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Best VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Best VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Looking for the Best VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2? In this guide, we share with you 33 great titles that will offer you spine-chilling experiences.

Horror video games are often spookier than movies, especially when it comes to virtual reality horror games. Players step into the story using the Meta Quest 2, feeling like they’re really there, not just in their cozy living rooms. This headset was formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2, but due to a rebranding of its parent company, the Oculus name has been dropped.

For those brave enough to venture into VR horror, plenty of options are available. Remember that VR is still in its early stages, so don’t expect games as big as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Fatal Frame. Nevertheless, the VR store already has some capable and well-received horror games that might catch you by surprise.

1. *Resident Evil 4* – One of the Best VR Horror Games

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Resident Evil 4 often claims the title of the ultimate Resident Evil game, and that’s partly because of its ever-present sense of impending danger. The good news is that now, you can dive into this classic in virtual reality using the Oculus Quest, and the horrors you’ll face are even more spine-tingling this time.

In RE4 VR, you’ll find yourself picking up a weapon and fending off encroaching enemies, all while avoiding getting surrounded. With terrifying boss battles and an eerie atmosphere, there’s every reason for horror game enthusiasts to give Resident Evil 4 VR a go.

2. *Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted brings this beloved world a fresh wave of scares. Confronting the animatronics has never been more terrifying, as they can now pounce on you in virtual reality, delivering an adrenaline-pumping encounter.

Furthermore, for fans of Five Nights At Freddy’s, Help Wanted doesn’t disappoint with its variety of game modes. Whether it’s Celebrate, You’re Hired, or Pizza Party, each mode offers a distinct experience that will have you yearning for more of this thrilling universe.

3. *Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

While many supernatural horror games involve ghost hunting, Wraith: The Oblivion takes a different approach – you become the ghost. After your character’s demise, you transform into a wraith, wielding paranormal abilities to uncover the mystery of your death.

What sets Wraith: The Oblivion apart is its extraordinary concept and its immersive setting, providing an unparalleled experience on the Oculus Quest. If you’re intrigued by the idea of becoming a spectral entity, then Wraith: The Oblivion is the game for you.

4. *Blair Witch*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Blair Witch VR offers a puzzling experience wrapped in the eerie theme of Blair Witch. As you embark on this adventure, you’ll delve into a mysterious forest, piecing together clues to unravel the story while a troubling sense of unease lingers in the dark surroundings.

For die-hard Blair Witch enthusiasts, this game is a must-try. However, even if you’re new to the horror series, don’t worry – no prior knowledge of the movies is necessary to enjoy it. If you relish puzzle games with a chilling atmosphere, Blair Witch is probably the ideal choice for you.

5. *Project Terminus VR*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Project Terminus VR evokes a strong Half-Life vibe but with the horror factor cranked up to the max. Every little noise sets players on edge, and the game’s incredibly oppressive atmosphere will leave you utterly terrified.

Even though the game features combat, make no mistake – Project Terminus VR places horror as its top priority. It doesn’t take long for players to realize that safety is a luxury they won’t enjoy in this world, and survival won’t come easy in the slightest.

6. *Lies Beneath* – One of the Most Popular VR Horror Games

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Step into the world of Lies Beneath, where you’ll battle fearsome creatures to protect your hometown. Your journey unfolds in the tranquil town of Slumber, Alaska, where our hero calls home. Along the way, you’ll cross paths with significant individuals, including your beloved father.

As you wield a diverse arsenal of weapons, you become Slumber’s final line of defense when peril lurks. Lies Beneath offers a thrilling blend of intense monster showdowns and mind-bending puzzles waiting for you to uncover their secrets.

7. *The Exorcist: Legion VR*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

The Exorcist: Legion VR offers loads of excitement, yet it’s undeniably one of the most hair-raising virtual reality games. It’s divided into five episodes, each with its own distinct setting and atmosphere. Nevertheless, at its heart, the tale casts you as an investigator scouring these places for vital clues.

In addition, with plenty of heart-pounding jump scares, The Exorcist: Legion VR is a top pick if you relish games that catch you off guard when you least expect it. The gameplay is straightforward – you explore each locale, and the story unfolds with each step you take. This uncomplicated formula harmonizes beautifully with its unique narrative.

