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Pet Influencer: Top 15 Animal Lovers on Social Media

Pet Influencer: Top 15 Animal Lovers on Social Media

If you’re a pet lover, chances are you’ve got a list of go-to “pet influencers” that you adore on social media. These profiles are treasure troves of joy, brimming with hilarious pet shenanigans, stunning animal photography, and tales of adventure. Ready for some tail-wagging fun? Here are the must-follow pet influencer accounts this year!

The Top 15 Pet Influencers

These charming pet influencers have the magic touch to lift your spirits and craft engaging content that often spotlights pet products and brands. Whether it’s farm animals, exotic creatures, or our beloved household pets, each one has influencers who leave a paw print on their followers’ purchasing choices.

1. *JiffPom*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Jiff the Pomeranian is nothing short of a worldwide sensation. Not only has he set world records, but he’s also graced music videos, including Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” in 2014. His Instagram account, boasting nearly 10 million followers, is a haven for all things adorable and fluffy.

This little superstar has bagged numerous brand endorsements, including iHeart Radio, and even has his own merchandise line at Walmart, @jiffpomcutelife. Plus, he’s renowned for always being on point with the cutest puppy outfits.

2. *Nala Cat*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Meet @nala_cat, a bona fide influencer who’s even earned Instagram’s blue-check verification. This cherished adopted pet is also a Guinness World Record holder, boasting the highest number of Instagram followers for a cat at over 4.4 million.

Nala’s Instagram profile offers a glimpse into the luxurious life of a top-tier cat, with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Her brand collaborations are as impressive as her fluffy persona, featuring names like The Litter Robot, Not Milk, and Farmville 3. Plus, she has her own food line, @lovenala.

3. *Tucker The Golden Retriever*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Say hello to @Tuckerbudzyn, a golden retriever who’s won over 3.3 million Instagram followers. He’s the perfect influencer, combining a lovable and slightly sassy personality with a talent for promotions. He’s even launched his own Tucker calendar!

His human companion, Courtney, gives us a peek into Tucker’s world, sharing his preferred products, funny Reels inspired by popular audio and pop culture, and stunning snapshots of this fluffy pup. Lately, Tucker has been sharing the limelight with his son, @toddbudzyn, who’s quickly gathering his fan base.

4. *Grumpy Cat*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Meet @realgrumpycat, the original sourpuss that has captured our hearts. Her Instagram is a delightful mix of irresistible cuteness and costumes, made even more charming by her apparent grumpiness. Her popularity has spawned her merchandise line, countless memes, and even her NFT.

With over 2.6 million Instagram followers, Grumpy Cat shares her grouchy expressions, amusing outfits, and humorous content. She’s collaborated with numerous brands like Crazy Bricks, Bingo Bash, Funko, and DX Racer chairs, and even has her own series of children’s books with Random House Kids.

5. *Juniper and Friends*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Check out the delightful world of @juniperfoxx on Instagram! This charming account showcases a unique family of rescued animals. The account first gained fame with Juniper, a spirited fox, but now it’s a whole crew stealing the show. They all have moments to shine, from a playful raccoon to slithering snakes, cuddly sugar gliders, sweet possums, and everyday furry friends like dogs and cats.

With over 3 million followers, these adorable creatures don’t just share their cute antics; they’ve also teamed up with big names like CashApp, Farmville, and Sims4 for some fun collaborations. Join in and follow their adventures!

6. *Mr. Pokee*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Meet Herbee, the adventurous hedgehog behind the Instagram handle @mr.pokee. With a following of 1.8 million, Herbee takes his fans on thrilling journeys worldwide. His Instagram is a delightful mix of travel experiences and adorable miniatures like hedgehog outfits, tiny hats, and cute waddles.

The family has grown with the addition of another hedgehog named Dumpling and cats Henree, Wallee, and Bumblebee. This lovable pet squad has even bagged brand partnerships with Photo Leap, Pokemon, and Tractive. Follow their exciting escapades!

7. *Doug The Pug*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Say hello to @itsDougthepug, the internet’s beloved pug. With a fan base of 3.8 million on Instagram, Doug’s popularity reaches far beyond social media. He’s rubbed shoulders with the Stranger Things cast, inspired artist Romero Britto, starred in Mitchells vs Machines, and even has a children’s book published by Scholastic.

