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Netflix is ​​working on a high-budget PC game

Netflix is ​​working on a high-budget PC game

It seems that Netflix wants to get more involved in the video game market. The company has posted job advertisements online, according to which people are looking for people to work on a completely new game from the “AAA” shelf, i.e., with a very high budget.

One of the hegemons of the streaming market – Netflix – looks more and more kindly towards the video game segment, looking for opportunities to increase reach and profits there. For the time being, several mobile games have been made available to players as part of the Netflix Games service, but this should change soon.

Netflix has posted a number of job advertisements on the web, which suggest that the company is working on a very large project in the PC gaming segment. According to the information in the description of these positions, it is a game from the “AAA” segment. Therefore, it requires a big budget.

The title is to be created based on the Unreal Engine, and we will probably be dealing with a production based on one of the popular movies or series produced by Netflix.

Of course, at the moment, it is not known when the new game created by Netflix Studio Games will be officially announced and presented to the wider public. It seems, however, that this is a very distant prospect – it is worth saying that the development team was formed only two months ago.

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