8. *Face Your Fears 2*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

In Face Your Fears 2, players embark on a spine-tingling journey through the eerie, forsaken Harvest House, slowly uncovering the chilling saga of the Harvest family’s past. What sets this game apart is its teen-friendly T rating, a rarity in the horror genre where most titles land an M for mature rating. Don’t be fooled, though; this game still delivers a hefty dose of scares with jump-scares aplenty and a haunting atmosphere.

The game’s so popular that fans are clamoring for the original version to be brought to the Meta Quest 2. The original game, initially available on Gear VR, has solidified its place as one of the premier VR horror experiences.

9. *Layers Of Fear VR*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

While Layers of Fear isn’t exclusively a VR title, it undeniably finds its perfect home on the Meta Quest 2. Keep in mind that it’s a port, so don’t anticipate an abundance of VR gimmicks in its mechanics. The game’s horror is deeply psychological, casting you as a painter plagued by hallucinations, exploring the confines of his own residence. There are no monsters to battle or secret spots to seek refuge – it’s purely an immersive journey that’ll send shivers down your spine.

The game’s remake brings something to the table, particularly its upgraded visuals. Yet, many have questioned its necessity. For a lot of folks, the original game remains perfectly satisfying, and the added layer of VR arguably elevates it as the ultimate way to immerse yourself in this psychological horror masterpiece.

10. *Affected: The Manor*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Affected: The Manor isn’t the go-to spot for gamers searching for an epic narrative. Instead, it caters to folks who crave spine-tingling thrills. The gameplay is all about strolling through, soaking in the eerie vibes.

The ultimate mission here is to break free from the manor’s clutches. Exciting news, though – the game has been revamped with two thrilling modes. The first one, The Gauntlet, is about racing the clock and seeing how swift you can be. The other, known as The Darkness, takes things to the next level by plunging you into pitch-black surroundings with just a candle to light your way. So, brace yourself for some heart-pounding moments!

11. *Death Horizon: Reloaded*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Death Horizon: Reloaded delivers a thrilling twist to the zombie outbreak theme. Prepare to battle for survival within a sinister laboratory plagued by a dreadful new disease that transforms people into flesh-craving fiends.

The atmosphere in Death Horizon is downright eerie, blending action and horror seamlessly. The various ways you can engage with your surroundings are what sets it apart. Imagine scaling pipes and clutching onto ropes in the heart of the laboratory, immersing yourself completely in this treacherous environment. It’s a spine-tingling experience that makes this game truly exceptional.

12. *Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition offers a thrilling undead battle experience right from the comfort of your own living room. It’s the perfect game if you’re looking for a dose of horror without the nail-biting fear of your own survival. While it might not be the most terrifying horror game out there, Drop Dead takes a more fun and playful approach that can still make you jump when a horde of zombies comes at you.

Its fantastic combat system sets Drop Dead apart, allowing you to get up close and personal with the undead. You can manipulate their limbs and wield melee weapons with precision. If you’re feeling bold, dual-wielding weapons are also an option. Plus, the game offers the chance to team up with friends through its multiplayer co-op system for some cooperative zombie-slaying action.

13. *Dread Halls*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Dread Halls plunges you right into a vast, eerie dungeon, and your survival hinges on your exploration. Unlike many other horror games, it doesn’t equip you with the power to directly confront your foes. You won’t be going toe-to-toe with your enemies, but you can employ stealth to evade and endure.

Your only source of illumination is a feeble light you carry along, far from the comforting radiance of a fully lit space. If you’re on the hunt for a spine-tingling, pitch-dark virtual reality adventure, then Dread Halls deserves a prominent spot on your to-play list.

14. *Jurassic World: Aftermath*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Jurassic World: Aftermath delivers precisely as its title suggests. Your adventure is filled with swift, relentless dinosaurs as you navigate the environment and seek a path back home. The mere notion of dinosaurs in today’s world is chilling, but evading them as they pursue you is nothing short of hair-raising.

The primary adversaries you’ll face are the cunning Velociraptors, and they’re no pushovers. This game hinges on solving puzzles to ensure your survival, making it an excellent choice if you enjoy suspenseful and puzzle-driven games.

