Peloton Thanksgiving Turkey Burn Rides: How Did It Go?

Live Thanksgiving Day Turkey Burn courses hosted by Peloton are consistently regarded as among the most popular offerings available. On Thanksgiving Day 2022, Peloton planned to host two live courses with members of the community. After Alex Toussaint’s live session on the Tread session, here it was Arzon’s live Turkey Burn Ride.

On the live ranking, the number of participants in the Alex Toussaint Run for 2022 peaked at roughly 14,000. This resulted in a new milestone for the most persons ever participating in a Peloton Tread session.

Also proving to be rather famous was Robin Arzon‘s Burn ride; in fact, this year there were over 43,000 members of the live community who participated in Robin’s Turkey Burn ride. In the year 2020, the number of people participating in Robin Arzon’s live ride reached its highest point, which set a record for the most famous Peloton class that has not been surpassed to this day.

However, several members were concerned that the servers that Peloton uses would not be able to handle the large number of riders who would be participating in the class. In the last several weeks, Peloton has had multiple server problems, often in conjunction with well-attended events. Although this, there were not a lot of complaints of Peloton’s Thanksgiving Day Turkey Burn presently crashing or having server problems.

If a member participated in one of the two live turkey burning courses, they were eligible to get the “Turkey Burn 2022” special badge.

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