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Peloton and Hilton Announces Partnership for Hotels and Special Discounts

Peloton and Hilton Announces Partnership for Hotels and Special Discounts

Peloton and Hilton have just entered a new collaboration, and according to the announcement made by Peloton, each of the five thousand Hilton hotels in USA will have at minimum 1 Peloton Bike installed in their sports and fitness facility by the end of 2022.

The following is the wording that the corporation used to make the announcement:

Now, Hilton and Peloton launched a relationship that is a first for the hospitality business. Because of this agreement, Hilton is the first hotel brand to showcase Peloton Bikes throughout its complete network of award-winning hospitality brands in the United States. Almost all thousands of Hilton-named hotels in the United States will have at least 1 Peloton Bike available for their respective fitness centers by the conclusion of the year. This is done intending to provide visitors with a more comprehensive wellness treatment, which will include access to Peloton’s extensive linked exercise programs and its world-class trainers.

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Additional Discounts:

In addition, participants of Hilton Honors will be eligible to get exclusive benefits via Peloton, including a free extended trial of Peloton app for ninety days and preferential pricing on certain pieces of gear. Peloton has introduced a brand new help page and homepage in connection with the relationship.

Hilton guests are eligible for a savings of $100 off the Bike, this applies also to Tread, plus a $25 off Guide when purchasing Peloton exercise equipment.

The promotions will begin on October 3 and will continue through January 1 of the following year, 2023. It is important to note that the offers contain discount codes that are displayed on Peloton’s website; however, it is still unknown if or how Peloton will confirm that individuals who use the coupons are in fact members of the Hilton Honors loyalty program.

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