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Rez Infinite Best VR Game: Our Review

Rez Infinite Best VR Game: Our Review

Rez Infinite, despite being a game from over a decade ago tweaked to run on PlayStation VR, feels like it was destined for virtual reality. Its pulsating geometric landscapes and electric beats already gave the sense of surrounding immersion, and now, in VR, it has truly become the absorbing experience it aimed to be.

Whether you’re in the VR realm or sticking to the traditional way, Rez’s hypnotic rhythm-based rail shooting is visually stunning. Surprisingly, beneath its straightforward gameplay lies depth. Merely surviving demands mastering enemy vulnerabilities for swift takedowns and, above all, tactically selecting targets to prevent impending chaos.

An interesting twist occurs when you play for high scores. Instead of immediate eliminations, you seek chances to delay, aiming to bring down foes en masse. In this mode, Rez unveils a subtle science behind its ostensibly simple enemy formations. Boss battles epitomize this concept, urging you to systematically disassemble them, squeezing every combo opportunity before their demise.

Rez Infinite Best VR Games

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In the realm of VR, the use of head tracking for aiming feels incredibly intuitive, surpassing conventional controls in both speed and precision. The default VR setup simplifies movements for newcomers to VR, but switching to dynamic mode makes head tracking feel as superior to a gamepad as a mouse and keyboard.

Among the game’s content, Area X stands out as entirely new in Rez Infinite, whereas the other modes and unlocks originate from the HD re-release eight years back. It offers a distinct experience, allowing free flight within a 3D space. In VR, this becomes an awe-inspiring sensation, akin to soaring through a mesmerizing fireworks display. With quality headphones, the rich soundtrack blends seamlessly with the continuous onslaught of dazzling visuals, enchanting players even after numerous playthroughs.

Rez Infinite Best VR Games


  • Stunning presentation and graphics that catch the eye, making it one of the best VR games.
  • A truly timeless and classic soundtrack that resonates
  • Easy-to-grasp, straightforward gameplay that’s accessible to all
  • The captivating Area X experience


  • Some might find the playtime a bit on the shorter side
  • Yearning for more VR-exclusive content, leaving us wanting more!

Verdict: Score of 8.5

Even without a PSVR, Rez Infinite stands as the ultimate edition of a cherished cult classic, boasting gameplay with surprising depth beneath its surface simplicity. However, for those fortunate enough to own one, it offers a remarkable peek into the immersive world of virtual reality, showcasing its transformative potential.

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