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Strong words about Robert Lewandowski. “He was one of the weakest”

Strong words about Robert Lewandowski. “He was one of the weakest”

Robert Lewandowski scored two goals during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and the Poles ended their participation in the World Cup in the 1/8 finals; Kamil Kosowski criticized his game.

In Qatar, the Polish national team achieved the minimum goal, which was to get out of the group. Unfortunately, the White Reds did it in a nightmare style; they were criticized for their defensive tactics. In the group stage, they had only four shots on target; in this respect, they were the worst in the entire Qatar 2022 World Cup.

There were a lot of reservations about the offensive game of our team. Robert Lewandowski finished the World Cup with two goals on his account, but it did not bring him glory. He scored one from the penalty spot in the last minute of added time against France when it was already 0-3 for the rivals. He also scored in the only win against Saudi Arabia.

Lewandowski was criticized by Kamil Kosowski for playing at the World Cup. “I want to ask Robert, could we have behaved better in the attack? Could we have behaved better with two penalties? Robert lacked self-criticism. Recently, he was in fantastic shape, and he simply “didn’t get to Qatar.” Let’s not be afraid to say it – Robert Lewandowski was one of our weakest players at the world championships,” wrote a TVP commentator in a column for “Przegląd Sportowy


According to the former Polish representative, Lewandowski failed in three out of four matches of the World Cup. He didn’t use his advantages, he didn’t keep the ball, he didn’t stop, and he didn’t wait for his teammates to join the action.

“Apart from the match against Saudi Arabia, Robert was everywhere he shouldn’t be. Did we see him in the side sectors, in the midfield, and in the attack? No, even though he is a real striker who should wait for opportunities created by his colleagues. He made bad choices,” Kosowski added.

The former footballer also drew attention to the age of Lewandowski, for whom it could be the last World Cup in his career. “Lewy is 34 years old, and it’s time to think about how long he will be able to pull this team. In Qatar, his birth certificate was visible,” – he concluded.

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