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A dirt bike with an engine? The new ONYX LZR

A dirt bike with an engine? The new ONYX LZR

The manufacturer ONYX recently launched its latest e-bike. It is a dirt bike that is commonly used for dirt jumps but is equipped with an electric motor.

Modern and fast at the same time

With the LZR, ONYX created a connection between the classic dirt bike and the electric bike that is so popular at the moment. Thanks to the Smooth Weld Additive Technology, the bike has a particularly smooth surface and, accordingly, looks modern and of high quality. In addition, it has a 100mm adjustable front suspension and BMX dirt jump hubs that give the bike enough sturdiness.

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One bike, two different versions

The ONYX LZR is available in two different engine options. One with a 500 W Dark Matter mid-drive with an output of 615 watts and a top speed of 45 km/h, and the other with a 900 W Bafang M600 mid-drive with a whopping 1050 watts and a top speed of over 48 km/h. Both models, LZR and LZR PRO stand for real riding experience, which is why the bikes are equipped with classic pedals. In addition, a 504 Wh battery is integrated into the bikes’ frame; it offers a range of between 48 and 120 km, depending on the support mode.

Matching the launch of the new bikes, ONYX has released an action-packed introductory video :

The ONYX LZR has an MSRP of $2799, and the LZR PRO is $3399. However, there is a discount for the first 100 orders of the respective models – you get one once 700 and the other 600 US dollars cheaper.

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