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Ozempic face before and after: 5 women tell the truth about it all

Ozempic face before and after: 5 women tell the truth about it all

Individuals who use Ozempic and its counterpart, Wegovy, have been open about their personal journeys with these medications, including their Ozempic face before and after.

Experiencing a significant change in physique, individuals have proudly showcased their new, leaner figures and attributed this change to Ozempic, a medication primarily used for managing Type 2 diabetes. This drug is popular for its appetite-suppressing qualities, leading to reduced food intake.

Although not officially sanctioned for weight reduction, Ozempic’s notable side effect of weight loss has led some healthcare providers to prescribe it for that very reason. For those specifically aiming to shed pounds, Wegovy offers an alternative. It also contains semaglutide, the same key component found in Ozempic, and has received approval for aiding in weight loss.

Taking these medications isn’t without potential drawbacks. Common adverse reactions reported by Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of both drugs, include gastrointestinal issues such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, and constipation. More severe complications like pancreatitis, gallbladder conditions, and renal failure are also risks highlighted by the company.

Continued use of semaglutide is necessary to maintain weight loss benefits; otherwise, the weight tends to return, as research indicates. The cost can be prohibitive for some, with Ozempic priced at around $900 and Wegovy at approximately $1,300 for a month’s supply, especially if insurance doesn’t cover them. Novo Nordisk acknowledges the financial challenges Americans face in affording healthcare, including semaglutide treatments, and expresses commitment to expanding coverage and accessibility. features narratives from those who have used Ozempic and Wegovy, along with their transformative before-and-after images.‘It makes food less important.’

Ozempic face before and after

Pepper Schwartz Ozempic face before and after her weight loss. Courtesy Pepper Schwartz

Pepper Schwartz, who isn’t a Type 2 diabetes patient, started taking Ozempic off-label in 2022. Her decision came after her doctor, supported by additional medical evaluations, concluded it was a suitable option for her, leading to her physician prescribing it. Since then, she’s shed roughly 30 pounds and has successfully kept her weight steady around that figure.

Reflecting on her health, especially considering her age, Schwartz, a 78-year-old resident of Snoqualmie, Washington, shared with in April 2023 that managing her weight is no longer something she can take lightly. She expressed joy over the positive impacts on her health indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which have become her primary focus rather than fitting into a tiny dress size.

In addition to its role in controlling blood sugar levels, Ozempic has the green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help lower the chances of heart attacks, strokes, or death among adults with Type 2 diabetes who also have established heart disease.

Novo Nordisk revealed in August 2023 that Wegovy similarly reduces the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks.

Schwartz, who is well-versed in matters of sex and relationships, pinpointed the start of her weight challenges to her late 30s, attributing it to a period of increased eating. She’s noticed that since taking Ozempic, her appetite has diminished: “Food just doesn’t seem as central anymore,” she observes.

Still requires exercise and a healthy diet

Ozempic face before and after

Jamel Corona weighed 225 pounds when she started taking Wegovy in December 2021 and now weighs 167 pounds. She says the medication was the boost she needed to slim down. Ozempic face before and after Courtesy Jamel Corona / @lifeofjcorona via Instagram

Jamel Corona shares that she opted for Wegovy in 2021 when her own efforts to slim down weren’t fruitful, even with a healthy lifestyle in place.

She’s since dropped around 60 pounds but emphasizes that the weight loss was a slow journey that still demanded careful eating and consistent workouts. “Social media often paints a picture of quick, effortless weight loss. For some, that might be true, but it hasn’t been my experience,” says the 37-year-old accountant from Chicago in a conversation with

“I’m dedicated to my fitness routine, hitting the gym five times a week, and I stick to a very healthy diet.”

Her weight has reached a steady state, and as of her July 2023 appointment with her endocrinologist, the plan is to continue using Wegovy for the foreseeable future.

Interestingly, Corona noticed a side effect she hadn’t anticipated: her social drinking habits dwindled after she began the medication.

