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Walkabout Mini Golf VR Game Review

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Game Review

Walkabout Mini Golf has been around for quite some time, starting on Quest 2, and now it’s made its way to Playstation VR 2 – and it’s simply fantastic.

In the world of VR gaming, there are plenty of good options, but not nearly enough. The best experiences often come from studios that haven’t lost their creative spark to the commercial grind. It’s not that commerce is a bad thing, but crafting a truly immersive virtual reality experience demands a unique expertise and a deep appreciation for the medium, along with meticulous attention to detail.

Walkabout Mini Golf exemplifies all of these qualities. Studio Mighty Coconut has truly left their mark with this game.

What is this VR game about?

This VR game is obviously about Mini Golf!

Each course features a total of 18 holes, and at the end of each course lies a challenging hole to conquer. In between these holes, you’ll encounter various obstacles and handicaps, depending on the course. These obstacles can include corners, curves, hills, dips, objects, spinning contraptions, slopes, walls, water hazards, blowers, and more.

To successfully navigate these courses, you’ll need to wield your golf club with precision. The objective is to guide the golf ball past all these obstacles and into the awaiting hole. This requires a keen eye, a steady hand, and a high level of accuracy. Achieving this entails finding the perfect combination of impact force and the ideal angle for your golf club swing.

How does it look?

I absolutely love it! Whether you’re on Quest 2 or the Playstation VR 2, Sony’s headset does have the upper hand with its stunning colors, deeper blacks, crisp contrasts, and impressive graphics power. But no matter where you dive into it, be it Steam VR or Pico 4, these virtual worlds are an absolute treat for the eyes.

The minimalistic comic-style visuals are used so brilliantly and cohesively that I often catch myself daydreaming about playing a VR RPG in these enchanting realms. Whether you’re exploring the Wild West, delving into Gothic realms, floating through a space station, or venturing into Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, the attention to detail and design is simply spot-on.

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From fluffy clouds to lively sheep, animated critters to mesmerizing underwater domains teeming with fish and majestic whales, each new course feels like a visual extravaganza. I can’t help but feel a childlike excitement every time they announce a new course, which seems to happen every three months. What surprises does Mighty Coconut have in their magic bag this time?

And let’s not forget the 3D diorama-style view of the entire course in the menu – it’s a highlight in its own right. Just imagine how incredible an RPG would be from this VR perspective!

It’s evident that the studio has been constantly improving, from the first course to the latest one (there are currently 18 courses, with 10 reasonably priced DLCs). The worlds have evolved, becoming more intricate, detailed, and playful, all without overwhelming the player. It’s a delightful journey of artistic growth.

How do you play it?

I was genuinely amazed by how lifelike it felt during my initial playthrough on Quest 1. The only thing it lacked was the sensation of the club’s weight and the satisfying haptic feedback when it met the golf ball.

Now, with the PSVR 2’s Sense controllers, that void is brilliantly filled. They replicate the club-ball collision so convincingly that it genuinely feels like I’m taking a swing at a real ball. It’s absolutely fantastic!

The angle of the club and the power behind each swing can mean the difference between a hole-in-one and a double bogey. If I mess up, there’s no blaming the game – it’s all on me. I’m gripping the Quest controller (only need one to play) just like a real golf club in my right hand, stabilizing my swing with my left – just as I would in real life. I stand correctly, focus on the target, and then the ball. With a gentle swing, I make contact with the ball perfectly – the satisfaction is incredible!

Though the PSVR 2’s Sense controllers offer excellent haptic feedback, they’re not ideal for a two-handed club swing because the tracking bar can get in the way. I found myself using my left hand to support the right wrist for stability. This works much smoother with the Quest controllers.

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Check It on Oculus

In my preference, I lean towards the Quest 2 despite the slightly lower graphics quality, mainly due to the inconvenience of the PSVR 2’s cord. Since I tend to move my head a lot, glance around, and even turn, that cable becomes more of a nuisance than usual. However, one can adapt to it, and I can enjoy Walkabout Mini Golf with minimal movement by using snap turning and the teleportation option – no issues at all.

Give Walkabout Mini Golf a try if you…

  • Crave the immersive charm of atmospheric VR realms.
  • Yearn for a taste of impeccable game physics in full swing.
  • Seek a laid-back hour of mini-golf bliss.
  • Fancy a blast of fun with your buddies and coworkers.

On the flip side, maybe Walkabout Mini Golf isn’t your cup of tea if…

  • Cartoon-style graphics don’t tickle your fancy.
  • You’re as sensitive as a jackhammer when it comes to gaming.
  • Mini golf just isn’t your thing.

Final Thoughts

I’ve made Walkabout Mini Golf a weekly tradition for years now. This game has kept me glued to my Quest 2 longer than all my other VR games put together.

The magic lies in its perfect blend of challenging courses, spot-on physics, crisp graphics, and an underlying serenity that washes over you while playing. The moment I step onto a course, a wave of relaxation sweeps over me – it’s like no yoga session can match.

Plus, it’s an ideal setting for enjoying a few rounds with friends, hashing out work with colleagues, or even hosting clients for a chat. The virtual greens are a fantastic backdrop for kicking off business discussions.

No matter which gaming platform or VR headset you favor, Walkabout Mini Golf is a must-have for any VR enthusiast. And the best part? Most of them keep coming back for more, again and again.

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