Scandal during the match. He climbed onto the roof of the stadium and began to urinate

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The unusual incident occurred during a friendly cricket match between Australia and England. A man appeared on the roof of the stadium and decided to urinate there. The man was arrested by the police.

A bizarre incident at a cricket match in Australia

The incident took place on Saturday evening at the Sydney Cricket Ground, which has a capacity of 47,000 fans. During the second half of the match, a man appeared on the roof of the Australian cricket legend Bill O’Reilly.

This behavior surprised the audience. Surprise turned into shock when the man, staying on the roof of the stadium, decided to urinate towards the pitch. Everything was recorded by the fans, and many videos of this situation appeared on the web.

The 31-year-old was arrested by the police and has already faced two charges. The first concern was climbing a building without proper permission, and the second concerns obscene behavior in a public place. The Australian police announced the allegations in an official statement.

The man has been released on bail, but that doesn’t mean his troubles are over. The date of the hearing is set for July 25, at which the 31-year-old will hear the verdict in the case. There are many indications that the man will be punished with a heavy fine.

Saturday’s match between Australia and England ended with the victory of the visitors 21:17. The two teams had previously agreed on a three-match series which England won 2-1.

As reported by the AP, the match was the first to be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground since 1986. After Saturday’s excess, it can be assumed that the facility is waiting for another break. Or at least an exchange of protection.

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