Struggling with side effects

Ozempic face before and after

The weight loss is visible on Jeannine DellaVecchia’s Ozempic face before and after. Courtesy Jeannine DellaVecchia

Jeannine DellaVecchia, 40, was prescribed Ozempic to manage insulin resistance symptoms stemming from congenital adrenal hyperplasia and polycystic ovary syndrome.

While weight loss wasn’t her main concern, she was curious about the potential slimming effects of the drug. Indeed, she found herself 30 pounds lighter from August 2022 to February 2023. However, due to adverse reactions, she discontinued the medication and hasn’t resumed it.

Working in a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, DellaVecchia recalls times when she had to push herself to eat while on Ozempic because of its side effects. She experienced a complete lack of hunger, constant nausea, and frequent vomiting, as she recounted to in March 2023.

“Eating just didn’t appeal to me… it simply wasn’t right for my body,” she explained.

Despite stopping the medication, DellaVecchia has managed to keep the weight off by following a keto diet.‘You have to do the work’

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures
Jackson-Williams lost 180 pounds while taking Ozempic.

Barbie Jackson-Williams, a 54-year-old resident of Des Moines, Iowa, credits her impressive loss of 180 pounds to both Ozempic and a dedicated fitness regimen.

Tipping the scales at over 400 pounds previously, she began using Ozempic in early 2021 with dual goals: to reduce her weight and to better control her Type 2 diabetes. Since starting the medication, Jackson-Williams shared with NBC News that she’s been choosing healthier foods, her blood sugar levels have improved to a prediabetic range, and she’s embraced a more active and healthy lifestyle.

“People think it’s just about taking the drug to become thin, but that’s not the case,” she remarked. “It takes real effort, and that’s something people often overlook.”

Cost is a concern

Ozempic weight loss before and after pictures
Tell before Ozempic, left, and after losing 30 pounds on the medication.

Wendy Tell is concerned about the possibility of regaining the 25 pounds she shed with the help of Ozempic, which she uses mainly to manage her Type 2 diabetes. The thought of discontinuing the medication worries her, yet the cost of staying on it is also daunting.

The retired educator from Yorktown, Virginia, who is covered by Medicare, explained to NBC News that her prescription plan’s coverage caps lead her to pay over $700 for a three-month supply.

“I’m facing a tough choice,” she shared. “Will I be able to continue the treatment? It’s a lot of money we’re talking about.”

How much weight can you lose in a month on Ozempic?

Research has shown that individuals who took semaglutide injections once a week experienced an average weight reduction of roughly 15 pounds over three months and approximately 27 pounds by the six-month mark. This means they were shedding close to 5 pounds each month on average.

What foods should you avoid while taking Ozempic?

Emily Rubin, a registered dietitian, suggests that to minimize nausea when taking semaglutide, it’s best to steer clear of hot, fried, or oily meals and to keep away from consuming or preparing foods with potent odors.

She advises not to rush through meals and to avoid drinking large beverages while eating. Rubin is part of the team at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Can Ozempic kickstart weight loss?

“Semaglutide essentially works by curbing hunger,” explained Dr. Leigh Perreault, an endocrinologist at UCHealth in Denver, Colorado, in a past interview with

It acts like the hormone GLP-1 that is normally secreted into the intestines when you eat, signaling to your brain that you’ve consumed a meal. This leads to a decrease in appetite and a quicker sensation of fullness during meals, as Dr. Louis Aronne, a specialist in obesity medicine and the director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian, also previously mentioned to

Additionally, the medication has an effect on how quickly the stomach empties, slowing down calorie absorption and enhancing the feeling of satiety, he noted.

The FDA advises that semaglutide for weight management should be accompanied by a diet lower in calories and an uptick in physical activity.

Disclaimer and its team members shall not be held responsible for any adverse effects, consequences, or misunderstandings that may arise from the use of Ozmpic discussed in this article. Users should independently verify product information and seek professional medical advice before making any health-related decisions. By reading and relying on this article, users acknowledge and accept that and its team members are not liable for any issues that may arise from the use of Ozempic or similar products.

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