Assal Arian Celebrates One Year With Peloton

It’s truly astonishing that an entire year has passed since Assal Arian became part of the Peloton team as a strength instructor. Nevertheless, today, we’re commemorating Assal’s one-year milestone with the company. Come along with CityRyde as we explore Assal’s path to Peloton, her influence on our members, and the exciting future ahead for this incredibly skilled instructor.

From Dancer to Police Officer to Peloton Instructor

Assal’s love for moving began when she was a child, inspired by her mother’s dance background. Though dance provided her with a solid foundation, she yearned for something more in life. Her quest for a challenge led her to the police force, where she also uncovered the benefits of strength training to enhance her abilities for the job. As her career in law enforcement was drawing to a close, Peloton reached out to her, and that’s when she discovered her true passion. Assal found her calling with Peloton, where she could merge her passion for movement and strength training, becoming a devoted instructor.

Assal Arian peloton
Bringing a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds, including dance and law enforcement, Assal offers a wide range of knowledge and skills to her Peloton strength classes.

One Year of Empowering Peloton Members

Over the past year, Assal has left a significant mark on Peloton members. Her strength classes are renowned for their combination of challenge and support, emphasizing proper form and technique to ensure members maximize their workouts. With her vibrant personality and contagious enthusiasm, she has cultivated a dedicated following of members who eagerly await each of her classes.

Looking Forward to Many More Years with Peloton

Assal’s inaugural year at Peloton has truly been a remarkable journey, and we’re filled with anticipation for what lies ahead in her future. We are confident that she will persist in inspiring and empowering members for years to come.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience one of Assal’s classes yet, why hesitate? While she primarily teaches in German, subtitles are readily available, making her classes accessible to nearly everyone. Give one a try today, and you’ll quickly understand why she’s earned such a cherished place within the Peloton community. Congratulations to Assal on her first year, and here’s to countless more to come!

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