Sony improves the performance of PS Plus Premium classics. The Japanese allow you to turn on the 60hz mode

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After the launch of the new PlayStation Plus, many players complained about the decision regarding the operation of the games. Sony didn’t allow mode selection at first, so European customers couldn’t play at 60hz. After a series of critical comments, the company prepared an option, but the games also needed a proper update.

After the next weeks, Sony decided to update Ape Escape and Siphon Filter today – players from the Old Continent can now easily jump from 50hz to 60hz.

Customers from, among others, the United States could turn on titles in 60hz from the beginning, but the corporation had to prepare an appropriate update for the PAL version. The company was clearly not ready for such a situation, so each of the subsequent decisions took some time.

Fortunately, the company listened to the players’ feedback, because the PAL versions run about 20% slower than the NTSC versions, which obviously affects the experience.

Now all that remains is to wait for the corporation to prepare more games from previous PlayStation consoles. Another part of the Star Wars series has appeared on PlayStation Store, but we still can’t talk about a great expansion of the classic offer.

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