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Best Swim Shirts for Men in 2022

Best Swim Shirts for Men in 2022

We are quickly approaching beach season, so it’s time to start thinking about finding some attractive and functional swimwear. In this post, we will share many of the finest swim shirts for men on the market that we examined. 

Remember that we are not fans of gradient rash guard swim shirts or other expensive brands. It is visually appealing, but we prioritize its functionality more here. Let’s start!

#1 Kanu Surf Tees for Men (Best Quality)

Since it is cut to sit lightly on the body, this swim shirt may be worn all day without feeling constricting. 

It’s constructed from polyester that wicks away sweat and has UV protection of UPF 50+. In addition, it comes in various colors and sizes (from S to 5XL), making it a fantastic option for any swimmer. 

This swim shirt is perfect for surfing, kayaking, swimming, diving, and any other outdoor cooler waters activity, thanks to its high-quality construction and double-stitched seams. Visual-wise, it can easily blend with many swim trunks.

  • The relaxed material is both cozy and enticing. 
  • Affordable swim shirt


  • The fabric is flimsy.

#2 O’Neill’s UPF 50+ Long-Sleeve Sun Shirt (Best Long-Sleeve Swim Shirt)

This great-looking, practical swim shirt is made from durable fabric that dries quickly and has the famous O’Neill logo on the chest.

This hydroguard swim tee is available in sizes small through extra-large, and it comes in a wide variety of beautiful subdued hues that are perfect for swimmers and outdoor lovers. 

O’Neill’s awesome swim shirt is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It has UPF 50+ UV protection and is made of 5-ounce HyperDry material, which is breathable and wicks away moisture to keep your skin dry and comfortable in and out of the water.

This long-sleeve swim shirt is perfect for surfing, swimming, paddle sports, boating, and beach days, thanks to its loose shape and raglan sleeves. 

  • The outstanding UPF protection and moisture-wicking characteristics guarantee great protection against the elements. 
  • Excellent coverage for upper body


  • The loose fit may not suit everybody.

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#3 Amazon Essentials Short-Sleeve Swim Tee (Best Price)

This great and reasonably priced swim shirt is crafted from 100% polyester material that is both soft and skin-friendly, and its relaxed cut makes it appropriate for use by anyone measuring from size S to 2XL.

Many vibrant color options are available, and the UPF 50+ protection and raglan seams will save your delicate skin from chafing and burning in the sun. 

It dries quickly, is simple to put on and take off, and its short-sleeve shape allows you complete freedom of movement, so you can enjoy hours of water sports without worrying about sunburn or irritation. 

  • We think this functional swim shirt is a great choice for guys of all sizes.


  • The quality isn’t as excellent as some of the costlier brands.

#4 Naviskin Men’s Lightweight Swim Shirt (Best Quick Dry Swim Shirt)

The moisture-wicking technology included in this swim shirt is a nice bonus. Also, the raglan sleeves and 100% polyester construction were chosen for their practicality and longevity. The UPF 50+ protection guarantees that your outdoor adventures will go smoothly. 

Make your skin safe! Enjoy the sun, sand, sea, and saltwater more safely with this great long-sleeve swim top that gives exceptional body coverage for your upper body. 

The product feels great on the skin, and the loose cut makes it comfortable to wear all day. This shirt has UV protection of UPF 50+ and wicks away sweat to keep you cool and dry. It comes in a rainbow of colors, in sizes small to extra-large.

This swim top is perfect for any water sport or outdoor activity thanks to its crew neck and raglan sleeves, which provide full freedom of motion. 

  • The design integrates moisture-wicking characteristics. 
  • We like the extra coverage on its long-sleeve.


  • The size is quite loose; if you prefer a more fitted look, go for the size down.

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#5 Speedo UV Swim Shirt for Men 

This pull-on style is created from lightweight, breathable fabric that dries quickly and has a relaxed fit. Furthermore, its UPF 50+ Block the Burn technology offers amazing sun protection; the material’s softness also adds to your comfort. 

This awesome short-sleeve swim shirt, produced by one of the most well-known brands in the industry, can be worn in and out of the water for a wide variety of activities. 

