chilling yet oddly satisfying homage to the popular Friday the 13th series.

Find Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle on Steam

 11. Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: MyMadnessWorks

Ivan Zanotti might not be a name you hear daily, but that’s changing. And it all began when he unveiled Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare to Steam users.

This pixelated realm is filled with unimaginable horrors lurking at every turn. But these aren’t your typical gruesome monsters or flesh-eating zombies. No, much like the mind-bending experience in Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Imscared messes with your head. What’s more terrifying than facing a colossal adversary? How about a BSoD that tricks you into thinking your computer has crashed?

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Imscared plays with the minds of its players. What truly stands out is that Ivan crafted this spine-chilling gem using only Game Maker 8, FL Studio, and MS Paint. It might not boast flashy graphics, but Imscared earns its place in your horror game collection as a delightful and unique experience.

Find Imscared on Gamejolt

12. At Home Alone Final

horror games free

Publisher: 0Cube

Developer: SkyLineGames

In this free horror game, you won’t be scheming to set up clever traps against wicked villains. Instead, you’ll revisit your childhood, recalling that initial instance when you were left home alone, haunted by the psychological terrors that unfolded.

Enter At Home Alone Final, where you step into the shoes of a young girl left to her own devices. What mischief will she find herself in while her mother is away at work? As the day unfolds, things take a bizarre turn, especially when peculiar individuals start showing up at your doorstep.

While it may not be the lengthiest interactive adventure you’ll encounter, it’s one that lingers in your thoughts as you untangle the mystery of what transpires when you’re At Home Alone.

Find At Home Alone on Steam

13. We Were Here

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: Total Mayhem Games

Alright, let me spill the beans – the initial episode of this icy adventure is on the house, and trust me, it’s a deeply satisfying journey that’ll leave you content.

Picture this: you find yourself stuck in a mysterious castle, the world beyond locked in an icy embrace. Armed with just a walkie-talkie and a guiding voice, you navigate through tricky puzzles, all while teaming up with another player – be it a familiar face or a total stranger – in this collaborative mystery.

If you’ve dabbled in Myst, you’ll catch the vibes of intricate puzzles that demand teamwork. Tackle the challenges; you might just break free from your atmospheric confinement. We Were Here won’t exactly send shivers down your spine, but the eerie visuals are bound to keep you on your toes.

Find We Were Here on Steam

14. Cube Escape: Paradox

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: Rusty Lake

In Cube Escape: Enigma, you step into the shoes of Detective Dale Vandermeer, who finds himself in a mysterious room with no memory of how he got there or any clear exit. The only way out is by navigating a perplexing game set up by his captor.

To break free and unravel Vandermeer’s story, players need to crack challenging puzzles in this connection to Paradox: A Rusty Lake Short Film. While the game is free, a premium package also unveils new endings to this gripping tale.

Find Cube Escape: Paradox on Steam

15. The Static Speaks My Name

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: The Whale Husband

The mere mention sends shivers, yet The Whispering Shadows of My Name is not merely a game crafted for fright but one that prompts reflection on life’s journey and decisions. This unhappy experience delves into the theme of mortality as you accompany a man through his final night. It’s unsettling, delving into uncomfortable themes, and you might find solace in an hour of cheerful music afterward.

The Whispering Shadows of My Name exudes an eerie aura as you uncover the identity of the character you control, gradually peeling away the layers of his distorted reality. In just ten minutes, the game burrows beneath your skin, achieving a depth that more overtly frightening games often miss.

Find The Static Speaks My Name on Steam

16. Wrong Floor

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: N4bA

Are you haunted by elevator phobia? Enter the realm of “Mistaken Level,” a game that thrusts you into the basement’s eerie depths. Within this shadowy expanse resides an unfriendly host determined to anchor you permanently in his abode.

“Mistaken Level” is swift and direct, offering no respite as it immerses players in the chilling unknown of the labyrinthine passages. This uncomplicated concept taps into the genuine dread of being trailed, observed, and chased.

If you relish navigating with just your flashlight in hand, “Mistaken Level” deserves a spot on your gaming playlist.

