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The US Army wanted to use Call of Duty streamers to recruit viewers

The US Army wanted to use Call of Duty streamers to recruit viewers

The US Army wants to influence young people in the United States in a variety of ways to take them away from everyday life and encourage them to enlist in the army. It turns out that the latest idea of ​​people responsible for recruitment was to pay Call of Duty streamers.

According to Vice, internal documents from the United States confirmed the surprising actions of the US military, which decided to allocate millions of dollars to streamers and e-sports organizations. The broadcasts were to be focused on young audiences – in particular women, blacks and Hispanics.

According to the information provided – among others, popular Call of Duty streamers were to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars to encourage recruitment through their broadcasts. During the broadcast, viewers were to watch original materials “presenting the wide range of possibilities offered by the army.”

The creators were even supposed to receive guidelines to “familiarize [their] fans with the values ​​and capabilities of the army” and could even organize tournaments in which real soldiers would participate.

The Army reportedly wanted to spend $150,000 on streamer Stonemountain64, and the OpTic Chicago team was set to receive $300,000. Other streamers and even leagues also appeared on the list, but the transactions were not finalized.

According to Vice, the scandals related to Activision Blizzard turned out to be a problem, and additionally Microsoft confirmed its willingness to take over the corporation, which also affected the actions of the army.

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