Garmin 810 vs 520 : In Depth Comparison & Difference

Are you looking for a complete in-depth comparison between Garmin 810 and 520 Models?

We mainly expect cycling computers to let us know where, when, how far, and how fast you have been riding your two-wheeler. Ever since Curtis Veeder invented the cyclometer in 1895, it has evolved and developed according to the times.

From the analog odometer that only counts the number of wheel rotations to the most advanced that includes GPS, cycling has never been this fun.

One of the brands that are consciously making efforts to understand cycling computers and make them better is Garmin. So we have two of their gadgets on the head-to-head comparison today.

This guide will show you the differences between Garmin 810 and 520 to help you decide which one you should pick.

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Garmin 810 vs. 520: In-Depth Comparison

The main difference between Garmin 810 and 520 is - The 520 model is ideal for bikers who want real-time data and top-end feedback. It is packed with an array of fitness and performance features. We can say the same thing about Garmin Edge® 810, but it can expand the memory, so there’s more than enough space to store your data.

Garmin specializes in GPS technology for aviation, marine, biking, and other sports activities. So, it is no wonder they can bring out two of the most feature-laden cycling computers on the market. We compare them side by side to understand which one is better.

Who knows? You might need to decide between these two soon.

Head To Head Overview & Comparison

About The Product

Garmin Edge 810

Edge 810 is Garmin's most feature-packed cycling computer. A large color touch screen lets you scroll between page after page of data with a swipe of your finger. In addition, it is one of the cycling computers capable of storing detailed maps and giving turn-by-turn directions during a ride.

Garmin Edge 520

Edge 520 is loaded with features and keeps up with Garmin Edge® 810 except for the touchscreen features. Nevertheless, it still gives real-time data on how close you are to reaching your cycling goals. In addition, it is the first in the market to utilize Strava Live Feature.

The Edge of each Edge

Garmin Edge 810

Garmin designed it for cyclists who want everything - from navigating to advanced training capabilities in one device. Connect it with your smartphone, and you will have live tracking, social media sharing, and weather updates.

Garmin Edge 520

It is a competitive Edge with the aerodynamic form factor of its predecessor Edge® 500. In addition, it features added in-ride challenges with Strada live segments, color display, connected capabilities, and advanced analysis features.

Tracking Powers

Garmin Edge 810

Aside from mapping, Edge 810 chronicles distance, speed metrics, ascent and descent, grade, and more. It works well with ANT+® sensors that measure heart rate, speed/cadence, and power. In addition, you can customize your profile to show your data fields and settings based on your cycling activity.

Garmin Edge 520

Edge 520 boasts LiveTrack, which allows your family and friends to track where you are in real-time as you ride. Even easier to use, tracking is also enabled as you auto-start, so you can have more time concentrating on the ride and less on the gadget. In addition, it is compatible with Strava Beacon and lets you take advantage of Strava Summit features.


Garmin Edge 810

You can pair Edge 810 with your Android or iOS device via the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app. Via Bluetooth®, it tracks the data and sends it to your phone. Data transfer is also easy with a wireless upload, automatically (or manually) as soon as you finish your ride. These data can be downloaded to your smartphone and sent to your Edge 810 for future reference.

Garmin Edge 520

Edge® 520 works with ANT+ sensors, including Varia™ bike radar and lights4, speed, cadence, heart rate, Edge and VIRB® remotes, and compatible weight scales, making it "a connected bike." In addition, the same data gathered can be transferred to your gadgets via the Garmin Connect™ app. This connectivity allows live tracking, smartphone alerts, social media sharing, weather, and wireless uploads. Furthermore, it automatically updates your data via the same app to update the online Garmin community.

Special Features

Garmin Edge 810

Shimano Di2 shifting systems are integrated with Edge® 810 to show your current gear on the screen.

Garmin Edge 520

One of the most advanced metrics for cyclists and triathletes - iLevels WKO4 lets you train with a power meter.

My Pick

Garmin is a cutting-edge brand for cycling computers, and one of the most complex decisions a consumer has to face is to pick a product from their catalog that all offer powerful features. To cut down your dilemma, here’s a thought;

Garmin Edge 520 is ideal for bikers who want real-time data and top-end feedback. It is packed with various fitness and performance features. We can say the same for Garmin Edge 810, except the latter can expand the memory, so there’s more than enough space to store your data.

We are now in an age where every single piece of information matters. And because Garmin Edge® 810 can adjust to the memory needs of the cyclists, it wins this round.


In the end, both Garmin Edge 520 and 810 can sure offer serious performance. The manufacturer designed them equally to benefit your training on the bike. The decision now relies upon whether you want to be able to review more of your rides. But for me, the 810 model is the winner as of now.

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