Tonal Announces the Rise in Subscription Prices for 2023

Tonal announced that it will be raising the cost of the monthly membership for all of its users. Tonal’s subscription service used to cost $49, but the price has been increased to $59.95 plus tax, and this is the new price going forward.

The new pricing structure will be implemented at the beginning of the subsequent billing cycle for those customers who have been members for more than a year. It won’t take effect for anyone who has been a member of Tonal for less than a year; rather, it won’t take effect until the first month when you have been a member for a whole year.

Tonal Announces the Rise in Subscription Prices for 2023
Tonal chart comparison

Additionally, following the regulations of the jurisdiction, a sales tax will be added to the total cost of the monthly subscription. The precise percentage will be determined by the billing zip code that has been assigned to your account. Because of this, members will see yet another few dollars added to their dues.

In case you didn’t see it earlier, Tonal also announced that they will be raising the rate on the Tonal equipment directly. Effective on January 31st, the price will go up from $3,495 to $3,995. In June of 2022, they also implemented a further price increase for the device of an additional $500.

Tonal informed its users of the upcoming monthly pricing adjustment in an email that was sent out today. The communication also provided some background and reasons for the upcoming changes. In addition to this, they present a graphic that compares the material and features that were available in 2018 to those that are accessible currently.

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