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26 Best Roblox VR Games You Should’t Miss

26 Best Roblox VR Games You Should’t Miss

Once even more beloved than Minecraft at one point, Roblox has become a constant favorite among younger gamers. Now, let’s explore the top VR games that Roblox users can enjoy.

In the world of Roblox, players create a plethora of fun minigames and modes, all designed by and for them. Among the finest games, some cater to both flatscreen and VR gamers. With such a vast selection, deciding on a game to suit your tastes can be challenging. Fortunately, the community has made its voice heard and rated a few games above the rest.

These games have amassed thousands of plays, earning their stripes through rigorous testing by countless players. This ensures they offer hours of pure joy for anyone who dives in. Don’t miss out on the chance to share these virtual reality adventures with your friends!

What Roblox Games Has VR?

Virtual Reality is a relatively new frontier in the world of Roblox, and only a handful of games have embraced it. Among the Roblox titles that have taken the VR plunge, you’ll find gems like Vibe VR, Koala Cafe, Noodle VR, and Escape Room (VR), just to name a few.

Discovering the finest Roblox VR games, designed exclusively for the immersive experience, can be a daunting quest. But fret not, for we’ve compiled a curated list of the very best VR adventures Roblox has to offer just for you.

Is it Possible to Play All Roblox Games In VR?

You can experience all the fun of Roblox games in virtual Reality when you play on either the Oculus Quest 2 or the HTC Vive. But there’s more to playing Roblox on the Oculus Quest 2 than just picking it up at the store.

Roblox isn’t set up to run directly on standalone VR hardware. To enjoy Roblox games on the Oculus Quest 2, you’ll need to connect it to a Windows PC.

The Oculus Quest 2 is the successor to the original Oculus Quest. It’s a wireless VR headset powered by a battery, allowing you to move around your digital and physical surroundings without worrying about tangled wires.

Now, if you’re considering the HTC Vive, it’s quite similar to the Oculus Quest 2. However, it boasts a faster refresh rate and a higher resolution compared to the Oculus Quest 2.

Best 26 Roblox VR Games

1. *Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay: From Scratch*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good old zombie showdown? That’s what this game is all about! Players gear up, grab their weapons, and venture into a world full of zombies.

What’s cool is that if your teammates get nibbled by zombies, you can bring them back to life. Plus, as you play, you can unlock fresh areas and move on to higher levels. There’s always some thrilling new challenge waiting for those battling the undead.

2. *Cleaning Simulator* – One of the Best Roblox VR Games

Best Roblox VR Games

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Imagine this: you’re the custodian in charge of keeping the Bribbleco building spick and span. Your mission? To scrub every nook and cranny. To begin, you pick your character, and there are even more to unlock as you accomplish game missions.

Like in many other games, Cleaning Simulator shines when your buddies jump in. Team up and tackle the task together, making the building shine brighter than ever before.


Best Roblox VR Games

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Unleash your artistic side in this drawing game, where your imagination knows no bounds. As you draw, you can groove to some tunes, adding an extra dose of fun. You get to place colorful balls to craft your pictures, and what’s cool is that your creations can even pop out in 3D, taking your designs to a whole new level of creativity.

But here’s the catch: be sure not to make anything inappropriate. Roblox is enjoyed by lots of young kids, so let’s keep the experience wholesome for everyone.

4. *Sound Space*

Best Roblox VR Games

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If you were a fan of Guitar Hero in the good ol’ days, then Sound Space is your jam now. Your mission? Nail those notes as they zoom across your screen by keeping your cursor dead center. Combos, a progress bar, and even a “miss” count are all part of the user interface.

Now, don’t be surprised if it gets a tad tricky and maybe even a bit frustrating at first. But with a little practice, you’ll soon be a pro. And the reward? You get to groove to some awesome beats while diving into the world of VR. Rock on!

5. *Koala Cafe*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Here’s another restaurant-themed game that’s been a hit with over 18.5 million visits. It’s all about simulating the restaurant experience. Your job? Serve up some tasty dishes, and the cool thing is, up to 50 players can hop in at once, playing as both hungry customers and hardworking employees.

Here’s the fun part: you’ve got your own chat! You can chat away with fellow players and choose to be the superstar of your workplace or maybe even the most mischievous coworker they’ve ever encountered. It’s your restaurant adventure!

6. *Laser Tag VR*

Best Roblox VR Games

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This game takes you on a nostalgia trip with its interactive laser tag action.

As you dive in, you’ll find yourself in a dark room lit up with neon lights, battling it out in teams against fellow players.

The rules here mirror the live laser tag version, but for the ultimate gaming thrill, don a VR headset and get ready to immerse yourself in the action.

