Peloton Releases Alex Toussaint’s First Outdoor Running & Walking Audio Classes

Alex Toussaint, the Peloton instructor, has some exciting news for his fans. He’s just introduced his very first outdoor running and walking classes! You can now find a 20-minute audio-only Power Walk in the on-demand library, and it was made available on June 22 at 10:00 am ET.

Even though Alex started as a Tread instructor back in November 2022, he had only focused on running sessions on the Tread. This new outdoor power walk marks his debut in outdoor fitness content, as well as his first-ever walking class. Up until now, he hadn’t taught any Tread walks, walk + runs, or hiking sessions. It’s a fresh and exciting addition to his repertoire!

Peloton Releases Alex Toussaint's First Outdoor Running & Walking Audio

Back in April 2023, we got our first hint that Alex might be gearing up for some outdoor content. He posted a picture on his Instagram story, and it sure looked like he was in one of those studios where they film outdoor running classes.

And it’s not just outdoor workouts we might expect. On social media, someone mentioned wanting to see Alex lead walks on the Tread, and guess what? Alex replied with a promising “coming soon!!”

Are you eager to see more of Alex’s outdoor workouts and perhaps some walks, walk & runs, and even hikes?

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