15. *Arizona Sunshine* – One of the Best VR Horror Games with Zombies

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Arizona Sunshine is one of the most radiant horror games in your gaming arsenal. Set against the backdrop of Arizona, it immerses you in a sprawling zombie apocalypse. Armed with the game’s provided weapons, your mission is to combat swarms of zombies and make a break for safety, no easy feat.

With a substantial campaign to conquer, there’s even more zombie-slaying action to be had in the Horde Mode after you’ve wrapped up the story. You can team up with a friend through the co-op feature or brave the desolate Wasteland on your own for an even more spine-tingling experience. If you’re a fan of zombies or horror games in general, Arizona Sunshine promises to be a spine-tingling delight.

16. *Into The Radius* – One of Our Favorite VR Horror Games

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

In this VR horror game, you’re embarking on an adventure in a place known as the Blighted Zone. Your mission is to escape from the mysterious radius, a challenge that’s not for the faint of heart. To achieve this, your first task is to navigate your way to the radius’s center. Along the way, you’ll encounter a host of terrifying foes and strange anomalies. Survival hinges on your skill in using the firearms at your disposal.

Within the eerie Blighted Zone, multiple strategies exist to conquer the nightmarish adversaries that lurk. Whether you prefer confronting them head-on or taking a more cautious, stealthy approach, the choice is yours. Planning your route across the map is crucial for your continued existence. Into The Radius is a game tailor-made for those who relish the thrill of charting their own path through the unknown.

17. *After The Fall*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

Los Angeles often ranks high on people’s travel wish lists, but imagine exploring it as a snow-covered wasteland overrun by zombies – probably not how you envisioned your vacation. Yet, in After The Fall, you’ll encounter genuine fear as you battle hordes of the undead using a variety of weapons in an entertaining campaign.

You can brave After The Fall as a solo journey or team up with three friends for an exhilarating co-op adventure. The snowy backdrop is a rarity in horror games, making After The Fall a spine-tingling experience and a truly unique one due to its chilling setting.

18. *The Twilight Zone*

VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

The Twilight Zone offers a unique spin on VR horror games, setting it apart from the usual ones you’ve tried. It’s divided into three episodes, each with its own theme. You’ll step into the shoes of a video game director, a post-apocalyptic survivor, and even an alien captive, each dealing with their own chilling challenges.

If you’re a fan of games that tell stories episode by episode, The Twilight Zone is a must-try. It’s not just about the spooky tales; it also brings in combat and stealth elements, making your gameplay experiences both terrifying and captivating. With so much to explore, The Twilight Zone is a thrilling adventure for any horror enthusiast.

19. *Crashland* – One of the Best VR Horror Games with RPG Elements

Crashland VR

Crashland can get quite spooky due to its creepy monsters and foes, but their confidence gradually grows throughout the game as players get accustomed to these threats. The action is genuinely thrilling, and the light RPG elements add a satisfying sense of advancement.

What’s even better is that Crashland offers a decently long gameplay experience in the world of VR horror games. Some areas can be quite challenging, demanding players to approach tough encounters with care. The combat is particularly gratifying and stands out as the highlight of the entire adventure.

20. *Cosmodread*

VR Horror Games

Cosmodread is a gem for science fiction horror aficionados. It unfolds on a dying spaceship teeming with menacing creatures. In classic survival horror style, players are armed, but ammo is a precious commodity.

Launched in March 2021, this game has garnered a resoundingly positive reception in online game stores. Reviewers have showered it with acclaim for its stunning visuals, spine-tingling scares, and an atmosphere reminiscent of classics like Dead Space, Alien: Isolation, and Silent Hill.

21. *Drop Dead: The Cabin*

VR Horror Games

Drop Dead: The Cabin slots in seamlessly among the titles that throw you right into the midst of relentless zombie hordes, and it’s an absolute blast. Building upon its forerunner, Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition, it’s like a thrilling fusion of Escape From Tarkov’s extraction gameplay and the pulse-pounding excitement of Call of Duty: Zombies. You’ve got action, and then there’s Drop Dead.