Find Wrong Floor on Itch

 17. The House in the Woods

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: Minigoliath

For those who adore Blair Witch, your quest for a similar thrill ends here. This game, evidently drawing inspiration from the iconic horror film, stands out as a vivid reinterpretation of its grainy, found-footage essence within the gaming realm. Staying true to its muse, the game thrusts players into the heart of chillingly dark, potentially haunted woods.

The game’s low-poly visual style works magic, crafting an atmosphere that mirrors the budget-friendly allure of Blair Witch. The noteworthy sound design adds another layer, enhancing the spine-chilling ambiance with precisely timed musical beats and otherworldly sounds.

Find The House in the Woods on Itch

18. Unfortunate Spacemen

horror games free

Developer & Publisher: Deep Field Games

What if John Carpenter’s The Thing found its way into the gaming universe and unfolded in the vastness of space? Welcome to Unfortunate Spacemen. In this whimsical online escapade, you can embrace one of two roles – either as a clueless spaceman about to face the unexpected or as the shape-shifting foe on a mission to obliterate the crew.

Unfortunately, Spacemen puts teamwork and friendships to the test, throwing players into the uncertainty of not knowing who among them is the hidden monster. Armed with cunning abilities like Burrow and Decoy, the creature can navigate the entire game undetected, especially if it skillfully turns its human counterparts against each other.

While the game delivers laughs, especially in the right company, there’s an underlying discomfort as you’re in the dark about who might morph into a monstrous form and devour your character. It’s a humorous yet tense experience for those seeking games akin to Among Us but with an added edge.

Find Unfortunate Spacemen on Steam

19. Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: Bit Golem

Labeling a creation with H.P. Lovecraft’s name ensures a game that draws players in. Slap on a “free” price tag, and you’ve just broadened your audience substantially. Take, for instance, Dagon—a visual novel and atmospheric adventure immersing players in Lovecraft’s peculiar imagination.

Dagon, a frightful sea monster from Lovecraftian tales, takes center stage in this brisk narrative experience. Delve into Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos through this unique storyline that faithfully captures the essence of Lovecraft’s classic cosmic horror. All the eerie sea creatures you’d anticipate from a Cthulhu tale lurk in this visually stunning world.

For a deeper dive into Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft, Bit Golem has transformed the visual journey into VR, enabling you to encounter the humanoid fish creature up close and personal.

Find Dagon on Steam

20. Port of Call

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: Underdog Games

Not every spooky game needs to bombard you with countless jump scares and terrifying creatures. Sometimes, it’s the gradual build-up, that creepy feeling that something is off, and the suspicion that those around you belong to a different era.

Port of Call kicks off with the classic amnesia storyline. Still, it takes a peculiar turn as the unidentified protagonist discovers themselves surrounded by peculiar individuals and an elderly man with a temper issue.

As you delve deeper into this story-focused journey, you unravel your own mysteries and learn a few unsettling things about the passengers sharing the mysterious ferry ride with you. Port of Call’s distinctive art style adds to its eerie allure, with each character uniquely contorted or deformed. It’s the kind of free horror game that lingers in your thoughts, making you recollect how uneasy it made you, even sometime later.

Find Port of Call on Steam

 21. Deceit

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: World Makers

The prospect of a multiplayer game set in The Thing universe may remain a distant dream, but some games cleverly embrace that sense of mistrust to spice things up. Enter Deceit, where the wariness of your teammates is the fundamental essence of this captivating free online multiplayer.

In the game, participants enter a match as either an Innocent desperately trying to survive in a world overrun by monsters or an Infected to wipe out humanity. The twist? No one knows the identity of the Infected, compelling players to be cautious about their companions. A misguided choice can mean doom for an Innocent while being too conspicuous might reveal the true threat.

Deceit introduces an entertaining concept that effectively stirs up discord and chaos in a horror game designed to challenge your instincts.

Find it on Steam

22. Dead Frontier II

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: Creaky Corpse Ltd

Dead Frontier 2 taps into the trend of post-apocalyptic survival games, immersing players in a dangerous world overrun by the infected undead. Survival becomes a constant challenge, with each bullet, resource, and moment playing a crucial role in the battle against the growing zombie threat in a world swallowed by darkness.

In this online realm where other players strive to endure—and where some may pose a greater danger than the zombies—Dead Frontier 2 stands out with its unexpectedly detailed world, especially considering it’s a free-to-play game. It’s a top-notch choice in the gaming market.

