Get Multiple Backinks from Same Domain

Is it Good for SEO to Get Multiple Backinks from the Same Domain?

It is commonly believed that many backlinks from the same domain have a negative impact on your results. However, this is a wrong statement, and the following article gives some compelling reasons why this type of link building is really effective.

It should be noted that this is a natural structure connecting pages on the web, and the number of backlinks from high-quality websites has a significant impact on increasing the authority of the site.

The natural structure of the link network

Google pays special attention to the structure of the link network when positioning websites. Therefore, any attempt to manipulate this process by violating the linking scheme can be severely punished.

So, if you want to do SEO properly, you need to make sure that backlinks to your website are built in a natural and valuable way. So avoid buying links, over-swapping, or overdoing keyword-rich Anchor Text, as these types of actions may not appeal to Google and other search engines. In conclusion, avoid link schemes, and you will avoid many problems. But what do they have to do with multiple links from the same site?

Research shows that nearly 80% of websites that link to another website do so multiple times. A small fraction only does it once. So it turns out that it’s more natural to link from one site than to have every link from another site.

Based on these assumptions, it should definitely be said that having multiple backlinks from a single domain is not a bad thing, and in some cases, it even positively affects the site’s performance.

Adapting to the generally prevailing standards will allow you to blend in with the environment and gain a chance to compete with even the most recognized brands.

The number of backlinks and search engine ranking

The basic concept of Google’s existence is based on PageRank. This system uses the link structure of a specific site to determine its position in the search engine and value for the user.

Currently, Google analyzes billions of hyperlinks every day to properly determine where a website should appear in search results and provide a great user experience.

Why is this relevant to the topic of this article?

Backlinks that come from high-quality websites positively affect the brand image and increase the chance of achieving a higher position in the SERPs. It has been discovered that the number of backlinks is the second most important issue taken into account when building Google ranking. The first is the quality of the site from which the specific links come.

You probably already see that the number of backlinks is of great importance for SEO, whether they come from the same site or many different ones. The most important thing is that they are valuable and reliable sources, and Google will certainly appreciate them and reward you with a high position in the SERPs.

How does Google determine the value of links?

Google has two main considerations that determine the value of specific backlinks.

These ways include two surf models named Random Surfer and Reasonable Surfer.

Let’s take a closer look at them to understand why multiple backlinks from the same domain are good for your Google ranking.

Random surfer

The Random Surfer model assumes that every backlink coming from one website has the same value.

However, this approach is somewhat outdated. In 2004, Google updated the model for how documents are classified based on user behavior, and in 2010, it introduced an improved way to determine the value of backlinks called Reasonable Surfer.

Reasonable Surfer

According to this model, not all links from the same source are of equal value. To accurately determine their quality, many different factors must be taken into account. Among them, we can distinguish, for example, the value of the site from which they come and to which they go.

It turns out that it is much more beneficial to have links from a page that generates a lot of traffic than many links from different places that do not record satisfactory numbers of follwers or readers.

The models mentioned above are constantly changing, and new systems are introduced to help Google determine the value of backlinks. The search engine wants to meet the expectations of users, which is why it wants to present them with the highest quality content. The most important thing to keep in mind is that having multiple backlinks from the same site can greatly improve your site’s performance.

Quality matters, not quantity

As you probably already know, Google focuses on the quality of backlinks, not the number of backlinks from individual sites. So make sure that the sources of your links are credible and valuable, and you will be sure that it will positively affect the position of the website in the search engine, attract new recipients, and strengthen the image of your brand on the Internet.

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