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A remake of God of War 2 on Unreal Engine 5 could interest Sony

A remake of God of War 2 on Unreal Engine 5 could interest Sony

A fan vision of refreshing the original installments of the God of War series with the use of Unreal Engine 5 has appeared on the web. And although the material focuses mainly on the appearance of the location and we will not see bloody animations in it, it reminds fans of the first trilogy of Kratos’ adventures that Sony and Santa Monica. The studio has great material for remakes that players really want.

Maybe we don’t have refreshed versions of God of War, but we can already play the much fresher The Last of Us in three versions. No wonder some fans decide to take matters into their own hands and use Unreal Engine 5 to build characters and locations from their favorite games from the past.

In this case, it was God of War 2, which resulted in the teaser below, which presents Kratos and several locations we can remember from the classic Santa Monica game. See for yourself:

The material is the responsibility of a well-known creator called TeaserPlay, who produces similar materials from various games. His works allow us to see “what if…”. His portfolio also includes visions of, e.g., games with John Wick, as well as … Assassin’s Creed in the realities of World War II.

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