From the very start, in that cabin we mentioned earlier, you’re given a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to finding your way to safety. It’s a visually striking game that manages to blend intense mechanics with a lighthearted tone, creating an exciting combination. What’s even better is that you can team up with a friend for some co-op action, adding an extra layer of adrenaline-fueled chaos to the mix.

22. *Please, Don’t Touch Anything*

VR Horror Games

Picture this: a VR adaptation of a beloved pixel-and-text indie gem, “Please, Don’t Touch Anything” serves up an utterly captivating premise. Picture yourself minding a computer console while your coworker dashes to the restroom, cautioning you sternly not to lay a finger on the colossal red button right in front of you. The big question: how long can you withstand the irresistible urge? Our verdict? ‘Not very long at all.’

This sets the stage for a mind-boggling, mentally demanding puzzle experience, where each button press unleashes distinct consequences. Will you unleash havoc upon an entire town, or is it all happening within your own mind? It might not be your typical horror, but it leaves you with those eerie mental imprints characteristic of the genre.

23. *The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners*

VR Horror Games

Though The Walking Dead often leans more toward drama than horror, when you dive into its VR realm, the horror aspects truly come to life in this video game. You’ll find yourself in spine-tingling situations, navigating through the darkness with scarce light and experiencing heart-pounding jump-scares as zombies unexpectedly lurch around corners.

Gamers adore the game for its mix of action and horror, though some have pointed out in their reviews that the enemy AI can sometimes be a bit lacking. Nevertheless, it’s a must-play for zombie fans, even if the gameplay feels somewhat straightforward and the zombies lose a bit of their fright factor when you realize how easily they can be dispatched.

24. *Inverse*

VR Horror Games

Imagine stepping into the world of Inverse, an Early Access asymmetrical horror game that combines the vibes of Dead By Daylight and Phasmophobia, all wrapped up in a vibrant neon aesthetic. You’re a part of The Foundation (not the one you’re thinking of), and when a mysterious doorway opens to another dimension, the realm is overrun by otherworldly entities.

To combat this eerie invasion, The Foundation dispatches a team of Agents. These four brave players must work together to resurrect a control terminal by repairing damaged machinery. On the hunt for them is the Nul monster, a vile creature that can effortlessly dismantle the squad within moments. The choice is yours: cooperate as a team or brave it alone, but one thing’s for sure – those terminals need to be back online in a hurry.

25. *Edge Of Nowhere*

Edge Of Nowhere VR

Edge of Nowhere sets itself apart from other VR horror games by offering a unique third-person perspective. You’ll step into the shoes of a man on a quest to find his lost fiancee in the unforgiving Antarctic wilderness. But things take a spine-chilling turn as the world transforms into a realm of monsters and madness at breakneck speed.

This game is an absolute must-play for enthusiasts of H.P. Lovecraft’s eerie tales, drawing inspiration from his classic work, “Mountains of Madness.” Beyond its spine-tingling adventure, the game also boasts stunning visuals. Some reviews have taken issue with the controls, but many players still confess it’s among their favorite VR experiences.

26. *Killer Frequency*

Killer Frequency VR

Killer Frequency, a VR room management game with a unique twist courtesy of Team17, allows you to live out your shock-jock fantasy in a quiet little town. Your mission? Help the townsfolk escape from a classic 80s horror movie slasher villain. Sit in your booth, answer calls from your listeners, and aid them using the tools and items you have on hand.

For instance, you might guide someone through a maze while the slasher villain chases them with a map only you can access. Or imagine advising someone on jump-starting a car with a step-by-step manual, all while the resident psychopath lurks nearby. These clever details truly immerse you in the horror genre, making it a thrilling experience for fans. If you have a soft spot for horror tropes and 80s synth vibes, Killer Frequency is tailor-made for you.

27. *Horror Bar VR*

Horror Bar VR

In the boisterous world of Horror Bar VR, you’ll manage a horror-themed bar that caters to an array of undead and monstrous clientele. VR Factory’s delightfully macabre game puts a unique spin on bar simulation. Here, you’ll be in charge of a secret establishment for ghoulish customers, and you’ll need to quickly master various methods for serving drinks and food.