His Instagram feed is filled with top-notch pet photos, thrilling travel experiences, and encounters with celebrities. Doug’s charm has also led to high-profile partnerships with brands like Budweiser, Petco, and CauliPower. Join his exciting journey!

8. *Jill The Squirrel*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Meet Jill, the 9-year-old squirrel who’s taken Instagram by storm with her account @this_girl_is_a_squirrel. Rescued and raised as a pet, Jill has won over 706k followers with her love for parkour and Starbucks napkins. She enjoys dressing up and leads a lively, playful life with her human family.

Her Instagram feed is filled with delightful snaps of her cute squirrel face peeking out from under flowers, donning a tiara, showing off her parkour moves, and sampling various treats. Jill has collaborated with brands like Henry’s Pets and Pop Your Pup and even boasts a merchandise line featuring socks and tees. Join in on her fun-filled adventures!

9. *Shortcake*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Say hello to @Theladyshortcake, a rescued bulldog from California whose infectious smile will brighten your day. She’s a bundle of joy and positivity that radiates happiness. With a following of 201k on Instagram, her family uses this platform to advocate for pet adoption and support rescue charities. Join them in their mission!

10. *Rocco*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Meet @rocco_roni, the adorable Old English Sheepdog who’s become an internet sensation thanks to his endearing clumsiness. He loves spreading joy on Instagram to his 108k followers, often accompanied by his furry sibling and little human sister.

You can catch him rocking some stylish glasses, flaunting his fluffy strut, and enjoying personalized tales from Petlandia. Rocco’s charm has also led him to team up with big names like PetCon, Vanderpump Dogs, and Blue Buffalo.

11. *Hamlet The Pig*

Pet Influencer Influencers

Say hello to @hamlet_the_piggy, a pampered piggy lady hailing from Nashville. She lives the high life with her own couch and fireplace, much to the delight of her 332k Instagram followers. Her feed is a charming mix of family moments, Hamlet donning cool sunglasses, and various adventures.

Hamlet’s popularity has led to partnerships with brands like Farmville, Nationwide, and PetCon. Plus, she and her human family are dedicated fans of the Miami Dolphins.

12. *Mila The Talking Dog*

Mila The Talking Dog Influencers

Introducing @Meesa_Mila, a remarkably smart Collie mix who loves to showcase her language-learning abilities and playful antics to her 238k Instagram followers. You’ll be amazed as Mila interacts with her humans using Fluent Pet button kits.

Her brother Schatzi often joins in the fun, although he’s less fascinated by the buttons. Together, they love exploring the great outdoors, a refreshing change from their city apartment life. Mila has also partnered with brands like Fi Dogs and Soul CBD and is proudly associated with Fluent Pet.

13. *Chompers The Corgi*

Influencers Chompers The Corgi

Meet @Chompersthecorgi, the charming corgi with adorable short legs that everyone adores. Residing in San Francisco with his human family, he shares snapshots of his exciting life with his 116k Instagram followers.

He’s worked with brands like Stella and Chewys and even graced the cover of John Hodgman’s book, ‘Medallion Status.’ Chomper is also a travel influencer, sharing his adventures to stunning locations and fun destinations.

14. *Teddy The Shetland*

Influencers Teddy The Shetland

Say hello to @Teddytheshetland, a charming Shetland pony from the UK who’s also a self-styled international heart-throb and model. His posts offer a captivating mix of the beautiful English countryside and the posh London lifestyle, all from Teddy’s unique viewpoint.

Join Teddy as he explores The Boring, Buckingham Palace, The London Horse Show, and the lush fields of his rural home. He shares his fun-filled pony escapades with his 164k Instagram followers, often featuring his fellow Shetlands and his little brother, Rusty the Cocker Spaniel (@rustytheworkingcocker).

Teddy has also collaborated with brands like Schleich, Crayola, and West Elm.

15. *Jax The Siberian Husky*

Influencers Jax The Siberian Husky

Meet @siberianhusky_jax, a stunning Siberian Husky from Norway known for his captivating mismatched eyes – one amber brown and the other icy blue. He shares his adventurous life with his human companion.