Designed for swimmers of all shapes and sizes, the 100% polyester Speedo UV Swim shirt for men comes in a range of sizes from S to 4XL tall. In addition to shielding you from the sun’s rays, the UPF 50+ protection and roomier cut will make for a relaxing day in the sun. 

The shirt will not make you feel burdened by water since it has been made with minimal moisture absorption in mind. Furthermore, it is permeable, making it appropriate for usage throughout the year.

  • We appreciate the good quality of this shirt. 


  • The sun protection is not the best.

#6 Hurley Men’s Standard Sun Shirt

Hurley Sun Shirt is made from 88% nylon and 12% spandex fabric mix; it is soft, flexible, and breathable. The UPF 50+ technology shields you from the sun, while the form-fitting design and 4-way stretch provide a comfortable fit. 

This attractive swim shirt dries quickly, is comfy, and looks great, making it a great pick for any swimmer who cares about their appearance. 

This shirt’s 4-way stretch fabric blend and skin-friendly nylon/spandex construction make it ideal for use in and out of the water.

In addition to keeping you looking fashionable while shielding you from the sun’s rays (UPF 50+ rated), this shirt comes in a wide range of sizes (S to 2XL) and colors. 

  • It has a sleek style that looks fantastic. 


  • Very loose-fitting, we recommend you choose one size down.

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#7 Quiksilver Swimwear For Men

Quiksilver Men’s Swimwear is manufactured from 100% durable polyester and zips right up the front; it is durable and soft option. Besides shielding you from the sun with UPF 50 technology, the packaging is sleek and produced mostly from plastic bottle recycling. 

This awesome long-sleeve swim shirt is made by Quiksilver, so you know it looks and feels great. 

The beach-ready swim shirt has the classic logo printed across the chest. It is made of polyester and elastane, which are soft on the skin, and is cut a little bigger for more comfort in the pool.

You’ll like the UPF 50+ protection and the moisture-wicking features. Also, you may get this shirt in sizes small to three times as large and in many stylish colors. 

  • It fits perfectly and works well.


  • This shirt may be too short for taller people.

#8 Vayager Men’s Swim Shirts 

Voyager Men’s dedicated swim shirt is constructed of 88% nylon and 12% elastane for a stretchy, long-lasting fit. Taking part in aquatic activities is made more enjoyable because of the lightweight and quick-drying fabrics. 

This swim shirt’s understated good looks make it suitable for use both in and out of the water; it is a truly multipurpose piece. 

UPF 50+ protection is included. In addition, the lightweight, flexible material, nylon, and elastane fabric are made to move with you. There is a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from, and the relaxed fit is comfortable to wear. 

  • This shirt style is nice for any purpose, not just for swimming. 


  • The cloth is very heavy when wet.

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#9 Satankud Short Sleeve Swim Tee

Satankud Men’s Swim Top is a blend of polyester and spandex. It is breathable, quick-drying, and ultra-lightweight. This option is both useful and versatile because it is made of a material that dries quickly and is cut in a raglan style.

This short-sleeve raglan swim shirt is perfect for swimming, but it also works well for jogging, working out, fishing, camping, and many other outdoor pursuits. 

It’s a lightweight blend of polyester and spandex that shields you from the sun’s UV rays by 50+ percent and wicks away perspiration and odor to keep your skin dry and comfortable. This excellent swim shirt is available in a broad range of sizes (S to 2XL) and a rainbow of colors. 

  • It is comfortable
  • It has a good amount of stretch. 


  • It tends to lose its form with time.


The casual fit of most swimwear allows for ease of motion in and out of the water. Furthermore, this kind of shirt usually has raglan sleeves, which give the arms more freedom of movement, and flat seams, which make it less likely that the shirt will rub or chafe.

Both sun shirts and cold water swimming shirts are made to provide comfort and outstanding protection all day long, even though the looser fit may cause a bit more drag in the water than standard rash guards would. 

Buying a size lower than you normally would make the swim shirt fit closer to the body. Keep in mind that swim shirts aren’t meant to provide compression; if that’s what you’re looking for, you should check rash guard tees instead.

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