7. *Ragdoll Simulator*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Ragdoll Sim is a blast, no matter how you play it, but let me tell you, VR takes the fun to a whole new level.

Imagine stepping into an open world where everyone moves like a floppy ragdoll, and there are a bunch of cool obstacles to goof around with.

In VR, you get to use your own virtual hands to toss players all over the map, and if you’re willing to spend a few Robux, you can unlock some awesome special moves. One of the sweetest deals at 25 Robux is the force push – because who can resist giving their friends a friendly shove in a virtual world?

8. *Self-Driving Sim*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Not everyone has the means to buy a self-driving car because it’s costly and not always accessible everywhere.

The good news is this game lets you experience the thrill of being in a self-driving car while hanging out with your pals.

You get to steer your character’s head, swaying side to side, as you kick back and savor the game.

The self-driving simulator serves as a virtual hangout for folks looking to connect with friends they already know or meet new ones.

Just like the name suggests, it’s all about self-driving in this simulator. Nobody’s in charge of the wheel; everyone simply enjoys the ride and mingles with each other.

9. *Cook Burgers*

Best Roblox VR Games

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This game is as simple as its name implies. You’re in charge of running a burger restaurant. Just like Overcooked and similar games, it brings the real-world pressure of managing a restaurant to life. But unlike those games, you won’t deal with earthquakes or cars splitting apart; the worst thing you’ll face is a slender challenge.

In this game, you’ll need to whip up orders, stock up on supplies, and even chase down pesky kitchen rats. It’s a fun and fast-paced experience that leaves plenty of space for laughter as you strive to satisfy your customers.

10. *Road To Gramby’s*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Imagine this as a simulator that embarks you on an epic journey to Gramby’s House, filled with all sorts of challenges. There are various segments, characters, and diverse environments to explore, plus a cool engineering feature that lets you invent awesome gadgets.

You’ll go on a virtual reality quest of a lifetime, replaying it over and over in your quest to reach your destination. Unleash your inner inventor and let your imagination soar in the world of VR.

11. *Edgeworks*

Best Roblox VR Games

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EdgeWorks caters exclusively to VR enthusiasts, offering a blend of brain-teasing physics puzzles, a dash of parkour, and climbing challenges. The catch, however, is that it does come with a price tag of 450 Robux, which translates to roughly $6.00.

This is more than just a game; it’s a narrative-driven experience that demands strategic thinking and equips you with an array of weapons to conquer your adversaries.

12. *Noodle VR*

Best Roblox VR Games

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You’ve got a choice here: you can be a VR enthusiast or stick to the classic Roblox style, but it’s clear that VR holds all the cards. VR players sport flexible, noodle-like arms and can wield knives or even toss the regular Roblox players into jail; it’s quite combat-oriented.

The game keeps on expanding with fresh places to discover, designed to encourage players from all platforms to engage with one another. It’s a world where everyone can connect, no matter their platform.

13. *VR Hands*

Best Roblox VR Games

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VR Hands truly shines on the Oculus Rift, and players adore it for the incredible detail in the hand movements, especially the fingers. You have the power to wield a ping pong paddle and send non-VR players tumbling off the map’s edge, or you can be a helpful hand and assist them in conquering the obstacle course.

For some, it’s all about mingling with VR players engaging in a range of games, all brought to life by their computer-generated hands.

14. *VR Islands*

Best Roblox VR Games

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VR Islands offers a world of endless possibilities, allowing you to explore various activities with fellow players. You can have fun with pool balls, engage in paintball battles, or even try some unconventional cooking experiments with non-VR players on the stove.

The beauty of VR Islands is that it becomes whatever you want it to be as you immerse yourself in this virtual reality experience. And it becomes even more enjoyable when you have a few friends to join you on this exciting journey.

15. *Sked’s Playground*

Best Roblox VR Games

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In VR, players have a crucial role in assisting their fellow gamers to overcome obstacles. This game strongly promotes teamwork since all players need to collaborate to reach the finish line.

Yet, there’s a mischievous side, too, where you can opt to playfully toss your friends around the virtual playground without lending a helping hand. This game offers an exciting blend of VR and traditional play, providing endless enjoyable opportunities.

16. *Vibe VR Remastered*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Vibe VR Remastered, formerly known as Vibe VR, is a delightful game that offers a wide range of activities to enjoy with your headset. You can immerse yourself in table tennis matches, engage in friendly wrestling bouts with other players, or test your aim with a full-fledged dartboard.

This game has seen its fair share of updates and improvements, all aimed at making it even more enjoyable than its initial version. While it might not be the most popular game in the Roblox universe, you can usually find around 30 to 40 players online, ready to have some fun together. Perhaps you should try the piano and serenade everyone with your tunes?

