Intermediate 5 Day Split Peloton Strength Program with Ben Alldis

Peloton recently launched its second batch of split training strength programs for the Peloton Guide. Among these, Ben Alldis is the instructor for one of the new strength training programs. He’ll be leading five classes throughout the week, and each class will run for a half-hour. These workouts are geared towards those at an intermediate fitness level.

These split strength programs are short, lasting just one week each, and are guided by a single instructor. They vary in length, with some consisting of 3 to 5 workouts. The great thing is, you can cycle through these programs repeatedly to monitor your progress and see improvements over time. Plus, as an added bonus, there are badges you can earn by completing classes as part of the program. So, it’s a fantastic way to challenge yourself and stay motivated!

Program Overview

Program Description

Let’s dive into Ben Alldis’ Intermediate 5 Day Split Strength Program, brought to you by Peloton. Get ready to supercharge your workouts with Ben as he guides you through a week-long program designed to boost your strength and muscle-building potential. With a focus on using heavier weights and targeting different body areas in each workout, you’ll be able to see those gains in action. The best part? You can repeat these workouts to keep tabs on your progress and watch yourself grow stronger.

Program Badges

When it comes to Peloton programs, badges are part of the fun! You’ve got the chance to earn some shiny recognition. Finish three classes, and you’ll proudly sport a Bronze badge. Level up to four classes, and you’ll snag the Silver badge. But if you’re a real fitness champ and complete all five classes, the prestigious Gold badge will be yours to wear as a symbol of your accomplishment. So, go on, earn those badges and wear them with pride!

Class List & Schedule

Below, you’ll find a list of the classes scheduled for each week in our program. It’s important to note that these exciting new programs have been specially crafted for our Peloton Guide users and will be exclusively available to them for approximately seven weeks. If you don’t have a Guide, you can look forward to accessing these classes around December 5, 2022. What sets these new programs apart from the previous ones is that they are more firmly established when they are initially released.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to Ben’s Int. 5 Day Split! Get ready to ignite your body with a week of split training that’s tailored to target every part of your body and inspire you to keep coming back for more.

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