Krafton suffered a big drop in stock price after The Callisto Protocol was launched. Investors hoped for better ratings

Krafton suffered a big drop in stock price after The Callisto Protocol was launched. Investors hoped for better ratings

The Callisto Protocol is struggling with problems on personal computers, due to which the average rating of the game does not look very impressive. The situation was noticed by investors – those interested reportedly hoped that IP would be the new pillar of the publisher.

The Callisto Protocol has made its debut on the market, but not all players can enjoy breaking through the prison after another. The production works well on consoles, but faces problems on PC, which certainly affected the overall average rating of the title. 

The situation has been noticed by developers who are working on further updates, but also by investors – Dr. Serkan Toto from Kantan Games Inc. mentioned a significant decline in the share price. 

“The shares of Krafton, the company behind Striking Distance studio’s The Callisto Protocol, closed today in Seoul at -8.41%.”

TCP’s Metacritic score is in the middle of 70 [points], apparently too low for Krafton’s investors who were hoping IP could become PUBG’s new mainstay.”

Krafton constantly relies on the strength of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brand, but in the case of The Callisto Protocol, some people apparently expected a big hit. The game provides a good experience, but the diverse opinions and very negative comments from Steam players made the publisher have a very difficult day today. 

The Callisto Protocol studio has announced plans for the development of the horror game.

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