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New Core for Four Flash Challenge

New Core for Four Flash Challenge

Peloton’s most recent Peloton Community Challenge just came to a close, and the company is already moving on to the next challenge in its series to keep its users engaged and active. “Core For Four” is the name of one of these options. The objective for the following month and a half is to register for any eight required core courses. On Peloton’s website, you can find a sign-up form for the challenge.

peloton New Core for Four Flash Challenge
Image of the badge for the Peloton Core For Four Challenge.

The following is an official rundown of the guidelines for the core challenge:

The Core For Four Challenge is designed to get you excited about working out. When you learn to harness your power, you’ll notice that each exercise you complete becomes progressively simpler. Participate in the challenge, which runs from August 10 through September 7, and perform eight core exercises within that time period to get the corresponding badge.

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