His Instagram feed is a delightful blend of playful shenanigans, beautiful dog portraits, and outdoor escapades with his humans. Jax has also partnered with several brands like Furbo Dog Cameras, Woof Packs, and Butternut Box.

What Is a “Petfluencer?”

Influencer marketing’s rise has led to the creation of unique influencer categories. We now see a variety of specialized influencers, such as those focusing on parenting, skincare, senior lifestyles, and even children’s activities. Each area of interest usually features several influential personalities.

Among these new categories, pet influencers are gaining traction. While operated by humans, these accounts showcase pet-centric content and are becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

For those who adore pets, this innovative angle offers a great opportunity for pet brands to connect with their audience. Much like their counterparts in other niches, pet influencers produce content that is engaging, informative, and uplifting, targeting a specific group of viewers.

Their focus can vary widely. Some highlight the importance of adopting and rescuing animals, while others may concentrate on pedigree breeds and competitive shows. You’ll even find pet travel enthusiasts, such as Chompers The Corgi, who share their adventures online.

The Rise of Pet influencers

The pet influencer trend has been embraced by many, including famous names like Grumpy Cat, Tucker The Golden Retriever, Nala The Cat, and JiffPom. There’s even a following for Mary Lee, a great white shark that roams the eastern seaboard, making her an unconventional influencer.

These accounts typically start as platforms for sharing endearing pet pictures and tales, but they soon evolve into influential spaces. Remember Prancer, the high-maintenance Chihuahua who became an internet sensation? His adoption team humorously described him as “a Chucky doll in a dog’s body,” yet his irresistible charm led to his adoption.

People are naturally drawn to things that bring joy and smiles, and pets do just that. Pet influencers leverage this affection to engage their audience. As more pet brands recognize this potential, seasoned influencer marketing agencies can provide enticing opportunities within this specialized market.

Pets as Influencers

The timeless appeal of “cat photos” and other pet images has always held a special place in social media. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of cats, dogs, pigs, ducks, or wildlife. The charm of adorable animal pictures resonates with a broad audience.

As observed, some pet influencers have gathered followers in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, positioning them as macro or mega influencers. However, like traditional influencers, most fall within the micro-influencer or mid-tier influencer category.

The possibilities for promotional creativity are virtually endless. Pet content creators might promote a new puzzle toy by sharing a video of their pet playing with it while they discuss its features. They could also feature a pet-friendly wagon or stroller during a park stroll.

It’s worth noting that not all content is exclusively pet-focused. Some accounts blend pet and lifestyle themes, offering content creators and brands a broader spectrum of promotional opportunities.

Pet Influencers for Change

Not all pet influencers are driven by monetary gains. Many of the audience are deeply passionate about animal welfare and prefer to support causes rather than make purchases.

There’s certainly a place for cause-oriented pet influencers! They often highlight and promote charities, shelters, and foundations to raise awareness and garner support.

In 2017, TikTok initiated a campaign to fundraise for Blue Cross, a pet nonprofit. Users were encouraged to share videos of their pets using the hashtag #petbff. For every 10,000 videos shared, TikTok donated £1 to Blue Cross.

Animal shelters and nonprofits also leverage social media to raise funds or awareness for issues like overcrowded shelters, animal rescue efforts, and the importance of spaying and neutering. Despite having large followings, they’re not considered influencers in the traditional sense.

Some pet influencers extend their advocacy to environmental causes that affect animals and pets. This could involve promoting slow gardening, reducing microplastics, advocating for pesticide-free gardening, planting bee-friendly flora, protecting wetlands, and respecting local wildlife.

These matters greatly resonate with pet and animal enthusiasts worldwide.

The Power of Pet influencers

Like those mentioned earlier, pet influencers are making significant progress across various social media platforms. Rescue groups, animal shelters, and nonprofits can utilize the appeal of adorable dogs, cats, and exotic pets to promote their cause and boost support.

Brands related to pets can discover a captivating and lucrative space with pet content creators. They offer audiences a glimpse into how your products work in real-life scenarios.

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