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Google Arts & Culture brings back the Blobs: Beethoven Beats

Google Arts & Culture brings back the Blobs: Beethoven Beats

Do you recall Google’s Blob Opera Game? If not, brace yourself for a delightful surprise. Way back in 2020, these festive Blobs graced the stage just in time for the Christmas holiday. The amorphous quartet represents a playful experiment featured in Google Arts & Culture, granting users the ability to manipulate the Blobs to produce diverse operatic pitches. For those less musically inclined, a selection of traditional holiday tunes is available, and the Blobs will serenade you right from your browser. Moreover, you can customize the Blob Opera’s setting with various stages, including New York, Cape Town, Paris, and more, each offering a handful of local music selections.

The Blobs exude an undeniable cuteness, providing hours of entertainment for the little ones. Simply hand them some headphones, and they’ll be thoroughly captivated. Beyond the fun and frivolity, an aspiring artist can harness the Blob Opera’s potential to create remarkably cool compositions with this quartet. In fact, numerous YouTube videos showcase musical geniuses crafting impressive content using the Blob Opera. My personal favorite is the enthralling rendition of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” by the talented YouTuber @giri.

Oh, I can’t believe it! It’s absolutely astonishing. Over the last few years, the Blob Opera has been captivating audiences worldwide, and it even took center stage at the prestigious 2021 Google I/O developer conference. And now, the excitement continues as the Blobs return with a fresh and thrilling arcade-style game called Blob Beats. As if that wasn’t enough, Google Arts and Culture has also joined in on the action, introducing a second rhythm game named Beethoven Beats in collaboration with the renowned classical music label Deutsche Grammophon. The entertainment just keeps getting better!

Blob Beats

Once again, the Blobs have returned, this time with an exciting Guitar Hero-style arcade game. Within this captivating Google Arts & Culture machine learning experiment, you can put your skills to the test by keeping up with the rhythm of five different classical opera songs. Throughout your musical journey, fascinating facts about the compositions and their brilliant composers will be presented to you.

blob opera google

To succeed, you must time the Blobs perfectly, utilizing the S, D, F, and G keys on your keyboard to aim for those high scores. Personally, I’d recommend starting with the easy level, even though I’m a drummer myself, as these types of games aren’t my strong suit.

blob opera google

Beethoven Beats

This year, Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with the classical music label Deutsche Grammophon to introduce Beethoven Beats, a truly fascinating experiment. All you need to do is launch the web page, and with a simple tap of a button, you create a 4-second-long beat. The game then matches your rhythm with a composition from the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven. Once connected, you’ll be serenaded with an excerpt from that very piece. For a deeper dive into the world of Beethoven, click on the “explore” option, and you’ll be treated to the full version of his arrangement.

blob opera google

Blob Beats and Beethoven Beats exemplify the latest advancements on the web, adding to the ever-growing library of web-based games and experiments featured on Google Arts & Culture. While some of these games might appear lighthearted, they serve as a testament to the capabilities of the web-based world we inhabit, offering both an educational and entertaining perspective on the world around us. These additions truly are remarkable and can be accessed, along with all the other Google Arts & Culture games and web experiments, at the link provided below.

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