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FC Barcelona is preparing a big transfer. It will be a blockbuster

FC Barcelona is preparing a big transfer. It will be a blockbuster

FC Barcelona has been working on the transfer of N’Golo Kante from Chelsea FC for quite some time. If all goes well for the Catalans, the deal could have its happy ending as early as January.

Since N’Golo Kante arrived at Chelsea FC, he has made impressive progress. His skills have grown month by month until he has reached a point in his career where it’s hard to imagine the team without him. However, the London authorities may be forced to do so.

The Frenchman has just entered the final year of his contract with the London club. Talks on extending his stay at Stamford Bridge have been going on practically since 2021, but until now, nothing has changed in this regard.

As The Athletic reported a few months ago, the 31-year-old rejected the offer of a new contract because he would have expected a longer term.

Kante’s situation is being strongly watched by FC Barcelona, with Sergio Busquets bidding farewell in the summer. The Chelsea FC defensive midfielder would be an ideal reinforcement for the Catalan Pride, who are already working on his transfer.

“Indeed, there is a conviction in the 31-year-old’s camp that he is already tired of performing in the Premier League and wants to try his hand in new colors,” – stresses the daily Sport, which adds that the player would love to move to Camp Nou.

Negotiations could be finalized as early as January if the player successfully completes his recovery. Recall that at the end of October, Kante had to lie on the operating table, causing him to miss the World Cup.

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