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11 Best Free Multiplayer Horror Games on Steam

11 Best Free Multiplayer Horror Games on Steam

Many gamers love horror games, and lately, multiplayer horror games are gaining more popularity. Steam has many free multiplayer horror games for those who enjoy the scare with friends. This article explores 11 top-notch free multiplayer horror games on Steam, showcasing their distinctive gameplay and how they match your taste. Get ready for a spooky adventure with the best free multiplayer horror games on Steam—don’t miss the chilling excitement!

Free Multiplayer Horror Games on Steam

11. **Video Horror Society**

free multiplayer horror games

Video Horror Society presents a 4v1 game where players decide to be a small-town teen battling monsters or one of the deadly monsters from a 1980s video store. Monsters aim to terrorize teens, who fight back with ancient Stigma-powered weapons. The game unfolds in neon-filled labyrinths, featuring intense combat and unpredictable power shifts between good and evil. Players can choose to be a swift Werewolf or a conniving Doll Master as monsters, while teens wield weapons like Flame and Fury, Raygun, Cursed Swords, Holy Slingshot, and Cross. With a nod to 1980s horror, the game immerses fans in a thrilling experience as monsters follow a script of death and domination.

10. **Deceit**

free multiplayer horror games

Deceit is a multiplayer first-person shooter that blends survival, deception, and horror. Players fall into two groups: Innocents and Deceivers. Innocents aim to collaborate, escape an isolated facility, and uncover the hidden Deceivers. Meanwhile, Deceivers must gain the trust of Innocents, all while secretly eliminating them one by one. Set in a dark, eerie environment, the game intensifies the feeling of tension and danger. Innocents scavenge for resources and weapons to aid their escape, while Deceivers utilize unique abilities to sow chaos among the group. Deceit emphasizes deception and survival and offers a distinctive and thrilling gameplay experience for those who relish strategy and horror.

9. **Zombie Panic! Source**

free multiplayer horror games

Zombie Panic! Source presents an exciting cooperative first-person shooter plunging players into the disordered realm of a zombie outbreak. Survivors must collaborate to repel waves of the undead, armed with various firearms, explosives, and melee weapons. Alternatively, players can embrace their inner zombie, unleashing fury and a craving for flesh on unsuspecting survivors. The game delivers a distinctive experience from both angles, featuring enhanced zombie night vision and the carrier zombie’s ability to infect survivors, adding strategic depth to the gameplay. With its high-speed action and gripping gameplay, Zombie Panic! Source is a must-try for any zombie genre enthusiast.

8. **Dead Frontier 2**

free multiplayer horror games

Dead Frontier 2 immerses players in an online survival horror experience set in a world overtaken by infected creatures. As a survivor, your task is to search for supplies, trade with fellow players, and hone your skills for survival. Stay alert, as infected threats may be lurking nearby.

The game boasts an ever-changing environment, featuring abandoned structures holding valuable resources and rare gear. Whether you collaborate with others or go solo, engaging in intense PvP battles on the streets is an option. Dead Frontier 2 offers a realistic player-driven economy, a wide array of skills, cosmetic items, and classic survival horror gameplay, making it a must-try for genre enthusiasts.

7. **Last Year**

multiplayer horror games free on Steam

Last Year is a distinctive multiplayer game blending classic horror elements with cutting-edge gaming technology. In this game, players join forces with four classmates to fend off a sixth player controlling a nightmarish fiend. The setting unfolds in a twisted version of their hometown, requiring collaboration to overcome the fiends and make an escape.

The game’s foundation echoes classic horror narratives, where a group confronts their deepest fears and collaborates for survival. Developers have added their unique touch, crafting a chilling and thrilling game to engage with. Boasting innovative gameplay and an immersive atmosphere, Last Year is essential for horror game enthusiasts.

6. **Cry of Fear**

multiplayer horror games free on Steam

Cry of Fear delivers an intense solo and cooperative psychological horror escapade set in a forsaken town teeming with frightening creatures and nightmarish illusions. Players, embodying a young man seeking answers in the dark Scandinavian night, embark on a cinematic and immersive journey through the grim streets of Fäversholm and beyond. With a focus on critical thinking and puzzle-solving, players must employ their intellect to navigate the game’s distorted world.

Originally a mod for Half-Life 1, Cry of Fear has grown into a standalone game, earning multiple accolades in the modding realm. Offered as a free game, it provides a unique and unforgettable horror encounter for players daring enough to brave its terrifying world. The game’s atmosphere and gameplay mechanics instill a palpable sense of fear and tension, ensuring players remain on the edge of their seats. For fans of horror games seeking a challenging and immersive ordeal, Cry of Fear is a must-try.

5. **Tales of Escape**

multiplayer horror games free on Steam

Tales of Escape is an exhilarating multiplayer escape room adventure on Steam. With six diverse story options, players can immerse themselves in unique experiences. The main goal is to solve puzzles and uncover clues to escape each room within a set timeframe.

An especially gripping storyline in Tales of Escape unfolds in the abandoned black rock mine in Yukon, which closed down in 1964 after a landslide trapped both people and gold. The game’s immersive quality creates a genuine feeling of being trapped in the room. Boasting captivating narratives, challenging puzzles, and the option to play with friends, Tales of Escape secures its position as one of the top free multiplayer horror games on Steam


multiplayer horror games free on Steam

STALCRAFT is an exceptional MMOFPS game featuring Survival Horror elements, offering an energetic shooter experience. The expansive game world unfolds within the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, presenting players with various PvP and PvE activities such as artifact searches, mutant-hunting, quests, and laboratory exploration. The main storyline captivates players with fully voiced dialogues and cut scenes, complementing numerous enjoyable side quests.

STALCRAFT’s notable feature is its fast-paced, reaction-based, and skill-driven shooter style, a departure from typical open-world MMOs. The game’s weapon balance mirrors session shooters like Call of Duty, adding a unique and thrilling dimension for MMOFPS and Survival Horror fans. In essence, STALCRAFT is an outstanding game, promising endless hours of enjoyable gameplay for players.


multiplayer horror games free on Steam

PROJECT: PLAYTIME is a multiplayer horror game set in a deserted toy factory. Players dive into a distinctive gameplay scenario, assuming the roles of either children or toys, each with distinct objectives. The game delivers an intense and eerie gaming experience, challenging players to outsmart their opponents using wit and skill. Its spooky ambiance and special gameplay mechanics make it an ideal pick for those seeking the excitement of a horror game alongside friends.

2. **Hide and Shriek**

horror Hide and Shriek

Hide and Shriek stands out as a free multiplayer horror game tailored for those seeking the excitement of horror gaming with friends. The eerie setting is a vacant school, introducing a distinctive gameplay where players must hide from opponents while trying to spook them with spells. Navigating the school, players seek out and gather magical orbs, all while dodging traps and obstacles set by opponents. The game promises a tense and spooky gameplay encounter, ensuring players stay on the edge of their seats.

1. **SCP: Secret Laboratory**

SCP: Secret Laboratory horror

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free multiplayer horror game set in the SCP Foundation universe. Players immerse themselves in distinctive gameplay, adopting the roles of Class-D personnel or SCP Foundation members. Navigating a research facility, they must evade hazardous SCPs with diverse abilities and traits, creating unpredictable and thrilling gameplay. The game’s intense and eerie experience caters to those seeking the thrill of horror games alongside friends.

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