Find it on Steam

23. Projekt Kat

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: Leef6010

Launched on both and Steam, Projekt Kat: Paper Lily Prologue stands out from the usual horror game fare. It unfolds as a story-driven RPG adventure, where the challenge lies in solving puzzles to reach one of several possible endings. The central character, Kat, embarks on a journey prompted by a mysterious golden letter, a quest easier spoken of than accomplished.

As players guide Kat, intricate puzzles with multiple solutions and outcomes become the focal point. Whether forming bonds with others or choosing to go it alone, reaching the end won’t happen without a few spine-tingling moments.

While Projekt Kat may not be as intense as some horror games we typically showcase, its subdued nature is offset by unsettling imagery and a dose of chilling scenes, providing just the right amount of unease.

Find it on Steam

24. Fears to Fathom – Home Alone

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: Rayll

Ever experience that eerie sensation of not being alone when you’re supposed to have the house to yourself? Dive into the world of spine-chilling suspense with Fears to Embrace – Solo at Home, a brief yet gripping free horror game. In the inaugural episode, available exclusively as of October 2022, we meet 14-year-old Miles, hoping for a peaceful night of lasagna and tranquility. Little does he know, an uninvited guest is craving the same.

What commences as an uneventful evening transforms into a struggle for survival. Each decision you make inches Miles closer to freedom or perilously towards the clutches of his mysterious pursuer. The tension is palpable, leaving you double-checking every shadowy nook of your home once you complete Solo at Home.

Carson House is the next thrilling chapter in Fears to Embrace, promising to deliver the same heart-pounding excitement as its predecessor. Get ready for another round of pulse-quickening thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Find it on Steam

25. Poppy’s Playtime

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher: MOB Games

Prepare yourself for a surprise from Poppy, but be forewarned – it won’t be pleasant.

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure as MOB Games transports you to the eerie confines of an abandoned toy factory. This horror game unfolds in the heart of a dilapidated facility, haunted by the very creations it once housed. Blood-stained floors are a grim foreshadowing of the horrors awaiting you in this gripping two-part experience, offered entirely for free.

The game throws simple yet engaging puzzles your way, not to stump you but to intensify the scare factor. The first heart-stopping moment in the initial chapter has become a sensation overnight, sparking YouTube videos, Twitch highlights, and TikToks – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the spine-tingling surprises awaiting the bravest of souls.

Find it on Steam

26. *Ib*

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher:  Kouri

Ib emerges as a spiritual successor to the renowned Yume Nikki, a game that began a surge in RPG Maker horror creations within Japanese amateur game development circles. Yume Nikki’s distinctive surrealism and cryptic objectives served as a catalyst, inspiring numerous developers to craft similar experiences. Interestingly, some of these spin-offs delved deeper into explicit horror than their predecessors.

Ib is a prime example and ranks among the finest RPG Maker horror games. The narrative unfolds as the player, during a museum visit, suddenly gets transported to a distorted mirror version of their surroundings. Their mission? Navigate this nightmarish realm, solving puzzles and evading adversaries to secure their escape.

Find it on Steam

27. *September 1999*

horror games for free

Developer & Publisher:  98DEMAKE

Set in only two minimally furnished rooms, September 1999 keeps things as simple as a stroll in a walking simulator. Yet, drawing inspiration from the infamous Silent Hills PT demo, the game skillfully cranks up the suspense to an almost uneasy degree. Despite its brief duration, it leaves a lasting impression.

While numerous games akin to September 1999 populate platforms like Steam and indie-centric sites such as, this game stands out with its laser-like focus and an undeniably creepy vibe. It’s a must-not-miss experience for horror gaming enthusiasts.

Find it on Steam

28. *Perfect Vermin*

Perfect Vermin horror

Developer & Publisher:  ItsTheMaceo, ItsTheTalia

Unveiled in 2020, Perfect Vermin adopts a bit of a Doki Doki Literature Club strategy, keeping its real essence under wraps until the very end. Initially presenting itself as a diverting tale of wrecking office furniture, it eventually morphs into something distinctly eerie.

