Garmin edge 20 vs 25 : In Depth Comparison & Difference

If you're looking for an in depth comparison between garmin edge 20 vs 25 model, you're in the right place.

This article is all about showing you the differences between the edge 25 vs 20 model and which one you should be going after. Let's get started

GPS bike computers have transformed the way bikers plan their rides ahead and track their training. No longer are wires and wheel magnets helpful with these activities. One reason that the brand Garmin came up with two of the market’s best sellers; Garmin Edge 20 and Edge 25.

Both trackers are the pride of Garmin, but does one best another? Here’s taking mano a mano for Edge 20 and Edge 25.

Edge 20 Vs Edge 25 : The Differences

The main difference between garmin edge 20 vs 25 is : The 25 model is able to do the same things Garmin Edge 20 does but connects to data processing devices way better.

Both Edge 20 and Edge 25 look identical from the size standpoint. If you just based it by the looks you might not find the differences you need to know which one you need. Here’s a rundown of how they both differ from each other.

About the Product

Garmin Edge 20

Edge 20 presents every possible stat you need sans the annoying use of extra gear and gadgets. Small and easy to take anywhere, Edge® 20 is ideal for travel. No tedious setup required - just turn on, hit start and go.

Garmin Edge 25

Edge 25 offers the same amount of stats you need to take on your ride but on a higher level. The small size is packed with features that go from a simple setup to smart notifications when paired with a smartphone.

Staying On Course

Garmin Edge 20

Select courses that fellow Garmin users rode or make your own Garmin Connect, our own open online community. Upon selecting a course, upload it directly to your Edge® 20 so you can follow your destination.

Garmin Edge 25

Aside from being able to choose from courses ridden by other Garmin users, creating own Garmin Connect, uploading it to your Edge® 25 and following the destination, you can also compete against yourself with the data it holds to make rides more interesting.

Data Usage

Garmin Edge 20

Edge® 20 utilizes GPS/GLONASS to track distance even beneath dense tree covers. Unlike the phone that drains your battery and eats up your data, you can use  Edge® 20 for up to 8 hrs without worrying that.

Garmin Edge 25

Edge® 25 uses the same GPS/GLONASS satellites to track how far, fast and where you ride, no matter how dense the area you are in with trees and structures. You can rely on it for up to 8 hours without consuming both data and battery.


Garmin Edge 20

Connect Edge® 20 to your computer and you can not only upload your activities to the open online fitness community, Garmin Connect, you can also review the path you traveled on a map, analyze, share, and view more details about it.

Garmin Edge 25

Edge® 25 can be connected to your computer or smartphone through Bluetooth®. Upload your activities through this connection to get connected with Garmin's online community, Garmin Connect. The path you traveled is stored for you to analyze, share, and view details about it.


Garmin Edge 20

Edge® 20 lets you compete against other cyclists on Garmin Connect segments and see your post-ride outcome on the leaderboard. It even alerts on-device for segment start/finish points.

Garmin Edge 25

Edge® 25 allows you to compete against other bikers on Garmin Connect segments and see your post-ride outcome on the leaderboard. It even alerts on-device for segment start/finish points.


My Pick

While both are efficient enough with the purpose they are built for, a head-to-head comparison will not be complete without the best pick. This round goes to Garmin Edge® 25.

These two cycling watches both rate 4.1 out of 5 stars in Amazon and it is totally understandable as they differ in but a few factors.

What made Garmin Edge® 25 our top pick is the fact that most of us (including non-bikers) prefer wireless connection. Garmin Edge® 25 is able to do the same things Garmin Edge® 20 does but connects to data processing devices way better.

It is no denying that Bluetooth® connection is helpful in transferring data without all the hassle of wires and cables. Plus, it can connect to smartphones which is pretty much like our world now. The fact that it can also work with a lot of accessories to enhance it makes it a lot better.


I hope this Garmin Edge 20 Vs 25 comparison guide have helped you to pick the right product. Just to let you know both are interesting little products. It is what seems to be Garmin’s answer to expensive cycling GPS units offered by other brands. In a cheaper price tag, they can be competitive and reliable enough to track your bike ride.

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