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Big news on YouTube. You will be pleased

Big news on YouTube. You will be pleased

YouTube version for TV sets receives another novelty. It is a movie player that has been optimized for Smart TV for shorter videos. Vertical materials have so far been better viewed on smaller smartphone displays. However, thanks to the change, Shorts from YouTube will also look good on larger screens.

Shorts are YouTube videos that we most often watch on smartphones. Vertical videos are obviously better optimized for devices with smaller screens. For TVs without rotating displays, this was a problem, but Google decided to work on it.

The TV version of YouTube gets a movie player for Shorts that has been optimized for Smart TV screens. Google boasts that it has made the most of the space available on larger displays. On the side, next to the player, there is a description of the material and the creator, with a thumbnail or thumbs up and down.

Google explains that Shorts on TVs can be enabled from the carousel view on the home screen or directly from the creators page after finding the section with such videos. The novelty will be available on Smart TVs from 2019 and newer and will be introduced in the next few weeks.

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