What is the song in Peloton’s ‘The Peloton Effect’ Holiday commercial?

There are many reasons why you might not want to purchase any type of exercise equipment. The number one reason is that you won’t have enough motivation to stick to a regular workout routine. Peloton was founded in 2010 and has since created interactive products to help overcome this problem. Peloton’s exercise equipment can be linked remotely to various live classes so users can feel like they’re at the gym.

The controversy surrounding its 2019 Christmas spot, “The Gift That Gives Back,” caused some to be upset at the premise of the spot which featured a husband gifting his wife an exercise equipment. This essentially made the name Peloton a household name. Three years later, the company is still thriving and recently we were given another interesting holiday TV spot.

Some people find the gift of a healthy lifestyle combined with digitally streaming motivation to be the perfect gift. Peloton has returned to show us why their products make a great gift to wrap and give to your loved ones. The marketing team successfully combined the holiday spirit and the desire to get off the sofa with their new commercial. The thumping music throughout the commercial is one of its best features.

Big Shaq is the source of the song featured in the new Peloton commercial

Peloton has released a new commercial to encourage buyers and future users. This commercial is different from previous ones. It starts with a couple who already owns and uses their Peloton machines. The featured trainers Alex Toussaint & Robin Arzon are back on the streaming screens to encourage students to push harder. This is when the couple realizes that it’s time for them to stop working out and get ready to enjoy the holidays. These trainers are still available in their homes, motivating them to finish their chores just as on the Peloton screens.

All this happens to the head-bopping track that plays, called “Man’s Not Hot” by Big Shaq. Big Shaq, the British comedian Michael Dapaah’s rapper-name, converted his BBC Radio One freestyle performance into this official song. The single was certified platinum in the United Kingdom via Mobo, while the official YouTube video has received more than 410,000,000 views. The new commercial will only increase those views. There are already many comments referring to the equipment company. This holiday gift is sure to be a hit with both Big Shaq and Peloton.

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