New Target Metrics for Guided Classes

Peloton just included a whole new component in the guided scenic courses that are offered on both the Bike+ and the Tread. As a result of the addition of target metrics, members will now be able to make use of the auto-follow function.

Only this year, Peloton has introduced several new guided scenic sessions, including those from London, Oregon, and Scotland, among other locations.

New Target Metrics for Guided Classes
Peloton Instagram post announcing target metrics on guided scenic content.

On the treadmill, the target metrics presented include cadence and resistance, while on the bike, these are displayed with speed. Members who have a Bike+ or a Tread would be able to utilize the auto-follow option now that goal metrics have been introduced to guided scenic material. This implies that the difficulty that the rider experiences on the Bike+ will be dynamically changed following the directions given by the teacher. This indicates that the Tread’s slope will be instantly adjusted to the appropriate level for the runner.

To refresh your memory, scenic material is only available to Peloton users who have a Bike or Tread. It is not available to members who have the Peloton app.

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