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Peloton Launches “Extra 10” Classes – Ride & Run

Peloton Launches “Extra 10” Classes – Ride & Run

Peloton just unveiled an exciting workout twist called “Bonus 10.” The big reveal happened on Instagram recently. Imagine, what could you achieve with an extra 10 minutes?

Say hello to 💥BONUS 10💥—a fresh class style for the Bike and Tread that dives straight into action, skipping the warm-up. Attach them to any session and get the most out of your workout.

Grab one for yourself today—ready to go whenever you want! Explore 18 brand-new classes led by 18 different instructors, all accessible across every Peloton platform.


These classes don’t have a warm-up, lasting precisely 10 minutes each, and are made to be combined with another workout. In fact, every class comes with a caution, stating:

Take this Extra 10 class only after you’ve properly warmed up in a prior session with a full workout or warm-up. Extra 10 classes are intended to enhance your workout since they lack a warm-up.

Various workout styles are featured in the classes, with rides covering climbs, low impact, and intervals, and runs including walks, runs, and hikes. Peloton introduced a new series exclusively for the Extra 10 classes. According to the official description, if you’ve finished your workout but want more, select an Extra 10 class from this collection, combine it with any workout, and see your yearly minutes increase.


There isn’t a special badge for taking an Extra 10 class, and Peloton had a similar series last year called “Stacking Stuffers” during the holidays. It remains to be seen if Extra 10 replaces Stacking Stuffers or if both will be offered this year.

All the available Extra 10 classes can be found in the dedicated Peloton collection. Robin Arzón mentioned on her Instagram stories that she’ll soon release an Extra 10 class, suggesting that Peloton will continue expanding this collection.


Are you planning to include this new content in your workout routine?

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