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Japan is out of the World Cup. Look what they left in the locker room

Japan is out of the World Cup. Look what they left in the locker room

The Japanese national team finished participating in the World Cup in Qatar at the 1/8 finals. After the meeting with Croatia, the whole team showed great class.

Recall that the Japanese national team was eliminated from the World Cup after losing on penalties to Croatia. Naturally, the samurai had a right to be disappointed. Nevertheless, they played with the vice-champions of the world as equals, and on the group stage, they managed to defeat Germany and Spain.

Despite the bitterness after the penalty shoot-out against Croatia, the Japanese team did not forget their great habit. She cleaned the locker room and left it immaculate. But that’s not all.

The team also made origami cranes, which they left on a table placed in the middle of the locker room. In addition, the players put the word “thank you” in Arabic and Japanese under it.

The behavior of the players from the country of the rising sun was mentioned after the previous matches. The locker room was also cleaned by them at that time. Japanese fans also set an example for others, who removed garbage from the stands, not only after matches in which they supported their idols.

Japan wrote a beautiful story again at the football world cup. Not only in sports but also in non-sports terms.

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