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Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral

Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral

Ashton Olivia Smith, a 34-year-old mom from Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently shared her weight loss journey on TikTok, inspiring many. She was at her wit’s end trying to shed the pounds until she discovered Wegovy. Ashton has now lost an impressive 40 pounds and feels like it’s completely turned her life around.

Just last week, her TikTok went viral as she showcased her transformation with before and after snapshots, having used the weight loss medication for over a year. Her post, which has already gathered over 984,000 views, came with an encouraging caption: “If you’re on the fence about starting Wegovy/Ozempic, let this be your sign!”

Wegovy and Ozempic are trade names for the drug semaglutide, a GLP-1 medication that replicates the action of a hormone produced in our stomach and pancreas.

Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral
Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral
Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral

These hormones communicate with the brain, signaling that there’s no need to eat, which helps reduce hunger and the desire for snacks. They also slow the stomach’s digestion process and boost insulin production from the pancreas.

Originally, Ozempic was developed for diabetes management, but doctors soon realized it had a surprising side effect: it helped patients lose weight. This discovery led to the development of Wegovy, which is tailored specifically to aid in weight reduction.

In an earlier video, Ashton talked about her struggle with weight gain that started in her 20s after having kids. She became a mom to four children between the ages of 21 and 29. She said she tried every possible method to slim down, including Phentermine and Contrave, which are medications prescribed for obesity.

“Nothing seemed to work, and when it did, I felt too jittery, which I couldn’t stand. Or, as soon as I stopped the medication, the weight would pile back on, plus more,” she shared. “When Wegovy was released a few years back, I thought, ‘Well, I might as well give it a shot.’ I was skeptical and didn’t want to get too excited.”

At her heaviest, Ashton recalls being in the 160-pound range, but she estimates she was around 152 pounds when she began her Wegovy regimen in September 2021. Fortunately, her insurance covers the prescription, which would otherwise cost over $1,000 without coverage.

Semaglutide is administered through a weekly injection. The dosage starts at 0.25 mg and is incrementally increased until it reaches 2.4 mg by the fifth month.

Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral
Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral
Oklahoma mom shed 40LBS in 4 months using Wegovy goes viral

“I shed the pounds so quickly that I thought, ‘Wow, this is like a miracle,'” she shared. “By January 2022, I hit my target of 128 pounds.”

Ashton has continued on the maximum dose of Wegovy for over a year to keep her weight steady, which stays in the range of 125 to 128 pounds.

She candidly confessed, “People might ask, ‘Do you eat well? Do you exercise?’ Honestly, I shouldn’t say this online, but my diet isn’t great, and I haven’t been to the gym in ages.”

She pointed out that nighttime snacking was her main problem, and Wegovy really helped her control those late-night urges to eat.

Ashton mentioned some side effects like nausea and dizziness when standing up too fast because she wasn’t feeling hungry and would sometimes skip meals.

Now, Ashton only uses the medication every three to four weeks because she’s happy with her current weight and doesn’t want to slim down further.

“This medicine has been a game-changer for me,” she expressed. “That’s why I can’t stop talking about it and recommending it to everyone I meet.”

After posting her before-and-after pictures, Ashton encountered some negative feedback. One person even said she ‘looked better before.’ In a response video, she clarified that her goal wasn’t just to improve her appearance.

“I started on Wegovy because I was carrying extra weight. To qualify for Wegovy, your BMI needs to be at least 30 or 27 with additional weight-related health issues, which I had,” she detailed.

Her main inspiration to lose weight came from her four kids. She wanted to be healthier and more energetic for them.

“Anyone who’s been overweight understands the physical discomfort,” she remarked. “I needed to lose weight to be a better mom to my children—that was my number one priority.”

Wegovy and Ozempic have been in the spotlight as potential miracle drugs after studies showed participants could lose up to 15 percent of their body weight within 68 weeks. However, these drugs are currently in short supply across the United States.

Tech leader Elon Musk has openly praised Wegovy for aiding in his weight loss last year, and there were whispers that Kim Kardashian used it as her go-to method to shed 16 pounds in just three weeks before the 2022 Met Gala.

Yet, it may come as a surprise that two-thirds of those who stop taking these medications tend to regain the weight within a few months. To maintain their new physique, most individuals find they need to continue with the injections indefinitely.

Weight loss specialist Dr. Christopher McGowan from North Carolina shared with that committing to this drug for shedding pounds is a long-term endeavor.

“The moment you discontinue the medication, your body begins to revert to gaining weight. It’s an ongoing battle,” he said. “This is much like how we manage other conditions such as hypertension or elevated cholesterol levels. You wouldn’t cease taking your medicine once your cholesterol drops; you’d stick with it.”

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