Despite being a quick twenty-minute endeavor, Perfect Vermin distinguishes itself with a unique style and approach that sets it apart. It conjures up a feeling of peculiar oddness rarely executed as effectively as it is in this game.

Find it on Steam

29. *We Went Back*

We Went Back horror

Developer & Publisher:  Dead Thread Games

Crafted by the independent team at Dead Thread Games, the 2020 release, We Went Back skillfully captures the suspense and fascination in titles like SOMA and Alien: Isolation, adding its unique time-travel twist. Unfolding on a haunted space station, the game challenges players to solve puzzles while navigating spine-chilling encounters.

Completing We Went Back takes just around an hour, but in the world of free horror games, it stands out as a top-notch experience. It delivers unexpected enjoyment without requiring a significant time investment.

Find it on Steam

30. *Poppy Playtime*

Poppy Playtime horror

Developer & Publisher: Mob Entertainment

When Poppy Playtime hit the scene in October 2021, it quickly became a viral sensation. Initially priced at a fiver, the first chapter of this episodic title is now available for free, though upcoming installments in the Poppy Playtime saga will carry a price tag.

Riding on the wave of the mascot horror trend popularized by unexpected successes like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime unfolds as a kind of adventure puzzler. Players embark on a quest to flee an abandoned toy factory, all the while being chased by the nightmarishly toothy titular antagonist.

Find it on Steam

31. *Ie No Majou*

Ie No Majou horror

Developer & Publisher: Fummy

Step into the eerie world of Ie no Majou, a captivating RPG Maker horror experience known as The Witch’s House. In this hidden gem of a horror game, players find themselves entangled in a chilling haunted mansion, unraveling environmental puzzles to secure their escape. The thrill of exploring the mysteries within the mansion while dodging danger makes for a chillingly delightful experience, accentuated by various horror-themed puzzles.

Beyond its unassuming appearance and straightforward premise lies a surprisingly intricate backstory that weaves into the fabric of the game’s numerous endings. Brace yourself for impactful emotional moments and spine-tingling scares, making it essential to approach Ie no Majou with minimal spoilers for the optimal experience. Dive into the game’s haunting narrative and discover the hidden depths beneath its seemingly simple exterior.

Find it on Steam

32. *No Players Online*

No Players Online horror

Developers: Adam Pype, Ward D’Heer and Viktor Kraus

If you’ve ever wandered through the desolate remains of a once-thriving MMO or ventured into a deserted Gmod server, you know the strange feeling of being in a virtual world that should be alive but is eerily empty. The questions linger: What tales unfolded here before? Where did everyone vanish? Is there something lurking in the shadows?

No Players Online captures this unsettling atmosphere in a concise horror game. A sense of unease sets in as the player logs into an abandoned capture-the-flag server within a shooter that has long lost its player base. Exploring the barren map reveals that there’s more than just emptiness lurking online.

Find it on Softonic

33. *P.T.*

P.T. horror

Developer: Kojima Productions

Publisher: Konami

One of the most legendary video game demos ever, PT initially appeared as an exciting horror venture by the emerging 7780s Studios. However, a community-driven Easter egg hunt uncovered its true identity – a sneak peek into Konami’s canceled Silent Hills project. Sadly, the game got scrapped, and the demo vanished from the PlayStation store.

Even though it’s no longer accessible, PT deserves recognition as an intense and chilling horror encounter in the extensive history of the Silent Hill series. While whispers of a Silent Hill revival persist, it’s challenging to envision newer titles reaching the heights that Silent Hills could have attained. The memory of PT lingers as a testament to what could have been in the haunting realm of Silent Hill.

Find it on Softonic

34. *Dark Deception*

Dark Deception horror

Developer & Publisher: Glowstick Entertainment

From the eerie maze in The Shining to the unsettling depths of Dark Deception, mazes have always carried a spine-chilling aura. Dark Deception seizes upon this eerie essence, immersing players in a gloomy labyrinth they must navigate while relentlessly pursuing a relentless and bloodthirsty foe destined to linger in their nightmares.

Amplifying the horror, Dark Deception eliminates any hope of evading the labyrinth’s resident creature once it sniffs you out—no hiding, just running. Survival hinges on completing the maze before the relentless pursuit catches up, adding a pulse-pounding urgency to the unsettling journey.

Find it on Steam

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