17. *SVR – Simulated Virtual Reality*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Number 17 on our lineup of top Roblox VR Games is the captivating Simulated Virtual Reality.

Here’s the kicker: you don’t need a VR headset to dive into this game’s immersive world. It grants you the taste of playing in VR, even without the headgear.

In Simulated Virtual Reality, you can tackle goofy tasks, pick up objects, and have a blast tossing them around. While it’s true that the full headset experience can’t be replicated, this game still provides heaps of enjoyment that can be savored by all.

18. *VR World Beta*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Cooking, constructing, and just having a blast in VR – VR World is like a lively playground where you can try your hand at all sorts of exciting adventures. It’s a real gem among VR Roblox games, second perhaps only to VR Hands.

As a bonus, this game is still in its Beta phase, which means it’s continually getting spruced up with fresh activities and innovative ways to play.

19. *Opposer VR*

Best Roblox VR Games

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Opposer VR is currently in its Beta stage, and it’s tailored for an immersive VR experience. It’s a whirlwind of action, featuring a diverse arsenal of weapons and creative map designs, but keep in mind that it’s constantly evolving.

If you’re fortunate, you might snag the elusive Nuclear Pistol or engage in some crate-smashing melee with rival players. Although it’s labeled as a combat game, there are many exciting ways to engage beyond just relying on firearms.

20. *Clashers VR*

Clashers VR

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Clashers VR is a wholehearted VR experience within the Roblox realm, requiring a VR headset for entry. The game plays nicely with Oculus Rift and Quest2 (using the link cable) and HTC Vive and Valve Index on Windows PCs. Any of these setups will do the trick, so slip on your headset and let the sword-swinging begin.

In Clashers VR, you’ll discover a variety of game modes, all throwing you into battles against what it amusingly calls “floppy enemies.” The best part? You can team up with three friends for some cooperative fun in this VR adventure. So, rally your buddies and embark on this thrilling journey together.

21. *Project SCP*

Project SCP VR

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You have two ways to enjoy Project SCP: with or without VR. However, the real thrill comes when you’re right in the action, handling the guns and attempting to escape the facility.

This game is a first-person shooter, but it’s not overly competitive. Instead of battling other players, you’ll be taking on AI enemies. There are various classes to pick from to help you escape, along with various weapons at your disposal.

22. *VR Escape Room*

VR Escape Room

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VR Escape Room is a heart-pounding adventure where you race against the clock to unlock and escape from tricky rooms by solving puzzles. To avoid being trapped, you need to pick up the pace.

This game is incredibly exciting and can leave players on edge. However, the fun multiplies when you team up with your friends to tackle the challenges together.

23. *Work at a Pizza Place*

Pizza VR

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Experience the joy of making pizza in a stress-free virtual world. This game lets you step into the shoes of a chef as you complete various tasks.

Pizza Adventure immerses you in the art of crafting delicious local pizzas. Despite its slightly intense in-game description, the game is easy to navigate and provides plenty of enjoyment.

24. *Crazy Stairs + VR*

Crazy Stairs + VR

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Embark on a wild adventure up a vanishing staircase to claim thrilling rewards based on how high you can ascend.

These stairs not only disappear but also spin, shift, and sometimes vanish completely. True to its name, it’s an absolutely wild experience!

25. *VR Sandbox*

VR Sandbox

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VR Sandbox welcomes both VR enthusiasts and those without VR gear. When you’re in VR mode, you get to be a virtual god, floating around with a giant head and superpowers to become a living platform.

Here’s the cool part: both VR and non-VR folks can team up to have a blast in this game. Plus, non-VR players can surprise everyone with their parkour skills, reaching heights that will amaze you.

26. *Paranormica Roblox VR Game*

Paranormal VR

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If you’re in the mood for a spine-tingling VR adventure, Paranormal VR could be just the ticket.

As you explore your cozy suburban home’s virtual nooks and crannies, you’ll want to brace yourself for surprises – anything might happen!

Keep in mind, though, that this game gives a heads-up to folks prone to motion sickness or easily spooked by horror games.

For the ultimate experience, pop on some headphones and crank up those graphics to the max. You can dive into this eerie world on your smartphone, PC, or gaming console.

So, What Roblox VR Games Should You Play?

Every Roblox VR game we’ve covered here is worth a peek.

VR games offer loads of fun, and you’re likely to have a blast with each of them, each in its own unique way.

Roblox boasts a massive user community, and there’s tons of potential to make VR gaming on the platform even better.

Did we overlook any games on our list? Feel free to drop a comment and give us the scoop!


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