From using deep fat finger fryers to grappling with face-grabbing seafood, you’ll concoct new dishes from prep trays filled with body parts and other stomach-churning ingredients. Just make sure your creations stay on the plate. As you whip up creepy concoctions, you’ll earn cash for unlocking items and enhancing your status as the top undead eatery in Horror Bar VR.

28. *Hellsweeper*

Hellsweeper VR

Embark on a harrowing journey into the abyss of hell and face off against relentless demon hordes in Hellsweeper, brought to you by Mixed Realms. This heart-pounding horror first-person shooter catapults you into the treacherous depths of the underworld, where the forces of darkness grow even more formidable in every layer you descend.

You’re armed with a unique and exotic arsenal tucked in your holsters to banish these tormented souls back into the shadows. But that’s not all; you’ll also wield mystical skills and abilities, team up in Co-Op mode, and even have your very own Hellhound companion that, yes, you can give a friendly pat. If you’re craving adrenaline-fueled thrills with a touch of the supernatural, Hellsweeper is a game that should definitely be on your radar.

29. *Wilson’s Heart*

Wilson's Heart VR

Wilson’s Heart on the Meta Quest 2 is a standout VR experience. It’s a must-try game for anyone who owns this device. The immersive quality of VR is a perfect match for a heart-pounding psychological horror experience, and Wilson’s Heart delivers that in spades.

However, some players find the plot twist a bit too easy to guess, which can lessen the game’s overall appeal. But if you’re in it for the thrill of how VR can truly mess with your mind in such a realistic setting, then Wilson’s Heart is a game you’ll adore. It’s ambitious and unforgettable.

30. *Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife*

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife VR

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife by Fast Travel Games is a fresh take on the classic VR Haunted House game. In this unique experience, you step into the shoes of the resident ghoul. Your journey begins after your demise during a seance at the eerie Barclay Mansion, where you awaken as a restless Wraith. Your fate is bound to this mysterious building, and your mission is to unravel the enigma of your own death.

Within the shadowy corridors, malevolent Spectres and other bizarre creatures await. To fend them off, you possess an array of Wraith abilities that allow you to glide through walls, manipulate objects, and track fellow Ghouls throughout the haunting Barclay Mansion.

31. *In Death*

In Death VR

In Death is your go-to choice if you’re searching for a horror VR game with intense combat. The game offers a captivating setting and storyline. You’ll find yourself delving into a forsaken and desolate heavenly realm overrun by wandering souls and menacing creatures. Your mission is to bring back tranquility as you journey through a medieval landscape and engage in battles against your adversaries.

In Death has garnered heaps of positive reviews, with some players even hailing it as their all-time favorite VR game. The only downside, however, is that it may not deliver the same level of scare as some of the other horror titles available on the Meta Quest 2.

32. *Red Matter*

Red Matter VR

This intriguing puzzle adventure game unfolds in a captivating dystopian sci-fi Cold War world. You step into the shoes of an astronaut stationed on a moon base, assigned to unravel a covert research mission. Even though it’s a brief experience, clocking in at just under three hours, gamers have praised this title.

Much like “In Death,” the game’s spooky elements are on the milder side. Some might not classify it as a full-fledged horror game, yet many confess to feeling a tad unsettled and spooked during certain moments. Gamers adore the title for its striking visuals, brain-teasing puzzles, immersive voice acting, and tension-building music.

33. *Kobold*

Kobold VR

Kobold isn’t just a game; it’s more like a whole adventure. That’s how some VR titles are, you know. In this one, you’re on a mission to rescue a lost boy, and you’ll wander through a spooky old mansion in a dark, eerie forest. It’s not your typical game; it’s more like watching a movie, but you can still uncover clues and explore at your own pace.

It’s not a long game, maybe an hour tops, but its real charm is in the way it makes you feel. If you’re into horror and mystery, this journey might be right up your alley. However, it’s not for everyone, especially if you’re not a big gamer.

Final Thoughts on the Best VR Horror Games for Oculus Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 stands out as a top-notch VR headset. Its cable-free design has transformed the game, immersing players in their virtual worlds. This remarkable standalone VR device has a wide range of fantastic games that are an absolute joy to experience. Gamers, in particular, will be thrilled by this system’s assortment of spine-chilling horror titles, delivering some seriously intense moments.

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