Garmin Forerunner 235 vs 230 : A Detailed Comparison Guide

Are you looking for an in-depth comparison and difference between ​garmin forerunner 235 vs 230 model?

Well, in this new guide​ we will show you the differences of this two ​garmin forerunner 235 vs 230 model​. Hopefully after reading it, you will have a good understanding of each model. Later, I also reveal which one I would pick if I was in your position.

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Forerunner is their line that is accessible for the majority of consumers. You can get superior features that are at par with other leading brands without breaking your bank. And the two of the best are what will be compared on this writeup - Garmin Forerunner 235 and 230.

Garmin Forerunner 235 vs 230: Detailed Comparison

With plenty of models from the Forerunner line, the 2XXs fill the role of a fitness tracker for a lot of fitness enthusiasts. But, what are the differences between these two? Find out more from the reference below.

​At a glance

Forerunner® 230

​GPS Running Watch with Smart Features

Tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate¹ and VO2 Max¹

Connected features²: automatic uploads to Garmin Connect™, live tracking, audio prompts,

music controls, smart notifications, and social media sharing

Activity tracking³ counts daily steps, distance, calories, and sleep

Download data fields, watch faces, widgets, and applications from Connect IQ™

Forerunner® 235

​GPS Running Watch with Wrist-based Heart Rate

Tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate and more

Connected features¹: automatic uploads to Garmin Connect™, live tracking, audio prompts,

smart notifications and social media sharing

Activity tracking² counts daily steps, distance, calories, and sleep

Download data fields, watch faces, widgets, and applications from Connect IQ™

​Customizing your watch and your training

Forerunner® 230

​Download advanced workouts and training plans to check on your watch from Garmin Connect. This is to help with setting yourself up to reach your goals.

Forerunner® 235

​Customize your data fields, download watch faces, widgets and applications for free at Connect IQ. This will also allow you to download workout and training plans you can play from Garmin Connect.

​On and Off the Road running

Forerunner® 230

​Forerunner® 230 has an integrated accelerometer that tracks distance and pace data both when running on an indoor track or outdoors in the woods. No need for a separate foot pod accessory. After running, it also serves as a step counter, not just counting how many steps you did but calories burned too. It is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites to locate position precisely.

Forerunner® 235

​The built-in accelerometer captures distance and pace data when you are running on a treadmill or a trail outdoors. Aside from tracking your running activities, it also notes the calories you burned from the steps you took. Compatible with GPS and GLONASS, it sets off your location quickly and precisely.


Forerunner® 230

​The data are presented in concise, easy-to-understand charts, graphs, maps, and more to let you track your progress towards your goals. These data can be wirelessly uploaded online in the Garmin Connect network.

Forerunner® 235

​Compete with your friends and family members who are with Garmin Community Network and compare results in real-time. The same technology applied in Forerunner® 230 allows for such features to run.

Forerunner® 230 is sold in different packages; the watch only and the bundle with included heart rate monitor. The 235 comes in watch only package. Both can work a lot better with the following accessories;

  • ​Apps
  • ​Bands
  • ​Cases, Covers & Clips
  • ​Cables & Chargers
  • ​Heart Rate Monitors
  • ​Cycling Accessories
  • ​Sensors
  • ​Replacement Parts

​So Finally which one is better?

The two smartwatches are quite a battle. Both are equipped with the same advanced technology and features. The tracking abilities, design, and visual appearances are superior.

The big difference lies in the heart rate features. This part made the Forerunner® 235 wins. Even without saying it, clearly having an integrated heart rate monitor is worth it. This reports your heart condition which in turn will better have you set your goals.

Even with 230’s battery lasting longer than 235, such endurance wouldn’t be necessary if the features such as heart rate monitoring are lacking. Always better to focus on worthier and more significant features.


Garmin Forerunner 230 and 235 are very strong Garmin releases and are well-equipped for all your running needs. They don’t just track physical activities, but your lifestyle too, like steps and sleep.

As you decide on picking between the two, think hard about achieving the long term fitness goal you have. Know that heart rate monitoring is essential to keeping and hitting that goal. We hope that gives you a hint of what you should pick.

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