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Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie Canceled – Here Is Why

Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie Canceled – Here Is Why

Skydance has put the brakes on Matthew McConaughey’s upcoming film like a referee showing a red card. They’ve decided to pull the plug on Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie “Dallas Sting,” the movie where McConaughey was set to star as a women’s soccer coach. The surprising twist happened just six weeks before they were about to roll the cameras.

Why Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie Scrapped by Studio Weeks Before Filming?

After our investigation, we found out that the whole project fell apart like a house of cards due to some “disturbing allegations” that reached Skydance and other producers regarding certain aspects of the film’s true story. Skydance, not taking this lightly, launched a full-blown investigation into these claims. And apparently, the findings were so serious that they made the tough call to scrap the entire film. It’s a big deal.

And it’s not just the film that’s taking a hit. McConaughey, a key player in the whole production, has gracefully exited the scene. A real plot twist in itself.

Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie Plot

“Dallas Sting” was supposed to be an inspiring tale, based on the true story of a women’s soccer team from Dallas. Back in 1984, these underdogs traveled all the way to China to compete in the first-ever world championship for women’s soccer. This was happening while President Reagan was trying to mend fences with China. Quite the backdrop, huh?

In the movie, McConaughey was set to play the role of Bill Kinder, a Texan with absolutely no soccer-coaching background. He’s the guy who takes charge of a team of young Dallas high school girls. These girls were part of a 19-and-under league and had named themselves the Sting. The nod to the Robert Redford movie is quite the tribute. And guess what? Under Kinder’s guidance, these underdog girls took down major teams like Australia, Japan, China, and even Italy in the championship match. Talk about an epic victory!

The movie’s cast

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” director Kari Skogland was all set to helm this ship, with a script by the creative minds behind GLOW, Liz Flahive, and Carly Mensch. And they weren’t the only stars of the show. Kaitlyn Dever from “Dopesick” was going to play McConaughey’s daughter. Plus, there was this massive talent search for female soccer players who could also act. It was a real team effort, on and off-screen.

The project was in cahoots between Skydance and Berlanti Schechter Productions, and Skydance was holding the financial cards. Apple had an early peek at the film due to their special deal with Skydance. So, it was quite a family affair.

The cameras were supposed to start rolling in October in the vibrant city of New Orleans. But now, per THR, insiders close to the production team are “disheartened” by this unexpected twist. They truly believed that the world should learn more about the tale of these young women from 1984.

What’s next for Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie?

For now, the silence prevails. Neither Skydance nor McConaughey have spoken up in response to CityRyde’s requests for their take on the matter. It’s like the scene has paused, leaving everyone wondering what’s next in this cinematic game.

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